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Draw 50 Outer Space {Book Review}

“Draw 50 OutSpace” by Lee J. Ames with Erin Harvey is a step-by-step drawing book that will appeal to any space enthusiast.  In this book, one is prompted to mimic the making of space-themed pictures. There are astronauts, space stations, rockets, planets, space rocks, satellites, rovers, and a plethora of other space-themed things.

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Doodletopia Fairies: Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies {Review}


Doodletopia: Fairies by Chris Hart is a great drawing book for beginner art enthusiast to those with more advanced skills. This book isn’t per say pointed to children though the style is storybook-like and more likely to draw in the younger crowd. I’m 31 and my oldest daughter is 8 and we both have enjoyed browsing through the pages and trying out the numerous suggested exercises to advance our abilities in drawing in such a manner.  

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