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becker&mayer make learning a new craft easy!

I don’t know about you, but with Spring comes cleaning out the old and making space for the start of new and exciting things. Those things could look like something different for every person. Maybe you want to start learning how to play an instrument, try out a new fashion look, tackle a stack of books you’ve had on a list for awhile, or if you are artsy like me, learn a new craft, perhaps?

If a specific arts and craft projects is on your radar, I encourage checking out the helpful offerings by becker&mayer. The company has craft kits from origami to painting to needle-crafts where everything you need to get started is included! That all being said, there’s no reason to put it off jumping in any longer!
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The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible is a collection of both Old and New Testament stories presented in any easy to understand way for children ages 3 to around 7 years old.

This book drew my youngest child in right away with the colorful illustrations of people and animals from the stories. The artistic design the cover has is truly engaging as the images are debossed so they stand out which means when you run your hand or fingers across the front cover it you can feel the raised edge in addition to seeing it. I love the little details like this which help to make a very special offering!

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JellyTelly Board Books & Coloring Books!

Spring is here and with that comes Spring Break which means a bit of a routine change from our normal days that are typically filled with school and other set scheduled things.

This Spring Break my children have been reading lots and lots of book as well as engaging in fun hands-on activities. Speaking of which, a few of our favorite reads and coloring books have come from the bestselling video series Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible? ( the creator of VeggieTales )

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