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Oh Christmas Tree

Melody and the Christmas Tree (25 weeks old)

Melody and the Christmas Tree (25 weeks old)

On Thursday we purchased our very first Christmas tree! I know my husband and I have been married for almost two years now and sadly never went out and purchased our own tree! Why? I guess the reasons behind that was the first year we had just gotten married ( the 4th of December)and everything just kinda went by so quickly Christmas had come and gone. Last year, we were extremely tight on funds due to the unexpected conception of our daughter among other things. We settled for spending Christmas with my husbands family instead of really celebrating ourselves. But this year, things have changed! We have a child now and funds aren’t quite so tight.

This will be Melody’s first Christmas though she might not quite grasp the whole meaning of it all yet! She absolutely loves the Christmas tree… I catch her sitting in front of it and smiling at it. She hasn’t tried to eat it or knock it over but I do keep and eye on her just in case she decides to get to curious.

So far our tree just has two sets of lights one regular multi color and the other sparkling multi ( I love lots of color). I may snag some decorations from Micheal’s this weekend at their 15% off your whole purchase sell!

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I shall not pass till I am finished

I am thrilled! The next two Twilight books that I ordered arrived in the mail today and oddly enough I am over here letting you know instead of pouring myself into the pages of such a great story.  I did vow to finish the book I started reading a few days ago first.

What book do you ask that I am reading? Well, a friend from my church life group lent me the book “Under The Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America”. This non-fiction book is quite fascinating! I read through the pages of these two mens testimonies and wonder to myself would I be so bold and courageous as to follow in their footsteps if God so called me to do so. Sure I say I will, but would I? This book is a real eye opener so be for warned that this book is quite a hard read to put down. I am not even finished with the book yet but I highly recommend it. It’s a real faith shaker and it just may give you a whole new outlook on the homeless of America!

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Teething Bites~!

I was searching around and I was surprised that there are not many shirts on teething for purchase! Teething has to be the one of the most annoying times for both child and parent! My little one has been slightly cranky and gnawing like crazy on everything! I still don’t see any teeth yet in my daughter mouth but I know they should be arriving any time now.

If your little one is going through teething or someone else’s child, be sure to recommend getting or buying this shirt! What a sad little cranky gator … !

You can also find this shirt over at my VIRTUOUS PLANET store.

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Think Green! (Giveaway)

Contest is being held the 22 through December 7th!

That’s right people I am hosting my very first giveaway! The prize up for grabs is one of my very nice Think Green Tote bags which has an over thirty dollar value!

How to win:

Let me know what are you doing to be green, leave us a green tip!

Second, visit my Zazzle Store HERE and let me know what your favorite design is and what illustration you’d love to see me create next.

How to earn more entry’s: Each thing counts as one extra entry

Twitter about this giveaway and let me know in a separate comment.

Add my button to your blog or website!

Subscribe to my blog!

Last but not least, you can write a blog entry about this contest!


User will be notified by e-mail  but if prize goes unclaimed for three days another winner will be drawn.

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Giveaway Alert!

Right now Delicious Baby is giving away a GoGoBabyz Infant Cruizer Giveaway ($150 Value)! I don’t know about you but I could really use one of these while traveling. It’s really easy to use if you are going to be flying so you don’t have to drag around a huge massive stroller along with everything else you need to keep up with. Another great thing is that this product grows with your child! So, I encourage you to swing on by and have your go at a chance to win this great product!

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Don’t miss the Twilight

The Twilight movie is coming out this weekend and I’d thought I’d let you know! My husband bought me the Twilight book about a week ago and I couldn’t put it down! This last weekend I got a hold of the second book New Moon and read it in a about two days! I am currently waiting on my order of the the following two books from Powell’s next week! I found it ideal that this movie was filmed in Portland, Oregon… it does seem the best place to film an overcast vampire love story…

You are going to hear a lot from Christians on these books  because they are what is popular right now.  They are going to say it’s evil..yadda ya blah blah…  To me, it’s a fictional story… as with many other books, movies, and etc that my husband I read like H.P Love Craft and many other fantasy type books. Are we going to go out and worship Satan, dabble in magic, or something after reading what we do… most certainly not but if you are not so close in your walk with God and you feel like these kind of books will make you stumble I certainly discourage you to pick them up to read.

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