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My 34th Birthday!

Another year and another Birthday, this time my own. My birthday was low key but enjoyable. I got to visit my favorite nature park and furniture store ( IKEA), snag a free coffee from my favorite coffee joint (Dutch Brothers), had one of my liked meals ( Hot Wings!) prepared by my husband, gifted a pretty painting ( by August Holland) and pretty items from my mother in law and last but not least I got to enjoy the day with the people I love!

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Owen’s 9th Birthday!

This month we celebrated Owen turning 8 years old! We like to celebrate birthday by taking each of the kids out to their favorite restaurant or making them favorite meal at home and giving them a fun themed cake.

Owen requested going out for burgers at Red Robin and hoped for a Kirby ( video game character) themed cake. Needless to say, the cake I made this year was a hit.

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