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Kitopia Club Revolutionary Bacteria Free Cutting Boards {Review} #cuttingboards

The Kitopia Club Revolutionary Bacteria Free Cutting Boards have me impressed beyond what I expected! These eco-friendly BPA-Free and FDA approved cutting boards make practicing proper sanitation in the kitchen easy. One simply must fold, hold, and put the board in the microwave for 60 second. This method is extremely easy and completely brilliant! I like knowing that in using these boards, I am taking proper steps to keep my family safe from potentially harmful food-borne illnesses in kitchen.  Continue reading

Transformers Rescue Bots: Jurassic Adventure {Giveaway}

transrescuecoverThe small, happy town of Griffin Rock has a mystery on its hands. Make that five mysteries! And it’s up to Chase, Heatwave, Blades, Boulder and the Burns family to solve them. Do they have the sleuthing skills for the job?  Join the suspense and the fun as Cody and the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS confront ghosts, search for the legendary Maine Ridge Monster, chase gremlins and more!  Continue reading

I Breathe My Own Breath {Book Review}

I Breathe My Own Breath

I Breathe My Own Breath by author Kathleen Aharoni is book that reminds readers of all ages something very important. It challenges us to embrace our uniqueness! It’s something in the world that goes both ways, part of society says be you and the other side of society pushes trends and ever changing movements upon us. As children get older this pull can become overwhelming and just going with the flow seems the easiest thing to do. But in doing that, we lose often lose our inner-selves and end of breathing breaths that are not our own! So, we in turn spend much time in our lives searching for our breath. I think if children can understand the importance of being themselves early on in their life that they’ll be much happier and joyful as they grow older. Continue reading