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Holiday Gift Guide: REDWOODVENTURES – IDO3D GO! Drawing Pens! {Review}


If you are looking for an outside of the box, art centered gift for a creative kid this Holiday season, you may want to check out the IDO3D pen sets by RedwoodVentures.  These unique sets are limited only to the imagination of whoever is creating with the pens. Sets come in a variety of options, some even with mechanisms to make creations move around! These are a great option, in my opinion to more expensive models on the market. It’s a great way for a child to expand their artistic abilities!  Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: The cuboro basis Marble Track System {Review}

The cuboro basis Marble Track System is an open-ended toy that provides for hours of learning, fun, and discovery. My older children ages 5 and 8 seemed to enjoy using this set alone, together, and with their Dad.

I must boast highly on how awesome this set is!  The variations of creation are many and make each play different every time.  It’s the perfect set for holding ones attention and perfect for times when my kids need to unplug from electric devices and screens. I like how hands-on it is.  It’s one of those unique highly treasured toys that I feel will be kept in our home and shared among future generations. Continue reading

Dino Construction Company: Rescue Crew {Review}


Thanks to the The Dino Construction Company and their fantastic toy offerings, my son has developed an adoration for learning about all sorts of things pertaining to dinosaurs! Today I’m happy to talk about the Rescue Crew which are the newest offerings in their line. The Rescue Crew Dinos are smaller in size than some of the others offered but that doesn’t make them any less special. In a way, it adds to the appeal as the sizing makes them easy to bring along just about anywhere!

I don’t know about anyone else but my five year old son loves to bring his favorite toys along when we go out to the park, store, or wherever else and I’m perfectly fine with that! The entire line is great for indoor and outdoor play. Honestly, it just doesn’t get any better than this for kids that love dinosaurs and vehicles! A bonus as well for parents that prefer toys that don’t require batteries! All are 100% kid powered! Continue reading

EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: Dino Construction Company Rocko the Styracosaurus Dump Truck


The Dino Construction Company Rocko the Styracosaurus Dump Truck gets a lot of play by my five year old son. He has some other bigger Dino Construction vehicles but tends to prefer the smaller size of this one because he can bring it along pretty much anywhere. This Dump truck came with an action figure. This figure is a great addition to add to imaginative play adventures, especially if you collect for than one of the trucks in the series and have multiple figures for play!
Continue reading

Educational Insights The Sea Squad™ Puppet-on-a-Stick™ {Review + Giveaway }



Do your kids love sea animals like mine do? Do they giggle and smile at the sight of any puppet or jump for joy at the chance to put on a show for family and friends? If so, I guarantee they’ll love The Sea Squad Puppets on a stick by Educational Insights! This cool set of sea friends are sure to delight just about anyone!

The Sea Squad is made up of Flipper the angler fish, Dipper the octopus, Chomper the shark, and Bob the clam. The bright and cheerful colors make puppets really stand out. Each puppet has googly, silly expressions and fun details ( the angler fishes angler glows in the dark!) that in my opinion give them some real personality bringing them to life in cool cartoon-ish kinda way! Continue reading