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Holiday Gift Guide: The cuboro basis Marble Track System {Review}

The cuboro basis Marble Track System is an open-ended toy that provides for hours of learning, fun, and discovery. My older children ages 5 and 8 seemed to enjoy using this set alone, together, and with their Dad.

I must boast highly on how awesome this set is!  The variations of creation are many and make each play different every time.  It’s the perfect set for holding ones attention and perfect for times when my kids need to unplug from electric devices and screens. I like how hands-on it is.  It’s one of those unique highly treasured toys that I feel will be kept in our home and shared among future generations. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Prime Time Toys – Legendfire Powershot Blaster Review

3-2-16-legend-fire-hero-blueMy son and oldest daughter love playing target practice in our backyard. They would, however, be shooting things all over the inside of the house if I let them! They were pretty thrilled with the new toy gun by Prime Time Toys that I gifted them with. They, however, did have to share with their Dad first thing because of review purposes. But we all really knew he wanted to play with it too!  Continue reading

Chuggington: Snow Rescue {DVD Review}

Chugg Snow Rescue Box Art

We all know that Christmas is well on the way as well as Winter. So, we’ve been in-cooperating lots of themed DVD’s to watch during family time. Recently to DVD, Chuggington: Snow Rescue has been what’s been watched by my nearly four year old son. This collection was his very first viewing of the Chuggington series and it appears to have gone over very well.

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The DVD runtime is a little over an hour, 64 minutes in all. The animation is very colorful and done exceptionally well! There appear to be a lot of characters with great personalities. The episodes teach important lesson like the importance of teamwork, being responsible, and of being safe.

The Snow Rescue Special is one of the episodes you’ll want to make sure to see during the month of December. This episode has a Parade of Lights and how the trains make do during a Winter Storm. The rescue mission was full of lots of action and kept my son on the edge of his seat wondering what was going to happen next!

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Episodes Included:

* Snow Rescue Special
* Iron Chuggers
* Deputy Chug Patrollers
* Movie Maker Brewster
* Toot’s Tall Tale

Special Features:

* Bonus Badge Quest Episode: Wilson Winter Feed
* New Character Montages: Fletch, Cormac and Tyne
* Coloring and Activity Sheets (DVD-ROM)

Viewing it myself, I believe it’s great wholesome entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together. It’s quick paced and full of a lot of action and adventure. If that’s what appeals to your kids, this one will definitely be a winner! Chugginton is appropriate for children ages three to six years old. There’s been no fear of anything askew! We’d totally recommend Chuggington: Snow Rescue!

Interested in Purchasing? Chuggington: Snow Rescue can be purchased on Amazon.com for $9.99 as of this posting!


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