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Thankful Thursday

My daughter had her six month pediatrician visit today and as much as hate seeing her cry about her shots and blood being drawn, I am thankful that these vaccines are given to help shield her away from certain diseases. She won’t be going back till she is nine months old and she won’t have any shots that time too! Right now, she weighs 13lbs 7.2 ounces, 26.25 inches long, and is doing just great 🙂 Her pediatrician did give us a prescription for fluoride drops since she now has two teeth coming in and our living area doesn’t have fluoride in the water.

She seems to be happier than the last time she received her shots which is a plus 🙂

Now off I go to watch ” The Office” with my husband.

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Eek a Spider… no not that kind!

I found out today that I won a Mutsy Spider Stroller from Sandra! I am so happy to have won this as my husband and I were just at Babies R Us last weekend trying to decide which stroller we would get and what was in the budget for it!

Here’s the lowdown on the Spider! ( spider… okay, at least it doesn’t look like one)…

Revolutionary in design technology, the Spider is a remarkably innovative product offering all the benefits of a lightweight stroller with an incredibly compact fold for either transport or storage. Its extremely unique 3-wheel design supports a fashionable reclining seat with side protection. The Spider is also equipped with an adjustable handle, a fully protective hood and a basket for storage.

This looks alot more compact than my other stroller that I purchased from Baby Trend…that hardly fits in the boot of our car. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how I like it! So be sure to look back here for my review.

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Celtic Thunder

Over the weekend my husband, daughter, and I were keeping the roads hot. Saturday afternoon we headed to Powell’s in Portland for the Nanowrimo finishing party. My husband really enjoyed it as well as I… people mingled as well as read a short part of their stories! The stories were great, there a few that left me wondering what else happened! There was also an eight year girl there and she write very well for her age! It was quite inspiring and encouraging to be surrounded by so many creative people.

Powells… I think it’s my new favorite place! It is by far the largest book store that I’ve ever been to in my life! I only really browsed through one of their many floors! I can’t wait to go back! We were cut short on time because we were headed to Celtic Thunder!

Celtic Thunder was such a nice anniversary gift… it was so different than all the other concerts that I had been to before! I had only wished the group sang more Irish songs. I guess I got spoiled listening to the Celtic Music podcast! It was refreshing to say the least 🙂

My little girl has been needing Mommy a lot more now since she’s teething! I’m glad I can comfort her but that makes it hard to do lots of other things… but it’s okay, because she comes first. So, I’ll probably be reading more than anything else for now. That’s okay because I have about 5 books to read and review.

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Wordless Wednesday

Hair all done up in curls

Hair all done up in curls

Today really flew by… I am trying to figure out what I accomplished since my goals for the day changed massively from making jewelery to cleaning out the bedroom closet and bathroom cabinet. Hey, at least it got done!

Mel’s started saying new things now. She’s says O ( long o) and it’s so cute 🙂 I think she picked it up from me when I say to her ” Oh what are you doing down there”… hehe

I’ve also been reading through contracts and determining my designing skills for the next year. You have no idea how hard it is to not share what designs I am working on for the company.  That’s okay though, most people can wait to see the final product when it’s up on their site. With the massive amount of pay I am about to recieve, I can either put it aside for plane tickets or buy the new adobe program…

My apartment has been vibrating all day long. It’s due to the fact that the maintenance crew is redoing the outside walls and installing new gutters. This is also causing my daughters afternoon nap to be disrupted and driving me partially insane.

My wordless Wednesday is a picture of me with my hair all done up slightly fancy. That night the picture was taken, we were heading to the Celtic Thunder concert.

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C2C Mousepad (Giveaway)

This giveaway is being held the 9th through December 18th!

How would you or someone you know like a one of a kind mouse pad of your choice from my shop?  View the selections of Mouse pads here.

How to win:

Visit my Zazzle Store HERE and let me know what mouse pad you would like if you win.

How to earn more entry’s: Each thing counts as one extra entry

Twitter about this giveaway and let me know in a separate comment.

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COMMENT SEPARATELY FOR EACH EXTRA THING YOU DO. If you do everything, that’s 5 entries!

User will be notified by e-mail  but if prize goes unclaimed for three days another winner will be drawn.

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