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The bee-friendly Garden By Kate Frey + Gretchen LeBuhn {Book Review}

9781607747635The Bee-Friendly Garden by Kate Frey & Gretchen LeBuhn is a book I’m proud to not just display on my shelf but to turn too often when deciding what to plant in my yard. This book starts out explaining the importance of bees for our gardening and how they are needed to achieve a well nourished and thriving food source. It goes on to explain the recent colony collapse of bees and the steps one can take whether located in the city or country in making a positive impact to help restore this growing global problem. Continue reading

The One Year Home and Garden Devotions {Book Review}

I’ve been reading though The One Year Home and Garden Devotions since the first of January. What drew me to this book was the fact it mentions the word garden and home in the title. I adore gardening and I’m striving to be a better homemaker. I figured a book (especially a Christ-centered devotional) revolving around these two aspects would be a the perfect read with plenty of practical applications for someone like me.  Continue reading

Panda Pots™ Reusable Plant Cups {Review}


Panda Pots™ Reusable Plant Cups are of top quality. Each are made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic! These are generously sized at 3″ in diameter and 2.75″ deep. The sizing provides a step up from using certain plant trays that can over time get expensive and somewhat troublesome to use. I’ve found that in using too small of a start, it often does not allow enough room for a seedling to grow before transplanting it into the ground or a larger pot. Aside from using these pots for starters, I’ve found that the sizing allows for a primary home for smaller plants such as succulents and herbs.  Continue reading