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Retro Rudolph

You know I always say I am not going to draw on certain days but I do anyways…Does that make me a liar? lol …Anywho! I finished the last card in my up close series that is until I can think of more! I’d say this one came out fun… I even liked that I added the glow on the picture! How retro with the sun burst and all the circles ( in my eyes, snow)…

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20 weeks old

My daughter has turned 20 weeks old today! She’s growing and changing so much! Right now, she’s in the teething stage of her life. Her demeanor only has changed a little bit to being a bit grumpy… I can tell her gums are sore. She grabs whatever she can get her hands on and gnaws the life out of it.  Currently she enjoys gnawing on my smart mom teething jewelry. I am glad she likes it and I am happy to have bought it because before she grab lose bits of my clothes and suck on that when I held her… That was no good because she would leave giant saliva spots when out in public! So teething necklaces to some may be a bit spendy but I say they are worth it if you are out and about alot and these are not only convenient but fashionably trendy to!

Melody loves to listen to her baby Einstein cd -Baby Beethoven.. I hope to collect the others. Even I like listening to them with her 🙂

Well, I better tidy up before heading out on our errands later!

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Computer Relocation

I’ve recently had my computer moved from the home office into a corner in the dining room. Why? Well, I want to be able to work and also give my daughter the opportunity to explore her world instead of being cooped up in a pack and play all day. It looks like so far the decision is paying off as I’ve gotten more work done today than I was able to before the relocation of my computer and the arrival of my daughter. As you can see above I created that spiffy little card this afternoon… following in the footsteps of the santa elf, and the well love gingerbread card.

The relocation was supposed to be easy and nothing was supposed to go wrong… well for some reason my sound card and nice 5.1 speakers decide to just die on me! That I could have done without! My husband kindly fixed the issue for me this weekend and everything is working nicely now 🙂

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Last Week

I really do know I am due a recap of how life has been going lately!
Just last week Great Grandpa Lowmaster ( to Melody) visited all the way from Pennsylvania! I can relate a bit about living there because I did when I was 8-10 years old. Right now the foliage would be at it’s peak Fall colors… it was absolute gorgeousness. Here you don’t get the fall colors so much because there’s so many Evergreens. So, being busy we tried to spend as much time with GG Lowmaster as we could before he had to fly back home. One of the fun things we did was going up to Tillamook, Oregon and touring the cheese factory together. It was quite fascinating. Another thing we did was spending time with GGrandma Francis Quimby on her 85th birthday. These are family memories to cherish and hold forever.

Now Justin, Melody, and I went to the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook as well as a visit to Oregon’s Shortest Lighthouse ! It was raining so I had Melody in Bjorn wrapped up in my coat… hehe… On Sunday we visited Fir Point Farms and bought 70lbs of plump pumpkins! We arent’ going to carve all of them but I am hoping to cook something with them.

Tuesday was a tough day for me because Melody got her four month shots. She was so sad after wards but soon cheered up later in the evening.

I’ve been busy working on my own Christmas designs for my shop and also started work on a design for my clients.

We’ve got some grocery shopping to do in a bit so I’ll cut this short for now.

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