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What’s on my Needles Wednesday: “Spring” Baby Headbands!


I’m knitting a few of these up for my baby girl! Less than five weeks and she should be here to start wearing them. I found the   “Spring” Baby Headband by Amy Andersen pattern on Ravelery and love that it can be adjusted to a number of sizes.

12938309_10154260042089672_6355278987846258589_nI finished the one in these photos this week in pink and yellow and have already cast on for a pink and teal colored headband next. I figure a few general combinations will likely match all her Spring and Summer clothes!

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Color In Thank You Cards with TinyPrints!


We are counting not just the weeks but the days till our newest additions due date! We’ve been scrambling down the to-do list and checking things off as we can. One of those important things to finish before her arrival included thank you cards. We’ve been blessed beyond what we ever could have imagined and we want to make sure friends and family know just how grateful we are for their generosity! 

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Unseasonable Weather

It’s quite something to remember that this time last year that we had winter storm Orion upon us. We’ve lately had warm spring like temperatures in the mid 60’s! It’s certainly got my family and I outside to enjoy the beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine over the last few days. Breaking out the light jackets and the flip flops has been ever so freeing! We’ve been loving the cloud free evenings with a star filled sky to gaze upon, the sunsets of orange and purple hues, and the opportunities to visit local parks. Now hopefully the weather won’t take a turn around and deliver frigid temperatures our way unexpectedly!

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Bunny’s First Spring {Book Review}

bunnyspringBunny’s First Spring written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by David McPhail is a religious storybook that would be perfect to read to children during the start of the Spring season or on Easter Sunday.

The story takes readers through the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through the eyes of Bunny. Bunny is born in Spring when things are so full of beauty and life. But Bunny gets confused when Fall and Winter arrive. Bunny feels sad to see leaves falling as well as other things that happens during this time. He cries out and feels that the Earth surely must be dying but is reminded by his parents to wait.

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