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Melody’s 9th Birthday

Melody turned 9 years old last week. 9! I can hardly believe this will be her last year sporting a single digit age. Next year is the big 1-0. Wow! She’s been all into Zelda: Breath of the Wild a game available on the WiiU and on the recently released Switch (One guess what the kids want for Christmas). It was no surprise that she wanted a Zelda themed cake for her birthday this year.  

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Happy 6th Birthday, Owen!

The weather has provided some challenges when it comes to celebrating the Winter birthdays in our family. Visits to the local LEGO store and a trip to the arcade for my son had to be postponed due to the snowstorm of 2017 here in Oregon!

While the snow was quite beautiful to see, the freezing rain and black ice that came along with it was certainly not. We had to pick up the cake sooner than expected and our visit to have brunch with family almost didn’t happen!

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Owen’s 5th Birthday!

Owen turned five years old on the ninth of this month! His birthday kicked off the first in our family for the year. We had a small celebration over a few days. He requested a Batman cake that was chocolate and to go to a pizza place. We invited family out for pizza and they shared gifts with him there. The plus side of going out to eat for birthdays and holidays is no clean up, not having to worry about hosting in too small a home ( our place is pretty tight!), and it’s pretty memorable.  Owen really enjoyed it. I wasn’t feeling well due to the iron deficiency in pregnancy and a bad migraine but was able to make it… can’t miss a celebration of my son!

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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Impromptu Park Trip

Something I love about living in the Pacific North West is the weather. It’s usually never too hot and we certainly don’t mind the overcast days. If there’s a breeze it’s even better. A little bit of rain doesn’t scare us! That’s what jackets are for!  Any day is a good day for going to the park. Our trip to the pictured park over the weekend was impromptu. We had planned on visiting a science museum but it was incredibly busy. The next best thing was enjoying some family time at a new to us park. 

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