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Melody loves her Lily Bug!

A few days ago, my daughter received the Lilybug Snowman from a contest I won for her! She loves looking at it, feeling how soft it is, and I am sure loves how it keeps her little hands warm during this chilly time of the year ( I know I do)!I love the idea of this and I will for sure be getting a few others in the future for Melody and her future siblings!

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Teen First: The Sword and the Flute by Mike Hamel

It’s the 21st, time for the Teen FIRST blog tour! This is the very last Teen FIRST tour as Teen FIRST has merged with FIRST Wild Card Tours. If you wish to learn more about FIRST Wild Card, please go HERE.

and his book:

Amg Publishers (January 22, 2007)


Mike Hamel is a seasoned storyteller who has honed his skill over theyears by telling tall tales to his four children. He is the author of several non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles.

Mike and his wife, Susan, live in Colorado Springs, CO. Their four children are now grown and their two grand children will soon be old enough for stories of their own.

From His Blog’s About Me:

I am a professional writer with sixteen books to my credit, including a trilogy of titles dealing with faith and business: The Entrepreneur’s Creed (Broadman, 2001), Executive Influence (NavPress, 2003), and Giving Back (NavPress, 2003). I also edited Serving Two Masters: Reflections on God and Profit, by Bill Pollard (Collins, 2006).

My most enjoyable project to date has been an eight-volume juvenile fiction series called Matterhorn the Brave. It’s based on variegated yarns I used to spin for my four children. They are now grown and my two grandchildren will soon be old enough for stories of their own.

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my bride of 34 years, Susan.

As you read this blog, remember that I’m a professional. Don’t try this level of writing at home. You might suffer a dangling participle or accidentally split an infinitive and the grammarians will be all over you like shoe salesmen on a centipede.

BTW – I have been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, an aggressive but treatable form of cancer.

Mike’s Blog, Cells Behaving Badly, is an online diary about Wrestling with Lymphoma Cancer.

To order a signed edition of any of the 6 Matterhorn the Brave books, please visit the Matterhorn the Brave Website!

Product Details

List Price: 9.99
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 181 pages
Publisher: Amg Publishers (January 22, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0899578330
ISBN-13: 978-0899578330

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My Baby Can Talk DVD & Book Collection Giveaway

Right now, What’s on Mommy’s Mind is giving everyone a chance to win The My Baby Can Talk DVD and Book collection! This collection includes…

  • 3 dvds First Signs, Exploring Signs and Sharing Signs
  • 3 board books First signs, Sharing Signs and Exploring Signs
  • I was just looking into this since a friend of mine has used this technique with all of her children!I think this a wonderful form of communication and it will bring you and your child/children closer together through the special bonds it will create! You must hurry if you want to make it before the deadline of this giveaway!

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    Christmas Spent with the In-laws

    Loot List:


    A Winnie The Pooh Doll Superhero Masked ( from her Aunt)
    A winter hat (from her Aunt)
    A 12 month fleece type sleeper ( from her Grandparents)
    My Lulla Bible A to Z Promise Book ( from her grandparents)
    Babies First Christmas Ornament Precious Moments


    6 disposable Grill Wipes (from his parents)
    Mediterranean Barbeque Rub (from his parents)
    A Grill Mitt (from his parents)
    A Mini Flashlight (from his parents)
    Picture Hangers (from his parents)

    To Me

    A Red Purse Bag with a giant button on it (from his parents)
    A pair of Socks (from his parents)
    Sunflower Notepad (from his parents)
    Opening Windows Songs of Praise / Words of Inspiration cd (from his parents)
    Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly (from his parents)
    Honey Mustard Sauce (from his parents)
    A hand towel with sunflowers on it
    and a lacy doily thing

    To both my husband and I

    A glass box with lights in it ( from his sister)
    and a scale ( we let them keep this due to the fact that we have one for our bathroom and a wonderful WIIFIT!)

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    First Wild Card: Marketplace Memos by David Shibley and Jonathan Shibley

    It is time to play a Wild Card! Every now and then, a book that I have chosen to read is going to pop up as a FIRST Wild Card Tour. Get dealt into the game! (Just click the button!) Wild Card Tours feature an author and his/her book’s FIRST chapter!

    You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

    Today’s Wild Card authors are:

    and the book:

    Marketplace Memos

    New Leaf Publishing Group (October 20, 2008)


    David Shibley is founder and president of Global Advance, a ministry that trains and resources thousands of church and business leaders every year in many of the world’s most underserved nations. Having ministered in almost 60 nations, David has a passion to strengthen and encourage national leaders to advance God’s kingdom worldwide. David and his wife, Naomi, have two married sons.

    Jonathan Shibley serves as vice president of Global Advance. His primary focus is directing the Marketplace Missions program for equipping business leaders in developing nations. He also is engaged in international business. Before joining Global Advance, he earned a business degree from Baylor University and served with Promise Keepers and Teen Mania. Jonathan and his wife, Sarah, have three children.

    Product Details:

    List Price: $ 13.99
    Hardcover: 173 pages
    Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group (October 20, 2008)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0892216786
    ISBN-13: 978-0892216789


    Giving Living

    Years ago, a disgruntled man stormed up to Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse, after he heard Dr. Pierce preach. The angry man snarled, “I guess all there is to this Christianity is give, give, give.” Reflecting later on that encounter, Dr. Pierce chuckled, “It just goes to show that even with the wrong spirit a man can get some revelation and truth!”

    The often-quoted maxim – “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give” – is true. Here are seven practical benefits of giving for God’s Kingdom purposes and the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

    Your gift goes where you may never go. Your gift is an extension of yourself. You receive money in exchange for your investment of time and life. So when you give for Kingdom purposes, in a real sense you’re giving a part of yourself. Your gift says you want your life to count for what is eternal. Americans are generous, and Christians in America are especially so. There are many legitimate causes, but I don’t know anywhere givers can get more done for the dollar than in giving to world missions.

    Giving living loosens the grip of materialism. I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of a sports car that read, “The man who dies with the most toys…wins.” But Jesus taught that the man who dies with the most “toys” is a short-sighted fool. It’s time for us to stop loving cars and clothes and start loving countries! If God so loved the world that He gave His Son, we need to so love the world that we invest in being sure everyone everywhere hears about His Son. I’ve driven through the poverty-drenched streets of Kolkata and the wealth-lined avenues of Beverly Hills. In both environments I saw desperate people. Jesus wasn’t kidding when He warned, “Beware of covetousness because one’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses.” God calls us to embrace biblical prosperity while rejecting materialism. We can do both; we must do both.

    You experience the eternal principle of sowing and reaping. Some churches in Africa practice a unique form of church discipline. If a professing Christian is living in sin, he is allowed to come to church, but he is not allowed to give! When the offering place comes to him, the usher places his hand over the plate and prevents him from giving. It is a powerful statement that the blessing of God is literally being prevented from coming to the unrepentant man’s life. It’s an eternal law woven into the very fabric of the universe. Farmers call it the law of sowing and reaping. Scientists refer to it as cause and effect. It’s reinforced throughout the Scriptures. The pattern is clear: you must sow in order to reap.

    You lay up treasures in heaven. Jesus taught, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth…but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” A businessman once approached me and said, “I need more of a heart for missions. What should I do?” I replied, “Write out a $2,500 check for missions and sow it to the harvest, and I promise you, you’ll have more of a heart for missions.”

    It just works that way. Where your treasure is (present tense), there your heart will be (future tense). Although “you can’t take it with you,” you can send it on ahead! This very day you can lay up treasures in heaven.

    God will supply your every need. Are you ready for a jolt? Philippians 4:19 is not a promise for every Christian. It’s a great verse: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” But it is not a carte blanche to be claimed at will by anybody. No, this promise is given exclusively to those who invest in advancing the gospel.

    Read the context. Paul told the Philippians they were the only church that had invested to send him on his first missionary journey. As a result of their gift to launch Paul to the nations, he promised that God would supply their every need. Yes, you can claim Philippians 4:19 if you give for the advance of the gospel.

    You experience the joy of making a difference in the world. I make no apologies for challenging American Christians to tear loose from some of their money and give it to advance Kingdom causes worldwide. Jesus taught, “To whom much is given, from him much will be required.” With blessing comes accountability. There is a longing inside every true Christ-follower to make a difference for Him. We do not bear sole responsibility for world evangelization, but because of our affluence and influence, we do bear heightened responsibility.

    You experience the significance of participating in God’s global purposes. A businessman thanked me for the opportunity to give to Global Advance. He tearfully said, “You give me purpose.” For this man, building his company is not the bottom line. He goes beyond the bottom line to build Christ’s Kingdom through building his company.

    You move past mere success to true significance by aligning your life with God’s primary purpose. God’s primary purpose is to see His Son known, loved, and worshiped by redeemed people from every tribe and nation. And you are part of that plan. Live to give.

    Remember: “Give and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” (Luke 6:38)

    Reflect: “What do your offerings say about your heart levels of gratitude and love for God? What does your spending say about what’s truly important on this earth?” – Robert Morris

    Pray: That God will make you a joyful giver to His Kingdom causes.

    Act: Where is the Holy Spirit directing you to invest for Christ’s Kingdom today?

    This is my honest review of from what I’ve read so far of this book. I’ve only read about half way through due to the business of the Holidays and trying to get as much as I can done family and business wise.

    This book as you should know, is a devotional for those called to ministry in the marketplace, it’s to properly instruct how to go about your life and business in the proper biblical point of view. The format I found very user friendly! I like how each of the chapters have a main focal point with a Bible verse, words of knowledge, and application to ponder and apply to your life on throughout your day. This books hits hard but it’s not over the top, I say it’s right on the money…no pun intended as it’s dealing with that. I encourage others to give this devotional book a shot as it’s a really great read in my opinion.

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    Melody agrees that “Teething Bites” !

    I had to post a picture of my little one in her latest onesie with the design I created on it! Isn’t’ she cute! She’s been doing okay with teething so far… she had bit me once or twice during nursing but I am pretty sure she grasps the concept that if she does that, she doesn’t get to nurse.

    We did make it up to Dornbecker on Wednesday. We lucked out and they called us in early before weather conditions got worse. It was crazy that our GPS kept leading us to every hill that my husbands car was never ever going to make it up with all the ice. I still find it funny how everywhere here almost closes with maybe 1-3 inches of snow on the ground. I used to live in Maine so I know what a real winter storm is.

    I found that my daughters recent behavior is due to her over medication. The nursing 8-10 times a day instead of 3-5, the excessive hyper behavior, and the trouble sleeping due to the hyperactivity. She should regulate in about a month or so because it will take time even with her dose lowered.

    MY etsy shop is live and running! I added 4 necklaces and 1 super cute bracelet so be sure to check it out HERE.

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