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Five Friday

Okay, today I decided to add 5 pictures of myself as a baby. Aren’t I cute?

My Birthday – January 13th, 1985

I had to be around 8-10 weeks in this picture

LOL My daughter makes the same face!

I’m the one in the Purple Dress!

…2 or 3 years old in this picture.
I think I’m eating chocolate cake or something sweet!
…And how fun that I am wearing my favorite color… RED!

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Dream Baby

It’s Tuesday and I just wanted to let everyone know that Loving Heart Mommy is hosting another contest! This time she is giving away a great lullabye cd called “Dream Baby“! I am really hoping that I win this contest as I have been looking for some music for my daughter Melody to enjoy… but hey, it’s anyones game and I thought I would let everyone know about it.  🙂

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Let’s Go Green Give Away

Right now, Loving Heart Mommy is hosting her first giveaway ever! What kind of give away is it, you ask? Well, she hosting a Let’s Go Green give away and the merchandise up for grabs is a A Better Bottle by Camelback, a $13 value, in your choice of color , as seen in both videos… yes that’s right, Loving heart Mommy has also created some videos about going green and let’s us know the features of this great little bottle!

As a kid, I learned the importance of recycling and being good to the earth and as an adult I can act out what I’ve learned in so many more ways since there are great many deal of ways to do so now. You can help out the environment from using totes when you are out shopping instead of plastic or paper bags, using water bottles like the one in the contest, using Eco friendly sponges, paper, cleaner, clothes, and a lot more! What I’m doing to go green is using totes at the grocery store, recycling newspaper, soda pop cans, glass bottles, and using eco friendly laundry soap just to begin with.  I hope to continue to do more things while going green and hope to encourage others I know and don’t know to also partake in such a great thing.

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Tuesday and searching for deals…

What a day I have been having… my poor little girl has been screaming bloody murder for the past hour due to gas! I told my husband we better get those mylicon drops today… poor thing.. I can’t stand when she’s sad and that blood curdling scream is enough to drive even the most sane and level headed person off the wall.

I’ve been searching from site to site to find the cheapest airplane tickets and that’s not the easiest thing to find right now. Everything has been going up so much lately… I figured I better try to see my family in Georgia before prices sky rocket even more. Most airports have started charging for your checked luggage… it’s getting crazy with the economy and sadly they have to do it or they won’t make enough money to stay in business either. So, plans for that is underway but nothing is set in stone yet.

I created a sweet little panda yesterday and hope to do a few more little bears this week since I know I’m going to be busy next week with Doctor visits and the like!

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Thursday and Still Thinking Green

Shiny Tennis Ball sticker

I managed to get another Think Green design done today… little detail, basic, not overly much in it’s simplistic form but I think it’s cute… I also finished a shiny tennis ball! I do plan on creating a 5 a day food group chart… I’ll be working on that with the time I have… but first a Think Green Alien design is in the works!

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