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Apple Pie oh me oh my!

Pottery Apple BakersPlease visit to see the Pottery Apple Bakers for yourself.

My husband really loves Apple Pie and so does just about everybody else I’ve met.
I was quite intrigued with these  Pottery Apple Bakers created by Lane’s Pottery!

Right now, He’s giving away a set of 4! Deadline to enter is November 2nd.  I really hope I am able to win one. I would love to surprise my husband with a special apple something dish!  I can’t get over how beautiful his pottery work is!

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Five Months Old

My little girl turned five months old yesterday and it’s so hard to believe that I’ve had her out and about for that long! She’s growing so much by leaps and bounds! She’s one smart little cookie too. How’s her thyroid condition doing. I suposse she’s doing okay, Her specialist did up her meds up to 50 instead of 25 but that could be due to her growing in weight and height too. She’ goes back in two weeks for blood work and then she shouldn’t have to go back to the Doctor until her six month visit.

In the picture above Melody is wearing a costume that I snagged off of e-bay for a really great deal. We ordered it as back up just in case her special made custom costume doesn’t get back to us in time for Halloween. We had some size issues with it so we had to send it back to be readjusted.

I’ve been keeping busy this week with going through clothes, prepping meals, working for a client… I’ve not even been able to find the time to read a book called Under the Overpass that a friend let me borrow.

Hubby, M, and I are going out later to purchase firewood for the season… it’s getting colder and we for sure don’t want to use the baseboard heating so we’ll be relying on the fireplace and our small electric heaters as our main source of heat for the winter.

Well I’m going to go and spend some time with my little girl…toodles!

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Retro Rudolph

You know I always say I am not going to draw on certain days but I do anyways…Does that make me a liar? lol …Anywho! I finished the last card in my up close series that is until I can think of more! I’d say this one came out fun… I even liked that I added the glow on the picture! How retro with the sun burst and all the circles ( in my eyes, snow)…

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I could not prevent the inevitable. I’m sick and non to happy about it. My husband wasn’t feeling good on Friday and he passed his cold on to me. He is just about over the cold but I’m well in the middle of it. He can take medicine for his but I can’t because I’m nursing my daughter. Ah, well… it could be worse! Melody hasn’t caught the cold yet and I really hope she doesn’t! I’m keeping fervently in prayer over that!

On Saturday, despite not feeling well… we ventured out to get our pumpkin carving kit and flu shot. So Hubby should be carving our pumpkins this week. I’ll have to video and take photos. It’s Melody’s first Halloween!

I am putting my drawing to the side till get better! So hopefully I can start refreshed in November.

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Baby Christmas Designs

These are just the first of many more adorable Christmas/Winter baby designs! What’s so great about the ones above is that they can be unisex! I really favor the one in the box but my husband seems to like the baby in the stocking more.  Both adorable, no doubt!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂

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