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5 Minutes With Jesus: Quiet Time for Your Soul

5 Minutes With Jesus: Quiet Time for Your Soul by Shelia Walsh and Sherri Gragg is a breath of fresh air. This little book contains wisdom, insights, and a heartfelt concern for sisters in Christ. The days are busy and can often be hectic. But even five minutes of time turned to our Lord God can give us just the reminder we need of his love. The powerful words give readers a gentle push to fall on His promises instead of trying to make it on our own. 

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Devotions for Easter By: Stacy J. Edwards {Book Review}

Devotions for Easter by Stacy Edwards is a lovely devotional book to use in the days leading up to Easter Day. Readers are introduced to the heart of the author in the beginning few pages. She shares the importance of a story and how we as children of God are called to serve one another in sharing in such a way.

There are 40 devotions. The devotions stem from life stories, a hymn, scripture, and so forth. Every devotion features a title, Bible verse, and a couple of pages to read. The stories are heartfelt, encouraging, and thought-provoking. 

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Too Blessed to be Stressed Inspiration for Every Day

Too Blessed to be Stressed Inspiration for Every Day is a small daily dose that challenges one to look on the brighter side of life. Written in a way that speaks directly to the reader, it’s like the author becomes your best new pal who’s primary goal is affirming how much our Papa God loves us! The days can be dark but this little book will get one looking to the light and finding the joy in our everyday moments.

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God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories {Review}


God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories is a suitable choice for boys and girls ages 2 through 7 years old. The cover image of this title is a welcome introduction leaving one with cheerful thoughts and feelings. This Bible story book is 6×8 in size making it just right for little hands. The storybook features a soft padded cover. Within, there are 35 stories taken from and inspired by those found in both in the old and new testament of the Bible.  

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