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Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift

Floral Tea Cup card

Floral Tea Cup


Get this custom card
at ZazzleFloral Tea Cup stamp

…than look no further… I’ll be adding more designs like this one in the coming days on several different products! I like to leave no text so cards like these can be used on any occasion!

In other news, my husband and I picked up our travel system for the baby yesterday! We’ve yet to take it out of the box but I am sure that’ll get done later 🙂

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Burning Home Videos

I finally have all the cords needed and have been working on getting my home movies copied to DVD format, so I’ll have tapes free to video Melody when she gets here and whatnot!

Weather is still quite cold, rainy, and wet… and it’s very windy today too… brrr!

Back to work I go!

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We Survived

We have survived the move and still all in one piece! I will say we learned and will never ever move in the way we did ever again, though! We thought we’d throw it in a box, take it over, and set it up as we went but that took forever! I was quite tired and really worn out over the span of the weekend but finally feeling better today. I almost back to myself but not quite yet. I have been trying to be careful as several things have kept falling on me 😛  I am trying not to knock myself out…that would be very bad! My arms got pretty strained so that’s making working on the computer and drawing kinda painful right now. 😛  Resting up before the big delivery day is seeming the best thing for me right now.  Lack of breathing, blurred vision, dizziness, it’s making life all the more interesting.  Well, only five more weeks to go, give or take and my baby girl will be here. I am not ready for her in things she needs wise… waiting till after the baby shower to know what I shall need to get… hopefully not much if anything at all but we’ll see!

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