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Breadman TR4000 Ultimate Dream Machine

Well, yesterday we were blessed with a bread machine! The lady who sold us our new green leather couches was going to take the bread machine to goodwill but she kindly gave it to us. I had just mentioned to friends and family that I was on a hunt for a good bread machine and voila the good Lord provides all our needs according to his will! I am posting the recipes that came with the machine below so I can have reference to them easily… my mom also gave me some links to some tasty looking bread machine recipes. Thanks Mom for the recipes!

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Sweet Little Gabriel


This was created with my nephew Gabriel in mind and it’s dedicated to all Mom’s whom have sweet little angels 🙂 Don’t we know, that all kids really are? So much for not working on anymore art today… when you get a urge to draw, don’t ignore it!

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Autumn Breeze

Autumn Girl Raking

Autumn… full of so many festively cheerful colors… Autumn brings to mind…scarecrows, pumpkins, fresh made bread, piles of leaves, and campfires 🙂 As the little girl in the picture rakes, she’s contemplating some of her favorite memories with family and friends. That was what was in mind as I created this greeting card illustration. Enjoy this for there are many more illustrations to come 🙂

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Justin wrapping Eggrolls
Above is a picture I took of my husband helping wrap the egg rolls for supper.
He does such a good job 🙂Justin wrapping Eggrolls #2

Thank goodness for the weekend! Holiday’s always seem to throw my schedule completely off! As for Friday just being my clean the house day, I managed to get some work done on another fall/Autumn greeting card. The little brunette girl (unless I change the color) raking leaves on a cool autumn day will make her debut sometime next week… preferably on a Monday.

I’ve made two sells this week… once again my pirate kid card seems to be a favorite and also my sport key chains. Money has finally hit from my sells into my account…so thank you very much Zazzle.

I should be receiving in the mail next week a box of my sewing/cross-stitch stuff. It seems to be the season for that sort of thing now and quite honestly, I really have missed doing it.

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My Weekend

Duel of Ages (September 2007)
I had a good labor day weekend, overall. We went up to my husbands parents house for lunch/dinner and games. Lunch was Burgers and deviled eggs and for dinner we had pasta salad (we brought), chicken ( we brought some), and apple pie. Yummy! We played Duel of Ages, parents against the kids and unfortunately us kids lost 3-2. It wasn’t a hurting loss so it’s all good 🙂 Church was good… Jon was preaching again and this time it was about Thirsting for Christ…diving in to God’s everything with no looking back and fully trusting in Him alone. I finished cleaning all those picture frames I got… cut myself across the fingers with the glass on accident so it slightly hurts to draw and type but I can take it…there’s no stopping me.. I said I’d get a card or two done this week for Grandparent’s day and I still intend on it! So mostly, this weekend was spent getting things taken care of… like my husband fixed his break pads and went through his old stuff…

p.s Also it’s my nine month anniversary today \o/

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