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Helana is here

My sister Kristinia had her daughter on Tuesday! Helana’s stats are 7lbs 6 ounces 19 inches long! That’s pretty much a perfect size for a baby! I can’t wait to get more pictures of my first niece…this is the only one I have right now!

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Zazzle Store

I just opened up a store on my site to feature certain categories for each season we are currently in. It feels like I’ve spent all day dabbling with PHP and HTML but it was worth it. My site needed a little tweeking here and there.  I also had to delete almost all of my holiday products so my coding would run right… it was an issue to deal with the folders in Zazzle ( ugh) it’s taken care of now for the most part. I haven’t put all my old products back on yet but I’ll get around to it… I am sure no one is in a rush to by Valentines Day designs yet!

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Eye see…

Melody sporting her first patch...

Every mother’s nightmare…? Well, I certainly wasn’t the happiest Mommy yesterday when my daughter practically clawed her eye out! She had been pretty fussy yesterday morning and I just thought she poked herself in the eye but even then she was being  a whole lot of crankier than she had ever been before and then I knew something seriously wrong must’ve happened because she wasn’t even made happy by nursing…I took a closer look at her eye and noticed that she had scraped a bit of cornea off her eye! She really was in severe pain… I quickly called an advise nurse and was told to put a patch of gauze over her eye until I was able to get her to the Doctor. Well once there, they confirmed what I had said she did and they also saw what she did but using an ultra violet light with this dye that they filled her eye with. She was so much happier after they put some pain killing eye drops in her eye.  Well, little Melody’s eye seems to have healed up on it’s own now… Praise God but now I am going to be obsessively compulsively filing and trimming her nails… though I had trimmed them three days before this happened. Well, I hope she learns also to be more careful… It was quite a day!

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After Labor Day

Busy weekend!  I got art done today which was really  nice. Melody is getting better at napping alone and playing by herself…so it’s been a blessing in my art/design world.

How was everybody’s Labor Day Weekend? Ours over here went well. We did not really have any big plans and we didn’t get together with family because well I am sure they had other plans. On Saturday, we headed up to Portland to go to the Ikea store! I love Ikea! I purchased myself a computer desk named Mikael … I got the red and white one and my husband decided to get a black and white one for himself. We currently blessed a friend of ours too with one of the older computer desks that we had ( which someone had given us when we were married). It nice to be able to get new things and bless others with what you don’t need or want anymore. Speaking of that, I still am going through alot of clothes to give away to local clothing closets… some of my clothes I’ve had since I was 13… I figure it’s time to dress my age now… lol … plus, I’m growing accustomed to my own new style too ( shopped the Chadwicks outlet yesterday…great deals on great clothes!).

Brb… diaper change time! …

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Thrown off Schedule

Ah.. days when family visits or we visit them, Melody gets so thrown off her schedule. I only hope it doesn’t take to long to get back into the swing of things. She didn’t want to go to bed last night at her usual time so Melody and I ended up on the couch all night. I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep. Sometimes, I wonder how I can live off that much sleep! I know on Sunday little Melody was enjoying visiting with everyone but I know it wore her out alot… Imagine people picking us up and tossing us from person to person and then being in a whole new place too… that’s gotta be in the least bit overwhelming to anybody!

I’m washing laundry today… I put art to the side just for today… somehow staring at the computer screen with little sleep didn’t seem at all appealing to me. I’ve been working on Fall/Halloween designs for my Zazzle store. Yesterday, I created a sweet little spider and tomorrow I plan on working on cute little ghost!

This evening I plan on going to the Clothing/Toy Swap at our church. Melody will be  needing 3-6 months to 6-9 months clothes. I hope to snag some nice and warm things… I wonder how much girl stuff there will be since I know there’s a lot of boy babies in the church. I’ll be sure to blog about it tomorrow.

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