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Nourished {Book Review}


Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night’s Sleep is a must-read self-help book from mother and daughter team Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph. They address the top ten stressors of women and offer sound practical advice in how to makes changes in these areas. Through their heart felt stories and experiences both good and bad, this team treats readers like some of their closest friends. The ultimate aim is to help us become and see who God created us to be which most certainly is not a defeated, worn thin, and constantly overwhelmed woman.

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Team Us: Marriage Together {Book Review & Giveaway}

teamusTeam Us: Marriage Together is a book full of practical insights from a down to earth Christ-centered couple. There are so many books like this one out there but I feel that this couple deliverers truths and practical advice in an easy to understand yet challenging way. This book does not leave one exhausted or overwhelmed with an information overload. Couples will be encouraged, convicted, and loved while reading through as if hearing from a close friend.

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The Berenstain Bears God Made You Special {Book Review}


The Berenstain Bears God Made You Special is a book that addresses differences in others. These differences in others covered could be those that are mental or physical. Children will learn that God makes us all different in a number of ways and they shouldn’t be scared or confused about it and that it’s never a problem to ask questions pertaining to it.
The Bible verse the book begins with is Matthew 19:14 “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. The cubs meet a new friend named Tommy. He is different than them and they were told he was developmentally delayed. They never say in what way. But I feel that was a good choice as it covers and endless spectrum of differences whether it be a child with autism, growth delay, down-syndrome, etc.

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The Portlandia Cookbook {Review}


The Portlandia Cookbook is a must have for any fan of the popular hit TV show. It’s a wonderful array of everything most celebrated about the city of Portland with amusing twists and humorous turns throughout. I feel that this book truly captures the saying most native Oregonians know about keeping Portland weird. It’s clearly not to be taken seriously so if that’s what one is expecting from this work, they’ll be quite disheartened. It brings the very best of the show from the characters to the unique locations together to deliver some pretty amazing recipes that any skilled level cook can pull off!

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The Berenstain Bears And The Biggest Brag {Book Review}


The Berenstain Bears And The Biggest Brag is great book written to teach kids the importance of not gloating and being boastful! It’s an excellent choice book for  life lessons and personal character study. It gives children the opportunity to look to the Word of God for answers and instruction.

I so very much want my kids to learn not to be a poor sport in interacting with those around them. No one likes someone that floating their own boats. I really want them  to take into the consideration of others and what they may feeling.  Traits such as this don’t come naturally so I’m glad the Berenstain Bears offers a book on the subject.

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A Father’s Love {Book Review}


A Father’s Love is a level two I Can Read! retelling of the familiar Bible story of a father’s love for his child. This specific title is part of the I Can Read! series based on the bestselling NIV Adventure Bible. Young readers learn about how God’s love for us is never-ending through this tale that highlights the importance of family relationships and forgiveness.

My daughter was really interested in this story. She said sometimes she would rather go off and have fun instead of doing chores. Well, that’s kinda exactly what the son in this story did. He decided he wanted to go spend his inheritance and have what he thought was a lot of fun in his life. We see the consequences of his careless decisions when hard times hit and those he thought were his friends wouldn’t help him. He sees how bad his choices were in spending all he had and he returns home. My daughter thought the Dad would be upset and mad but instead saw that true love forgives just like Christ forgives us and is always there with open arms.

My six year old had no stumbling over words nor needed any help with pronunciation in reading. I like that she’s learning fundamental truths of her faith. At the end of the book there’s a page that a page that features People in Bible times. There’s a Bible verse about being lost than found along with another Bible verse area called Words to Treasure which can be used for a memory verse if so desired.

I would recommend this book! It’s a great way for a child to learn about the Bible that’s on their level. The illustrations are appealing and add well to the story and the bit at the end is a great reminder of what was just read. Good when read alone or with the whole family! Though I would recommend reading together so if your child has any questions, you are there to answer them.

Interested in Purchasing? A Father’s Love (I Can Read! / Adventure Bible) can be purchased on for $3.99 as of this posting.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary copy of this book from Zonderkidz. I was not financially compensated for this post.

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