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Merry Boxing Day

christmas.jpgOkay first let’s start with a prayer for all of those working in retail today. We all know the general public can be a real trouble to deal with on days like today with returns and whatever else.

I had a good Christmas 🙂 It started off a little funny since Justin and I both forgot to bring the Congealed Salad and the peanut butter cookies I made with us. lol… Have I mentioned that I have been quite forgetful lately? Justin and his dad drove back to our apartment (15min) together and returned just as it began to snow. This has been my first white Christmas in years! You just don’t see snow like that in Georgia due to it being so warm. It was a nice little surprise. Who all was at Christmas this year with us? Phil, Becky, Megan, Grandma Quimby, Dave Quimby, Aunt Keri, Cousin Tyler, and Keri’s friend Karen…that would be 11 counting Justin and Me n’ the baby ( even though it’s still on the inside) 🙂

Christmas lunch/dinner or whatever you want to call it was yummy. Becky made quiches, biscuits, veggies, and salad…. Keri brought a really yummy homemade cheesecake and Grandma brought some yummy pizza cookie… and my congealed salad was a hit ^^ ( I used wild strawberry jello this time).

I liked all my gifts and had a good time… I may re gift the earrings I received since I don’t have my ears pierced and don’t ever intend on it. I really liked the candy dish, and the candle center piece from Grandma Quimby… since those will be family heirlooms that I will pass down to my kids. I took pictures of most of things I received and you can view them here. Also you can read Justin’s Christmas blog entry here.

I’ve plans to burn all the pictures and video files on my computer to CD/DVD’s before the new year so I’ll be keeping busy the rest of this week.

So far out of all the Christmas cards that I sent out, I’ve yet to receive two … maybe they’ll get here late.

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Tis the Season


It snowed yesterday! It began snowing just as our Pastor was wrapping up his message on the Presence of God. It was extremely hard to focus on the pastor as I was being drawn to watch the snow slowly fall from the sky. Snow always make me smile and think of the beauty on earth that God has given us. Thank you for that little blessing, Lord. It was appreciated and a reminder to me how there can be such beauty in such a simplicity as snow falling from the sky.

My husband and I attended our first Christmas party together yesterday. Our life group decided to hold the party this week so we could all make it. I had fun even though a little groggy from the nap I had just before we got there. There was wonderful food and good fellowship with friends. I was quite fixated in watching the toddlers that were there. hehe…. I can’t wait till I get to see my little one face to face. What a little blessing I have growing inside of me…. one of the greatest gifts, no doubt.

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The Space Turtle!


This picture was created for my husbands writing site ” The Space Turtle”. I decided to make him something special and I will eventually dissect it and make advertisement banners out of it. Isn’t cute?


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