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Thicker Than Blood by C.J. Darlington Blog Tours Presents:

Thicker than Blood
by C.J. Darlington
Published by Tyndale House

Winner of the
2008 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel Contest!

Christy Williams finally has her life on track. She’s putting her past behind her and working hard to build a career as an antiquarian book buyer. But things begin to unravel when a stolen Hemingway first edition is found in her possession, framing her for a crime she didn’t commit. With no one to turn to, she yearns for her estranged younger sister, May, whom she abandoned after their parents’ untimely deaths. Soon, Christy’s fleeing from her shattered dreams, her ex-boyfriend, and God. Could May’s Triple Cross Ranch be the safe haven she’s searching for? Will the sisters realize that each possesses what the other desperately needs before it’s too late?

My Thoughts…

As soon as I began reading this novel, I was drawn in right away as there was never a dull moment. The suspense and mystery kept me wondering what was going to happen next and I was excited in seeing it come to pass with each turning page.

This story is told in the point of view of several characters but our main focus is on the two sisters, May and Christy Williams, sisters that grew apart after the fatal death of both of their parents.  I felt these characters were real and had issues that most people deal with on a daily basis, such as struggles of rejection, guilt, and hopelessness.

Many topics such as alcoholism, abortion, brokeness, and abusive relationships are covered as well as grace and redemption all without being over the top. I can admit to reading some books in the past where many topics such as these were covered and they felt just thrown in because they could leaving a huge mess that really didn’t feel right.

Of the two sisters, I relate the most to May and can only hope I can learn to have a Faith as big as hers as well as a cheerful demeanor even when things are going wrong.  Though at times in my life, I’ve found myself with characteristics that Christy held such as not feeling worth the forgiveness God and others chose to give me.

This book kept me on my toes and also left me in tears.  I look forward to more works from author C. J Darlington but until then, I think I’ll read this book again.

With careful attention to detail, emotion, and scene-setting, C.J. Darlington scores with her debut effort. Here is a special writer you won’t want to miss.
Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times best selling author

If you love a good read filled with adventure and ultimately redemption, I encourage you to brew the tea, settle into your favorite chair and pick up the page turner that is C.J. Darlington’s imaginative new novel of a modern day sisterhood that triumphs over separation and the raw challenges of life to find the real endurance of both family ties and God’s amazing grace.
Rebecca St. James, Grammy award winning Christian singer and bestselling author

With Thicker than Blood, C.J. Darlington proves she’s a novelist for the long-haul, a strong new voice in Christian fiction. This book speaks to the heart, from the heart, about the heart. Readers will not soon forget it.
Sibella Giorello, Christy award-winning author of The Rivers Run Dry & The Clouds Roll Away

Watch the book trailer:

About the Author:
C. J. began writing the story that would become Thicker than Blood (her first novel) when she was a fifteen-year-old homeschool student. She has been in the antiquarian bookselling business for over a decade, scouting for stores similar to the one described in the novel before cofounding her own online bookstore. Thicker than Blood was the winner of the 2008 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel.

C. J. co-founded the Christian entertainment Web site with her sister, Tracy, and has been actively promoting Christian fiction through book reviews and author interviews. She makes her home in Pennsylvania with her family and their menagerie of dogs and cats. Visit her website for more info.


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I Run to the Hills: Reflections on the Christian Journey by C. Maggie Woychik

i-run-to-the-hillsI Run to the Hills: Reflections on the Christian Journey by C. Maggie Woychik is full up uplifting, inspirational, words of wisdom that will challenge it’s reader personally on the road in which their journey with Christ has taken them.

This book is not huge in size so it’s a really good read for when you may have that little time alone or if you have a whole day to yourself. I believe this book and the unique writing style in which it’s written will be quite refreshing in places where other books have not.

“I Run to the Hills” was exactly what I needed throughout the hustle and bustle that life has been taking me on personally . Peace is one thing that can be so hard to come by, especially during the Holidays so I’m grateful for the God ordained words that C. Maggie Woychik choose to share throughout the pages.   I highly recommend it to all!

You can find this book to purchase at Amazon for 8.99.

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Poems from the Heart Of a Child of God by Megan Lowmaster

poemsfromthheartPoems from the Heart Of a Child of God by Megan Lowmaster

A little bit about the author…

Megan grew up mostly in Oregon. She was homeschooled from 4th grade through high school. She attended Puget Sound Christian College, Washington 1998-2002 graduating with a Bible certificate. And enjoys writing as a hobby. Her hope and prayer is that the poems in her book become an inspiration to all who read them.

My Thoughts…

I’m very blessed today in sharing about my sister-in-laws book, Poems from the Heart Of a Child of God. She wrote this book after feeling God’s tugging at her heart to share her words of inspiration with those around her.

I really enjoyed reading Poems from the Heart Of a Child of God. I personally can see much heartfelt dedication as Megan’s very character and personality seeps through each and every poem featured throughout her book.

To Purchase…

You can purchase Poems from the Heart Of a Child of God by Megan Lowmaster at Amazon and at createspace for $16.00. Note that part of the proceeds go to African New Life Ministries.

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Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

Ken Taylor’s best-selling book is now updated with all-new bright and colorful illustrations and a larger trim size. Using the alphabet as a learning tool, the easy-to-use format of this beloved picture book connects Bible themes and verses that teach kids ages 3-7 Christian values. Each spread represents a letter of the alphabet and a Christian value or moral lesson beginning with the same letter. Kids are encouraged to find the lesson being modeled (or not) in the illustrations. They are also asked questions to help them apply the lesson to their lives. This book is sure to win the hearts of kids and parents alike.

My Thoughts…

This is one book that will be treasured for a lifetime, at least in my household. The illustrations really drew me in as each page is filled with bright colored images of children and their families in all sorts of situations and atmospheres. Illustrator Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic has done an excellent job in drawing readers in!

Author Kenneth N. Taylor has also done a great job in drawing both reader and listener in. On each spread, you’ll find  a letter of the alphabet with something that reads along like this “A is for asking. We ask when we pray. God is happy to answer and help us each day”, the illustration on the second page is then explained followed by questions and ending in a Bible verse!

I think this book would be wonderful reading anytime of the day for children of many ages. I love that there are questions that will challenge children to think about biblical concepts and character traits within themselves.

This book would make an excellent addition to any home and I highly recommend it!

I give this book 5 stars!

You can purchase Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow at Christian Book for 11.99!

This book was provided for review by the Tyndale House Publisher.

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The Christmas Kitchen by Tammy Maltby

The Christmas Kitchen by Tammy Maltbyxmaskitchen

Short Bio: Tammy Maltby is a writer, speaker, and media personality. For eight years, she was the co-host of the Emmy Award-winning television talk show, Aspiring Women. She serves on the board of the National Women’s Ministry Association, Christian Women in Media and Arts, and Women of Courage International. She and her family live in Colorado Springs, CO.

Short Book Description: The heart of the home and of Christmas is the kitchen! Including decorating tips, gift ideas, recipes, meditations, and much more, Tammy Maltby serves up brief meditations on the meaning of family, friends, Christmas and the kitchen with a gathering of seasonal hints and advice.

My Thoughts…

I really enjoyed learning what fun ideas Tammy had in making the Holiday a little brighter in her own home as well as sharing inspiring ideas of things we can do with our own families too during the Christmas season in her book The Christmas Kitchen!

I just recently have been learning on how to be a hostess as with what comes with the role of being a life group leader, so this book has been a wonderful resource for me. Ways to go about inviting people and what types of Christmas parties to host from cookie baking to many others. Those little details that sometimes we over look have clearly been pointed out and shared through out the pages of The Christmas Kitchen.

I felt the love of Christ to give to those around you in this book and that’s number one in all aspects for me! I believe this book would make a wonderful gift this Christmas season!

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Touching Wonder:Recapturing the Awe of Christmas by John Blase


About The Book…

An instant classic that breathes new life into the familiar Nativity story This lovely little book invites readers to rediscover both the strangeness and the delight of the Nativity story through a bold retelling of Luke 1-2. To Eugene Peterson’s The Message Bible translation, John Blase adds his own storytelling voice, exploring the familiar events from multiple first-person viewpoints. What emerges is the intimate story of unlikely people–a frightened teenage girl, a worried carpenter, a collection of senior citizens, a disillusioned young shepherd–meeting up with the divine as they move toward the realization that the little one just born is the One. It’s truly strange and wonderful, this retold story of Word made flesh, and it invites readers to react appropriately–with eyes opened wide in wonder, jaws dropped in amazement, and hearts rejoicing. The beautiful design and Amanda Jolman’s lively line drawings make this book a fitting gift as well as a potential heirloom.

About the Author

John Blase’s publications include the Living the Questions and Living the Letters Bible-study series, the Worldviews reference book (TH1NK), Real Life Stuff for Couples, and The Message Children’s Bible. A former pastor, John lives with his wife and three children in Colorado.

My Thoughts…

I enjoyed reading through Touching Wonder:Recapturing the Awe of Christmas  by John Blase. This book sheds light on the Christmas story in how I never stopped to look at it before. In many words I relate John’s writing style to Max Lucado’s whom is one of my favorite christian authors. Throughout the story you’ll find third person narrative in describing what each character may have been thinking such as Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and others. Though of course we have no idea what they were thinking, it gives us sort of something to think about in pondering their thoughts on the miracle of Christ’s birth.

This book would make a wonderful gift during the Holiday Season! You can find it on Amazon for just $9.00!

Disclaimer: This book was provided for review purposes only from FIRST Wild Card Tours, and no cash or payment of any type was received for this review.

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