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Tackle it Tuesday

I am so glad I finished the latest t-shirt design requested for by my client 🙂 I decided to tackle it today before the big ole bad heat decided to turn the computer/office room into a small oven! I started the design yesterday and was able to finish it today. Isn’t Noah’s Ark just the cutest sweetest little design that you ever seen? I’m really enjoying the colorful funess of the piece… and yes I know funess is not a word 😛

Oh and my little girl turned 10 weeks old today *SMILES*

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Monday weekend Recap

It’s really warming up in this room so I better blog now!

My weekend was good! On Saturday my husband, daughter, and I headed to Fun in The Park. We got a couple of great caricatures done and spiffy air tattoos/face paint ( as you can see from the pictures). My husband was super thrilled because at one of the vendors, he won a board game of his choice that’s retail value was 40.00 ( Escape from Insmouth… he’s into H.P Lovecraft). We played the game Sunday afternoon. Speaking of Sunday, it’s still been pretty hard for me to go to church with Melody. She’s okay during the worship time but when it’s sermon time, she acts up. I really don’t want to keep ending up in the nursing mother’s room not able to hear the sermon, so I decided not to go back for awhile. At least until she’s a little older and maybe can sit through the sermon. ( haha… that’ll be never..but let’s hope not). I nurse her as well and she has been ignoring the bottle too when I try to offer it… plus I don’t want to leave her in the nursery… she’s only two months old 😛 I’ll just have to get things figured out somehow!

Today I was working on a Noah’s Ark design for a client. It’s not done yet, but it’s getting there. I guess I just have to realize with my daughter around to take up my time.. projects possibly will last more than one day to get finished. I am sure things will get better when she’s older? Plus, my one day streak of completing projects was kind of obsessive compulsive when there is no dead line.

In the picture my face is painted like a Panda and my husband got a squid attacking a pirate ship on his arm…hehe

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A Flash back!

I am really looking forward to Fun In The Park this Saturday! This picture was taken of me last year after we had returned home from the event. 🙂 I got pretty dolphins spray painted on my face.

What is Fun in The Park? Fun in the Park is a “coming together” as a community—a light-hearted, competition-free, all-kids-are-equal kind of gathering. Creative planning is supported by over 160 organizations, and the help of more than 600 volunteers.

The festival is a free gift to the community because of generous sponsors who underwrite the budget and gracious volunteers who serve.

Pretty cool huh?

I keep thinking today is Friday… don’t you hate the weeks when you are thrown off by a day or two? Besides that, I got a call back from Pediatrician on Melody’s blood work and her thyroid levels are the same. The same is better than worse I guess. Next week is the specialist visit..he might adjust her drug intake but we’ll see.

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