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Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday! Isn’t is awesome, He shares the same birthday with George Washington? In honor of my Dad’s birthday and Justin’s and I’s going out once a month type date thing. LOL… We went to Fudruckers. It was my first time every going to one. Justin had been many times before with his Dad and I think with his Mom and her friend once. The burgers were really yummy. I got 1/3lb burger and surprisingly being pregnant and all, I couldn’t finish it! Well, today my husband and I have a chicken rap video to work on for PPP…. must get to brainstorming on that now! ^^

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One Hot Chick!

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This little chickie  has not only won a Today’s Best Award from Zazzle but half a dozen products featuring this adorable design are on their way to Bejing China! Yay, for spring time, yay for easter, and yay for cuteness. I hope whomever has purchased these products helps to keep the chick from coming down with that ever so deadly bird flu.  I know I’d hate to see my little chick all distraught and sick! Chicken heals ( chicken noodle soup) and shouldn’t kill! Wow, I’m in a weird mood tonight. Maybe it was the fried chicken and the orange soda combo I had for supper…lol

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God Provides

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I’m letting my latest design serve to me as a constant reminder of how great and wonderful my God is. If He says not to worry and to cast your cares upon Him, He means it and over the last couple of weeks that’s become a real reality to me. I actually probably have worried about how things were going to turn out more than I’ll let on. You see, my husband and I hit a real tight spot in the road with our finances and I was beginning to worry my head off… as a women and a mother to be not knowing where the next meal is going to come from can be really scary. It may not have been quite as bad as wondering when I was going to next eat but we hit some really bad quicksand and we weren’t getting ahead at all. I had my designing job but even that wasn’t going to help us get ahead with all the over draft charges and the badly negative bank account. So this issue was brought up in our life group and our leader forced us ( possibly not the right word) to get help from the church ( honestly we really didn’t want to take money from our church). The church helped us a lot… I mean more they we even expected, a lot more… and it was such a blessing from the Lord and I am eternally great full for such a wonderful body of believers that God has led us to…of course, now we owe the church our souls ( just kidding). But it goes to show you even in the deep dark depths of all of your troubles, whatever they may be, God is faithful and does just what He says He will. Another thing, when God blesses you, let Him….

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Easy Photoshop Watermark Tutorial

Today I’d like to teach you how to make a quick and easy watermark in Adobe Photoshop. It’s nice to have a watermark on your photos and personal designs to say hey, I created this and pretty much no stealing is allowed! I use this all the time for my design that are up on my gallery.

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3d Woman


My sister in-law I and I headed to our the  3d Woman event held by our church this evening and we had a really good time. I met new people and was encouraged and inspired by three ladies impacting testimonies on Physical, Relational, and Spiritual Health.  If you’d like to hear the testimonies or read up a little more about this, you can visit the site by clicking on the image above.

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