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Christmas Cookie Baking

Our family makes and bakes rollout cookies every Christmas season. It was funny because the day I decided we’d make cookies this year is the exact day we did the last year (via a reminder from Facebook). There was no planning in that whatsoever. Apparently, it was just time to do so! 

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First Bread of the “BER” months

I’m pleased that even though it’s a roaring upper 90s outside that I brought myself to cook a dessert bread for my family. Everyone is all about Fall and I’m all there with them but the truth is, Summer isn’t officially over on the calendar till Friday, September 22nd. That’s right, Summer is here to stay in Oregon for three more weeks.  I want to get all the cool weather clothes out so badly but I’m stopping myself and enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather and sunny skies. Autumn is my favorite season so I’m really eager for the season change though! 

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Baflan 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale {Review}

The Baflan 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale makes getting the exact measurement needed easy. Though the title of this product uses the word kitchen it can equipped elsewhere for other things. For example, you’ll catch me using this scale for getting the weight of my yarn for specific knitting and crochet projects. Sometimes I need to be a little more detailed when it comes to weight in ounces and a small sized scale as this is perfect for those needs. 

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Keliwa Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan Review


The Keliwa Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan is definitely one of my go to baking pans for a number of delicious and nutritious treats and meals made in my home. I like the fact that all I need to use this pan is a large enough baking pan to set it upon while it’s being used in the oven otherwise you’d have a horrible mess since the pan is very flexible. The flexibility of this pan makes whatever is placed inside to easily pop out when done. It also can be stored folded in half and into some of my other muffin pans. It always maintains its shape. 

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