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Food52 Mighty Salads: 60 New Ways to Turn Salad into Dinner {Cookbook Review}

So often most think of salad as iceberg lettuce with a few vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots thrown together with a store bought dressing like ranch, French, or Italian.  This makes an okay salad but dare I say a somewhat boring and very basic offering that isn’t very filling or fulfilling. In my search for expanding the food options for my family, friends, and self, I stumbled across  Food52 Mighty Salads: 60 New Ways to Turn Salad into Dinner and am quite pleased with my discovery.

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Sneaky Blends by Missy Chase Lapine


Sneaky Blends? I have to admit I was intrigued and quite taken with the title. I have three kids. Two of which are extremely picky eaters. I’ve been sneaking vegetables into their food for awhile. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don’t. Smoothies have been a hit and miss. With spaghetti sauce, I can and have hidden a lot of nutritious things for them to eat. But we don’t eat spaghetti sauce all the time and I was needing new “blends” to work with to incorporate into more than just meals but snacks too. 

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The Sprinkles Baking Book {Review}

100 Secret Recipes from Candace’s Kitchen is cookbook that will leave your mouth-watering!  If you have a sweet tooth like myself, owning this cookbook could be a bad thing. It is packed full of not just cupcake recipes but quick breads, cookies, bars, pies, cakes and other desserts suitable for a number of different occasions.

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Holiday Slow Cooker Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations


Something we all can’t deny if that holidays can sometimes be hassle to get through! It seems like they sneak up on us and then we are a little scatterbrained getting all the details down. One of the most important things to manage during these times is the planning and preparations of delicious and nutritious meals to share among our family, friends, and neighbors.  This is the time I often am searching the internet and my cookbooks for delicious recipes that 1. Won’t break the Bank with the ingredients, 2. Don’t Require a lot of babysitting, and 3. That likely will be welcome additions to a meal or served as an entire meal.

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Slow Cooker Desserts by Jonnie Downing


Slow Cooker Desserts by Jonnie Downing has me excited about using my crockpot for more than just main courses. I absolutely love the idea of having a dessert going in the slow cooker. In cooking in this way, it frees me up from having my oven running all day and overheating the house! I honestly had no idea so many delicious goodies could be cooked in such a manner. Most of the recipes found in this cookbook take minimal prep work and need little if any checking on before ready to enjoy!  

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