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Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Activity Table

If you are thinking about purchasing a Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Activity Table this holiday season I advise you hear me out. I wanted one of these activity tables for my daughter so a few days ago, we went out to Babies R Us and purchased one. Melody adorded this toy a lot and was having great fun but since she is still kind of little she kept falling down and I was afraid she would get hurt. I asked my husband to remove the legs but we were not able too! There was no latch like it spoke about on the front of the legs to remove them. I was very annoyed because the box says removable legs. I contacted Leap Frog about this but have not heard back from them. We went to Target thinking maybe the one we received was shipped with a malfunction but the one there was also the same with no latch to remove the legs like stated.

My friend from church has a Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Activity Table but hers is older and it has the latch in the front to remove the legs. So I searched around on e-bay and found a few others that also did. As annoyed as I am/was with Leap Frog, I decided to just go with the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Busy Day table.

Note: I’ve seen the table with a green MUSICAL DOOR anda purple one… The one we bought had a green door and I wonder if those are the ones with the problem?

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Artist Alert!

I wanted to thank Mommy Instincts for hosting such a wonderful Esty spotlight giveaway! I won a 25.00 gift certificate to WrenWillow’s etsy shop today and let me tell you, it was really hard to pick out what to get! I did settle on a adorable Periwinkle Man in the Moon onsie for my daughter Melody though.  I encourage my readers to head on over and check out these wonderful one of a kind handmade designs!

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Last day of November…

What better way to end the last day of November than decorating our Christmas tree while the Transiberian orchestra’s music fills our happy little apartment? I couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to November and hello to December.  I love listening to the music that celebrates our Saviors birth, the goodness God has given, and wishing the mood would last all year long really!

It saddened me greatly when I watched the news and heard of people getting hurt and even killed over black Friday. Truly people have lost the true meaning of Christmas and have lost themselves in consumerism. I enjoy a good deal here and there too but truly do people have to behave so savagely? This part of the Holiday season I do not enjoy, it’s the people stressing because of the economy …feeling that they can’t get things that their loved ones want…it’s not about all that though America tells us that it is.  One of my youngest sisters also greatly feels as I do and would prefer no gift at all during this time… we received the gift we didn’t even deserve thousands of years ago when Christ sacrificed himself so that we could spend eternity with him… Christmas to me isn’t about all the shiny/new gifts, not about Santa Claus,  it’s about my savior.  I did get my sisters a few things because God did bless me in the finical area and I wanted to guilty make up for not seeing them in over two years…

Next year and the years to come, I want to Bow out of Christmas.  I’ll celebrate the Holiday of course with good food and enjoying the decorating and lights but as for gifting everyone….that’s hard to do when you are trying to save up for a house and with probably more children on the way knowing me… (lol… yes I want more kids…they are a joy and a gift from God). I don’t mind Grandparents getting things for the children but as for me and I speak for my husband too we don’t need anything.

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Did You Know God Loves You?

I really am enjoying have giveaways on my blog! One of the main reason was to bring in traffic… but I am really liking the ideas people are giving me for new designs… it really gets my designing juices going! Take the design above for example, I created that because someone said they’d love to see a christian shirt about being happy because God loves you encouraging you to smile! We have so much to be thankful for so we should smile and be a bit more cheery, don’t you think?

Zazzle has finally made way for you to easily post your designs on more than product and this saves me sooooo much time! It’s a big blessing to me and I was thrilled to find out about it!

You find these design about here at my Zazzle store or you can head on over to my shop front at Virtuous Planet.

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