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Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-Ray and DVD March 1st

On March 1st, Bambi is  making it’s way onto DVD and Blu-Ray.  This classic movie that warmed the hearts of many first made it’s way to the big screen in 1942.


As morning light breaks across the meadow, a young deer named Bambi is born and hailed as ‘Prince of the Forest.’ Soon Bambi emerges from the thicket on wobbly legs, much to the delight of his new friends, Thumper, the playful rabbit, and Flower, the bashful yet lovable skunk. But the fun of nibbling on fresh blossoms and frolicking through the woods is only the beginning. Exploring his new world, and guided by the wisdom of Friend Owl, Bambi learns valuable life lessons with every adventure – experiencing the power of friendship, family, and love along the away.

Our Thoughts…

I think I was around the age of four or five years old, when I saw Bambi for the first time! This heartwarming tale is being re-released and I couldn’t be happier! I love being able to share bits and pieces of my own childhood with my own children, whether it be a classic toy or a movie such as this one!

Bambi is a movie you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. Bambi is full of  clean family entertainment. You most definitely won’t find any crude humor or suggestive themes like you will with the movies that are out these days for kids.

My daughter at almost three years old adores this movie and has watched it not once or twice but around five times! Not whole lot of movies will she interact with as much as this one! She’s totally in love with all the adorable little animals and incredibly cute scenes! A movie that can get cute giggles out of my daughter is always a plus in my book too!

Another reason I love Bambi so much is that it’s  not all flashy and loud but in it’s simplicity it draws the watcher in! The art style is done quite well and the musical score is a favorite of my own!

Parents should note that there are a few “frightening” scenes that may confuse or scare younger kids. Be prepared with the DVD remote to fast forward or be prepared to discuss and answer questions that may arise.

We highly recommend adding this classic to your family’s DVD collection! Continue reading

Read and Share Bible {review}

Read and Share Bible is the perfect way to share the amazing joy and wonder of God’s Word with the children in your life. Features include more than 200 beloved Bible stories, bold, bright illustrations, a discussion starter with each story, and so much more. The Read and Share Bible makes it easy for you to create long-lasting memories as you encourage a love for reading God’s Word.

My family and I are huge fans of the collection of Read and Share Bible books available! They are perfect for introducing the Word of God to children without being too wordy or confusing. They add just enough of many popular stories to get the point across. As a parent, I really appreciate the simplicity.

The Read and Share Bible itself offers more than 200 Bible Stories. The illustrations are eye catching and display a scene from each story perfectly. Every story in this collection also features a discussion starter to get the ball rolling and encourage young minds to really think about what was just read. I love it!

I’ve been reading this Bible to my daughter Melody whom is almost three years old. It’s great because when I read now she’s asks questions about the stories and often asks me to read it again. It’s great to see her learning about God through this Bible! I would encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this fantastic Bible. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as the children it’s being read to!

Shop Now: Click here to purchase your copy from Thomas Nelson Publishing for just $16.99. You can also find the Read and Share Bible on Amazon for just $5.85! Talk about a steal! Continue reading

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift by Mike de Vetter {book review}

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 28 pages
Publisher: FishPond (January 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1935265504
ISBN-13: 978-1935265504

Not far from here lives The Rose Princess in a kingdom ruled by her father the King. One morning she awakes to find a splendid package at the end of her bed full of gifts and a card from her father encouraging her to use the gifts wisely. Unaware of what lies ahead, the princess sets out on a journey of learning and adventure where she meets several people who are in need. Suddenly she realizes that the gifts she has received can help the others, and that she has to make a choice…keep the gifts to herself, or help others by giving the gifts away.

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift is a delightful treasure that teaches children the value of forgiveness and how their decisions can impact the lives of those around them.

About the Author…

Mike de Vetter is the co-founder and writer of Powerzone Productions, a children’s teaching curriculum which is being used across the nation of New Zealand. He leads a church in Tauranga, New Zealand and is married to wife Amy and has a daughter named Rosie Grace.

Our Thoughts…

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift by Mike de Vetter is a wonderful book that teaches children the importance of being generous with what you have as well sharing with others. A great character building book teaching such an impacting message!

My nearly three year old daughter is quite the fan of this book! She was captivated by the very colorful cheery illustrations as well as the story itself. I love when my daughter shows concern towards others and she was asking many questions about the people the princess came across in the story. My daughter has always been very observant of others and very vocal in her concerns so I was happy that this book really sparked her interest!

I recommend this book for the little princess in your own life and I know I personally am going to be looking for more books by this author.  This book is geared toward children ages 4-8 probably because it has a lot of words and the younger crowd just might not have the attention span for it.

Buy It

You can purchase this book at Deep River Books and you can also find it at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of The Rose Princess and the Special Gift by Mike de Vetter from Bring it On Communications for this review.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade {Review + Giveaway}

Press Release

BURBANK, Calif., January 10, 2011 – Parents and their preschoolers are invited to join in the ultimate
masquerade party with Minnie, Mickey and pals in a fun-filled collection of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
latest episodes that celebrate themes of friendship, teamwork, sharing and problem solving. Mickey
Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade is the perfect gift to dress-up your Valentine’s Day, available
on Disney DVD February 8 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

This latest release features four playful Minnie-themed adventures previously seen on the Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse TV show, a never-before-seen episode, and a free paper mask with festive embellishments that
kids can personalize. And as a special option for consumers, Disney has packaged a version of the DVD
to include the exclusive Mickey Mote – a child-friendly handheld remote control, shaped like Mickey
ears, that takes children’s viewing experience to a whole new level of play. The DVD + Mickey Mote
Play Set is the ultimate value for moms and equally fun and engaging for kids! The Mickey Mote uses
infrared wireless technology and may not be compatible with all devices.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade starring Disney’s Fab Five — Minnie, Mickey, Donald,
Goofy and Daisy – takes viewers on an all new adventure as they dress-up in their favorite costumes for
Minnie’s Masquerade Ball. In this episode, Minnie needs some help getting everything ready for her
party including making royal crowns for their costumes, searching for Sir Goofalot’s lost shoe, stringing
up paper lanterns and much, much more. At the ball, Professor Von Drake hosts the great Clubhouse
Costume Show and gives out prize ribbons to all the friends who have dressed up in some funny and
fancy costumes. All it takes is a heaping helping of imagination…and the right Mouseketools.

Our Thoughts…

As a mom I’m always on the look out for good wholesome entertainment for my children. It doesn’t get much better than the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This show features the well known characters of Disney that I personally grew up with myself. 

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is geared toward children preschool age and up. In watching this show they’ll not only be learning  about friendship, teamwork, sharing and problem solving but they’ll also be able to interact with the feature on screen using the Mickey Mote – a child-friendly handheld remote control, shaped like Mickey ears!

This was the first time my nearly three year old daughter has seen The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she fell in love with it right away! She was hooked, singing and dancing along. I waited till after she watched the feature once through before I set up t he Mickey Mote for her to use. She caught on using the remote right away and was beaming with happiness as she interacted answering the questions that came up on the feature! After learning about the Mickey Mote, I’m going to be looking for other DVD’s that use this feature!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade to anyone. I can’t help but think how fun this would make for a Valentine’s gift to your kids or grandchildren!

Buy it: Minnie’s Masquerade will be in stores on Feb. 8 with a SRP of: Single Disc DVD + Mickey Mote = $29.99 U.S. / $35.99 Canada | Single Disc DVD = $19.99 U.S. / $24.99 Canada


Disney  is offering two lucky winners a copy of  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade DVD! (USA & Canada Only)

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