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Little Groovers Board Books!

* Sky Pony Press sent a copy of the following books for free for review and promotional purposes*

I was introduced to The Little Groovers series and am glad that I was! These books help teach babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged children learn must know concepts in a unique way. Each of these books features grooves that children can trace with their finger. How cool is that?  There are books on colors, shapes, numbers, letters, first words, and more.  

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La La Logic {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

Logic an important skill for a child to learn. I’ve seen it done without any prompting but I feel practice should be offered. The ability to find reason in every situation is crucial. Logic in children can be seen in them taking something apart, seeing how it works, and putting it back together. These skills are important and likely be used throughout ones entire life whether it be for a job or specific situation. One way to teach these skills to young children is through puzzles, books, and reasoning games. I believe that with this skill new situations, experience, and challenges won’t be greeted with a give up attitude but with their head held high in confidence.

The Schoolhouse Crew Review Team has introduced and allowed me to review yet another fantastic curriculum choice for my children called La La Logic. This critical thinking based program is geared toward children age 3-6 years old. It’s most likely best suited as a supplemental preschool curriculum. It has the capability to enhance what you already may be teaching in gearing kids to boost their brain power and solve a plethora problems with ease.

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