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A Special Spot in Astoria Oregon


Coffee Girl located on Pier 39 in Astoria, Oregon was recommend to me by a fellow homeschooler and blogging friend I know through Facebook! I love connecting with people and finding out about neat places to visit! I had a great experience visiting this place with my family! We almost missed getting coffee though as Coffee Girl is open early in the morning and closes late afternoon (4pm).  If you plan on going, please keep that in mind.

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International Delight® Creamers {Review}

14382342097534899459There’s a chill in the air and the Autumn season is in full swing. When it’s cool out I’m one for having many more warm beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate. It seems everywhere I look whether around me or through social media outlets online people are sharing or talking about their flavored holiday drinks of choice.

50031303795563717726 I have my favorite flavored coffees from known chains but getting those tends to add up a quite a bit over time. Since I’m on a budget, I prefer making my own coffee drinks to save money and I’ve learned my own concoctions can be just as good with the right creamers!

Over the last month or so, I was given the opportunity to try out the flavored creamers by International Delight through BzzAgent. I was pretty happy to find these in my local grocery stores with ease and thrilled with the variety of seasonal flavors such as peppermint, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and several more.


I’ve been using the Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer by International Delight quiet a bit. I’ve discovered that it’s not only good in my coffee but in my hot chocolate as well! It smells good and adds a pumpkin spice taste that’s not overly sweet or that overpowers the taste of the coffee. There’s sugar free and fat free options available as well. I tried the regular option.
P1160333The Gingerbread is very good as well! It doesn’t have a bite like some gingerbread flavors often do. It’s especially good in hot chocolate!

Overall, I’m eager to try the other seasonal flavors too, especially the Peppermint Chocolate Truffle! These creamers are affordable and good option for flavoring your coffee up during this season!

**I’ve been given the opportunity to try and test out International Delight’s Pumpkin Spice creamer for my coffee.  I received two coupons to use toward purchasing these creamers to try and give my honest opinions regarding the product.**

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Cross Country Cafe Review


If anyone you met could tell you one thing about me it would be that I am a lover of coffee. I just can’t get enough. About a year ago I became a proud owner of a Keurig Brewer and have since discovered so many more flavors or not just coffee but of tea, hot chocolate, and other delicious brews too.

I am sure without my brewer, I would have never sampled so many different flavors in such a short amount of time because of the quantity in which it’s sold. And lover of coffee or not, there was no way I was buying large amounts in bags or boxes of teas just to try one flavor. Because often times there aren’t that many variety single serving packs of ground or whole bean products to choose from. I rest my case in why I am convinced everyone should have a Keurig Brewer if possible.

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My thoughts on Brown Gold 100% Ethiopian Coffee Capsules (compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers)

KCOPETHOBeing a coffee enthusiast, I found the Brown Gold 100% Ethiopian coffee to be more mild than bold in taste. The flavor on the other hand was actually quite good. I appreciate the citrus tones and smooth yet mellow taste there’s even a note of green tea. I feel that this coffee isn’t weak or watery in the least bit, but definitely not as bold as some other coffees I typically drink. Though you can totally tweak the intensity by how many ounces you so chose to brew as well. I typically always make the largest size available on my brewer.

The RealCup capsules are compatible with Keurig K-Cup Coffee Makers and fit perfectly in my Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System. The cup itself seems very durable and I actually had to use a little more pressure than I normally do to pierce the top when preparing to brew a cup of coffee. This in turn gives me the satisfaction in knowing that these cups are staying the freshest as possible until ready to use.

I found the price to be very good as is and even better with Amazon’s subscribe and save! Though if you aren’t sure about trying out this one, there’s a variety pack available that features this flavor as well as Colombian, Peru, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Again, I found the Ethiopian flavor to be quite good and wouldn’t hesitate to have many more cups.

Want it? You can purchase the 48 count- Brown Gold 100% Ethiopian Coffee Capsules through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save for $23.75 (as of this posting). I also saw a coupon to save an additional 15%!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products in exchange for my opinion of them through the Amazon Vine reviewer program. This review has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

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