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Indescribable 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science {Review}

If you asked my older children their favorite subject school I am more than certain they’d chime back with a reply that it is Science.  I’m not surprised by this because I know children (and adults! ) are all about discovering new things, learning how things work, and determining how that information could be applied where applicable.  This type of discovering is much like learning to be a Christian and growing to be more like Jesus!  So when I heard about Louie Giglio’s latest book ” Indescribable 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science”, that pair these two very impact subjects together, I knew it would be the perfect book for my family. 

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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Eclipse of 2017

“The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 was a total eclipse visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts”.- Wikipedia

We are sporting the Celestron ISO Certified, 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse EclipSmart 2x Power Viewers Solar Observing Kit that I purchased from Amazon in June.I wanted to make sure I got the glasses before they sold out. I did research to make sure the glasses were legit too. I am so glad I did because there was a big recall on a bunch of different glasses that would not protect your eyes properly. I’m hoping everyone caught on to the recall! You have to be so careful when viewing an eclipse!

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Nancy B’s Science Club: Mighty Microbes Lab and Germ Journal

Nancy B’s Science Club: Mighty Microbes Lab and Germ Journal way make one squirm a little bit. This kit gives ones an up close look at the things we commonly don’t see called microbes. Some are good and some are bad but which are which is the question often many will be asking. This kit will answer the questions that one would have and conduct similar experiments to find out specific information. Kids will get the opportunity to grow and feed microbes. How cool is that?

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Nancy B’s Science Club: Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit {Review}

I adore science sets for my kids and the Nancy B’s Science Club: Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit hits the mark! It’s promoted for children ages eight years old and up but I feel that a child as young as five could also benefit. This kit gives children not just a hands-on approach to the beauty of composting but a see it for yourself view when conducting their own experiments.

The 22-page activity book has many experiments to conduct. It’s packed full of places to jot down what’s happening with the experiments done week by week, day by day, etc. There’s a ton of information about how to compost, what will break down and what won’t, the time span of things breaking down, bugs that are beneficial to this process, compost recipes, and so much more! 

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Great Books to Gift this Season from DK Kids!

unnamedThe Holidays are right around the corner and what better a time than now to get those gifts checked off the list! One thing I always like to get my kids during this time of the year are specific books. But not just any books. I like to get them a book or two that they can read or use over and over again. I turn to DK Kids book because I know they offer dynamic layouts and vibrant images to engrossing content that gets kids excited! The sort of books they offer encourage children to use their imagination, to learn, to create, and discover.

Below are just a few titles that my children are benefitting from right now. DK Books has many engaging titles to pick up starting from baby ages and up for both boys and girls!

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Science Experiment: The Inspiration of Insulation

I’ve been using the Magic School Bus as our primary science for this year. The internet has a plethora of information, lesson plans, and print out sheets  revolving around this series which makes compiling our lessons and experiments fun, fast, and easy! I’ll be posting many more and keeping somewhat of a digital record here on my blog! I’ll later compile a photo book of our science and nature studies for the year! 

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