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Has anyone else been enjoying the olympics? I must say, I think that China has had the best opening show of all the olympic games! To me, the opening was truly a inspiring and moving piece of art!

Since I wasn’t at church this morning, I happened to catch the China vs USA basketball game! I believe it was the most watched basketball game in the history of basketball itself.  I also caught the mens swimming competition and saw the US Mens swim team set a record in the 400-meter relay and take home the Gold! We are doing great so far at the Olympics though currently China holds the most Gold but there’s so many more events to go! I look forward to seeing the Gymnastics as it’s one of my favorite events next to the swimming and track 🙂

You can find news about the Olympics HERE and there’s also a spiffy little scheduler that lets you know what events are being aired on TV when.

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Okay, I got back from the specialist not too long ago. I must say the Dornbecker Children Hospital is very nice. How’s Melody doing? She’s doing okay… she’ s hitting all her marks development wise …she’s growing healthy. The Doctor explained Hypothyroidism to us more thoroughly than we were briefed on before. Melody’s medication was adjusted because one of her thyroid levels is too high so she’ll be taking 1 1/2 tablets one and 2 the next until her next blood work test in a month. We will also be seeing her specialist again in four months time. I asked if Melody would have this disease for her whole life…he told me time would tell. He said when she turns three we will go one month without the medicine so it can get out of her system and then see if her levels hold on there own… if they do she won’t have to take medications anymore…. I’m praying for that and I ask that you would too!

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Thristy Thursday

There are several reason I decided to pick up this book and read it. Someone over at Mom Bloggers Club referred it to me for numerous but one main reason in general. It ‘s got quite an interesting way of looking at things. I for one just thought the book was mainly on the matter of sexual sins but was reminded though a huge factor in the ways of seduction, it’s not the only thing that drives God believing faith based followers to fall. Though I am not done with this book yet, I encourage other to pick it up and give it a read perhaps you’ll learn something new as well or be reminded of something you’ve forgotten or perhaps even see something you already knew at a completely different angle.

A few good quotes in this book are from Brennan Manning author of many books but the one I plan on picking up is The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out. I’ll let you know how that read goes for me as well.

It’s been hard for me to attend church on Sundays so doing a little extra and digging into these faith based books has been really good and uplifting for me.

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A Quirky Meme

I was tagged by Carrie over at Raising World Changes. I haven’t done a meme in awhile so this will be fun!

Here is a list of my 6 unspectacular quirks:

1. I sometimes am to quiet and don’t voice my opinion enough ( though that may be a good thing…lol)
2. I have on obsessive compulsive designing disorder… once I start a project, I don’t want to budge till it’s finished.
3. I tend to bottle things up and then sometimes blow up later.. though I have gotten so much better about this… praise the Lord.
4. I know how to shop for others but when it comes to me I could use a little work!
5. I sometimes try to find excuses to not participate in things though in the long run I really enjoy doing them… darn for always trying to be a homebody
6. Another quirk? I have a habit of nibbling on pens, pencils, whatever when I am working …. 😛 That’s more a very bad habit!

I’m supposed to send this out and challenge others to do the same and list out some quirks so we can all get to know each other better. Or maybe laugh at one another…Here is a list of some blog friend!

Thtee Princesses and a Prince
I was Tagged by Raising World Changers!

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I’m Done!

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Friday Morning

Okay I maybe got 3 hours of sleep last night! Hey, that’s being a Mom. I just think Melody wasn’t ready for bed yet or something. She wasn’t very happy so we ended up on the couch so Daddy could sleep. I ponder how today and tomorrow will be. My husband plans on having company over tomorrow. If tomorrow was today, that wouldnt’ be happening. I hope to kick back later and watch the Olmypics opening show probably with my daughter since my husband will either be writing or playing Second Life. I’ll write more later after I get back from the Hypothyroidism Specialist for my daughter.

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I just upgraded both of my wordpress blogs to version 2.6 and I am liking the new features! The recently added Press This link will be great for when I want to share something on the fly! I like how there is now a word count located to my right. That will save me having to write my payperpost stuff in WORD. I also like how I can preview my layout before making it public. Yay for the great updates!

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