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So, I am not putting pressure on myself anymore to get art done… there’s enough for me to do around the house and to take care of my daughter. It’s been hard enough to get letters out to people, respond to e-mail and even for me to eat.

I think Melody and I will start going on walks everyday… the fresh air does me good… I have been getting so frazzled lately.  Don’t get me wrong.. I love my baby to pieces and enjoy spending time with her… it’s just I guess everything is so new still.. and I am having to learn that I can’t juggle everything even if certain people think that I should.  It’s okay for me to leave things… right now dishes from dinner are still on the table ( including my supper which i wasn’t able to finish) , the trash hasn’t been taken out and there’s two loads of laundry for me to fold. Such is life!

Preggo Meme

Update on Melody and the like over at  her blog <—-

I’ve been tagged by my sister!

1. How did you find out you were pregnant?

At first I thought I was really bloated… because I was! My stomach was sore and I felt icky and really wasn’t eating due to that. I even got tea that relieves the stomach but it wasn’t helping.  I took a pregnancy test on October 1st, 2007 and I found out I was pregnant.

2. How did you tell your partner (if you have/had one)?

I took the test that morning and he had just left for work. I called him on our direct connect phones and let him know it was positive.  Tons of thoughts were going through our heads wondering if we could properly support this baby…. and in the end, God saw us through.

3. Did you secretly hope for a girl or a boy? I was happy with either but was hoping for a little girl! I have 4 sisters and I miss them all. Melody fills that gap in her own  way and plus I have more experience with girls.

4. Did you feel ready to have a child?

At the time? It was growing on me 🙂

5. What bit of advice did you get that you hated?

Someone said  something about letting your kid cry for hours on end.  I believe it’s important to have lots of bonding between parents and their children.  If baby is crying she needs something to as do all of us.

6. What bit of advice did you get that you appreciated?

To let kids be kids 🙂 No use in letting them grow up too fast. Also, to make decisions with your spouse together about raising our child. Things will run a lot smoother 🙂