Art Thief

Someone stole my artwork/design and was using to to their own profit on their Zazzle site. They’ve yet to take the image off but have been reported for copyright violation by myself, several of my family members and close friends. I found them because their product with my design on it was featured as a TBA ( Today’s Best ) this morning. The nerve of some people and when confronted by myself she flat out lied and said she drew the image…. I am hoping this situation gets taken care of as soon as possible as it can be a real pain to any artist! Please pray this gets resolved a.s.ap!

MiamiAngel has removed the products with my art on it but remains smug remaining as she is the one that created it and tells lies that others are also claiming the work at their own.  BEWARE of her and other art thieves out there…and to you art thieves be worried because stealing other people’s work holds you against a serious offense in the court of law.