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Happy St. Patricks Day

Here’s to wishing everyone a green fun filled day of good cheer and luck!

My husband and I have have an appointment with the apartment people later about our new apartment.
I’ll talk about that later.

..and by the way, our church rummage sell exceeded our goal of 6k and made 10k! Praise the Lord! Read more about it here!

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I haven’t watched Lost yet this week but I heard the episode wasn’t that great till almost the ending. I still intend on watching it because I’ve been a LOST addict since it came out several years ago. I converted my husband this year also to be a fan! Isn’t Lost great? …you don’t what’s going on, the actors don’t know what’s going on, and possibly the writers don’t either. LOL

Oh and for those of you that drop Entrecards on my site, know I do return the favor! 

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A Week of Work


I would say both me and Melody are growing by leaps and bounds!
I am 29 weeks pregnant in the picture above with only 10 weeks to go!

I’ve been keeping busy all week working for and today I am also
still working on designs for them as I continue to poke and prod at ideas for affiliate banners.
Sometimes it can be challenge to figure out what my customer wants but in the long
run it usually works out rather nicely.   I actually I am quite happy with the last concept art I sent them.
Meaning I can’t wait to display the banner on my site 🙂  We shall see which ones they end up liking. I also decided that animation is possibly out of the picture since that would be harder for them to tinker with if they didn’t have their own animation program.

Yesterday, my husband and I got a few containers to store things in to help with the move. It’ll be good to put my cross-stitching and beading stuff away before the baby comes. I would hate for her to get a hold of a needle or swallow some beads! Eek! As for the move, we have to make an appointment with the head manager at the apartment sometime soon to go through all the paperwork but pretty much everything should be set.

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Community Rummage Sale

100% of the proceeds from the Rummage Sale go to addressing the issues of HUNGER AND POVERTY in our community. This includes glasses for kids who can’t afford them, food for the food bank, clothing and school supplies and much, much more!

Could my husband and I pass this opportunity up? … Absolutely not! Our church hosted this event today and my goodness the place was completely packed with everything that people donated. It was like an early spring cleaning for us to get rid of things that we didn’t really need, like the extra cd player, and those do-dads that did nothing but collect dust. It’s great to get rid of things and be able to bless someone else all at the same time. Plus, less things that we’ll have to move into our apartment!

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Invasion of the Ants

I’m in complete horror! Yesterday ants decided that they wanted become a big part of my life! I don’t hate ants at all but here’s the thing, I am allergic to ants! If I get bit by any type of ant, I swell up and become real itchy!  I think yesterday because the grounds people at the apartment were raking, this disrupted the ants and now they are crawling into my apartment and they’ve ransacked our bedroom, crawling all over my dresser and my Melodies crib!  We bought some of those little Raid houses but it doesn’t look like any of the ants have gone into them and we don’t want to spray poison because it’s too cold to open the windows to have circulation and being pregnant, I don’t need to be breathing that kind of stuff in.

Did I mention I can’t wait to move?

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Big changes….


About to have a discussion with my husband about moving before the baby comes … Let’s see what happens. I know it’s perfectly doable and I can have internet turned back on without having the extra activation fee by picking up a self install kit. How would I know that? … I called and asked. There’s an apartment here 2 bedroom 2 bath still available for next month and I want to get into it. So pray for this discussion/decision . It about 100 more a month on rent… no biggie and plus we get about 300+ more square feet than we do right now…

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