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Doctor Lip Bang’s Tingling Lip Balm {Review}

I’m one for trying new and exciting products and have I got one to tell you about today that’s not just fun but it’s great for you too. This particular product line can be used year round but with cooler weather on its way as Autumn starts tonight, it’s so important to keep yourself in good health and ready for anything the season throws your way.

I don’t know about you, but my lips often need a lot of care during the colder seasons. Finding a lip balm that’s 100% natural and doesn’t need a gazillion applications to work properly for me has been few and far between.  Life is also too short not to have a little fun here and there. I feel as if Doctor Lip Bangs got it completely right offering exciting products in a variety of amazing flavors to cater to the many unique individuals out there!

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Lemons Are a Girl’s Best Friend: 60 Superfood Recipes to Look and Feel Your Best

Lemons Are a Girl’s Best Friend is a handy guide with recipes of thirty superfoods that can be used to benefit your health in two ways. The first way is in consuming it by eating or drinking it and the second way is to physically apply it to your skin as a beauty care product.

I was completely drawn in by this book when I learned what it had to offer. Through this book I’ve learned which foods are actually known as super foods, the benefit (s) each has to offer, a brief history, the whereabouts of where which most came from, the beneficial vitamins each food has for the body and skin, and so much more! 

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Bella B: Natural & organic mom and baby products!


Bella B: Natural & organic baby products have been quite beneficial to caring for the skin of my youngest child these last few months. The results have been nothing but good! Her skin has stayed baby soft not drying out or becoming irritated in the least bit with the use of products from this line.  Bath times are bubbly fun and always tear free! I love knowing I’m using the very best on her skin from a company that aims to provide organic products free from any potentially harmful chemicals! 

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Hairstyled: 75 Ways to Braid, Pin & Accessorize Your Hair {Book Review}

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Barber’s Choice Hair Cutting Barber Scissors {Review} #BarbrChoice

I tend to trim and cut my entire families hair at home. Getting regular cuts and trims for a family of five can really add up to a lot of money. The money spent on haircuts and trims we’d rather save and put toward owning a home of our own. I know it may not seem like too much of a savings but a lot but every little bit here there can contribute in a big way over time. I firmly believe that a quick trim and even a more detailed cut with a high quality tool in the right hands can end up looking just great! If feeling underly confident the internet is a great source of how to videos in trimming ones hair! 

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