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Teething Bites~!

I was searching around and I was surprised that there are not many shirts on teething for purchase! Teething has to be the one of the most annoying times for both child and parent! My little one has been slightly cranky and gnawing like crazy on everything! I still don’t see any teeth yet in my daughter mouth but I know they should be arriving any time now.

If your little one is going through teething or someone else’s child, be sure to recommend getting or buying this shirt! What a sad little cranky gator … !

You can also find this shirt over at my VIRTUOUS PLANET store.

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Mini Mohawk

This is one adorable picture of my daughter! I was washing her hair and decided that this mini little mohawk would make an adorable picture! This one is without a doubt going in the memory book!

I’m so blessed that I am able to take pictures of my daughter nearly everyday. I know back in the day when my parents had me, there were no such things as digital cameras and with two small children it was not the most affordable thing to get photos developed.  So, that’s one thing that I am thankful and truly blessed by.

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Don’t miss the Twilight

The Twilight movie is coming out this weekend and I’d thought I’d let you know! My husband bought me the Twilight book about a week ago and I couldn’t put it down! This last weekend I got a hold of the second book New Moon and read it in a about two days! I am currently waiting on my order of the the following two books from Powell’s next week! I found it ideal that this movie was filmed in Portland, Oregon… it does seem the best place to film an overcast vampire love story…

You are going to hear a lot from Christians on these books  because they are what is popular right now.  They are going to say it’s evil..yadda ya blah blah…  To me, it’s a fictional story… as with many other books, movies, and etc that my husband I read like H.P Love Craft and many other fantasy type books. Are we going to go out and worship Satan, dabble in magic, or something after reading what we do… most certainly not but if you are not so close in your walk with God and you feel like these kind of books will make you stumble I certainly discourage you to pick them up to read.

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Family Photos

My husband, daughter, and I had our Holiday photos taken at Sears yesterday. It was an interesting experience as I have never had any photos done professionally…well, except when I was 3 months old and 3 years old…both times I don’t’ remember. Besides all that, we got some great shots and Melody did well too except for when the photographer tried to get her to sit by herself. Melody didn’t like that at all.

We bought the Bronze pack which seemed like the best deal for what we wanted. We got 8 sheets of various sizes, a free 8×10, and the cd. I’d liked the idea of the cd because I could do what I wanted with the pictures. Speaking of doing what I wanted, I’ve ordered all of my photo Christmas cards from snap fish ( 20 for 20cents), cafe press ( 10 for free!), and then I bought twenty more from snap fish because that nice 20 for 20 deal didn’t show up until today… lol. I need to be working on Christmas Card list for the next two weeks.

Oooooo, a Sanrio store opened in the mall! I love Hello Kitty and pretty much anything Sanrio and hinted in a big way to my husband what I liked for ideas for Christmas for me… lol

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