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Bear Teething Blanket by Dandelion {review}

I wasn’t to sure on how much I liked those little blanket toys until I received one to review for my son from Dandelion. This company which I’ve spotlighted before specializes in lots of  organic baby & children toys not to mention other items such a those used for eating, wearing, and tote bags great for keeping it green!

My 7 month old baby boy playing with his new friend!
My 7 month old baby boy playing with his new friend!

Let’s talk more about the Bear Teething Blanket! My eyes were right away  drawn to the  soft colors and whimsical designs. The swirls and circles are definitely attention grabbers for a baby too! I noticed the knots which would be great for a teething baby and how it has been for my son! This toy is made from sustainable organic cotton fiber and is filled with  corn fibers which makes for an oh so soft companion.

A few weeks ago, I introduced bear to my seven month old baby boy and I’m happy to say this toy has been a hit! My son can spend a good amount of time exploring his new fun friend. My son has been enjoying teething on the knots as well as well as kissing and crinkling this toy. It’s so fun to watch my son play. And since this toy gets played with a lot, it’s been to the wash several times and I’m happy to say it’s still holding up very well!

This toy makes a great teether.
This toy makes a great teether.

The size of the Bear Teething Blanket makes it easy to throw in a bag for on the go. This little bear I’m sort of pushing to become a lovely for my son since he’s having such a hard time being away from mommy. So anytime my son is upset, I give him this toy as a security item. It’s something familiar and from home making him the perfect take-along buddy. I only wished that this toy had a hooking type loop so it would be easy to attach it to stroller, grocery cart, or car seat. Other than that there’s nothing I don’t like about this toy.

You can purchase Dandelion Classic Organic Toy Bear Blanket for 11.50 right now on Amazon with free super saving shipping! I highly recommend it and I think it would make a great baby gift. On a side note, they also have this blanket in a bunny style too!

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Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

Organic Soft Shape Sorter by Dandelion {review}

I’m a mother that  is looking out for the best interest of my family and the earth around me. Those who know me know that  I cloth diaper my baby, make my own organic baby food, and try to use as many natural products as possible in my household.

Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of my daughter’s baby toys  to see if they are worthy to be passed along to her baby brother. A lot of the items were gifts or picked up at rummage sells, I’m not even sure what some of them are made out of and it’s frightened me after some research to find that some of these toys have even been recalled for small parts  that came loose that have led to choking and some even had lead paint. All the reason to replace many of the toys with those that are all natural because these toys will go in the mouth of my 7 month old teething baby boy.

I have a few favorite eco-conscious toy company which include Green Toys which has a fantastic line of toys but I was looking for something softer for my son and there products are made of harder plastic. While searching, I came across  a company called Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods of which I found to have a fantastic selection of  organic baby & children toys!

A classic toy that I’m sure every parents has purchased for their children is a shape sorter. You know, those square shaped toys that have many random shape to push in and take out. They are a great developmental game, encouraging exploration and tactics. My daughter had one but I wasn’t entirely happy with it. It was hard to open and it had semi sharp edges which could potentially hurt a child if it was fall on. I often wonder what the companies who made these were thinking. I was happy to see that Dandelion had an alternative to a regular run of the mill shape sorter and pleased that I was able to review one!

The organic cotton soft shape sorter from Dandelion is an awesome toy and a must have for any infant! The soft material that the sorter is made out of is organic cotton and the inside filling is made from corn! This toy is super soft and it entirely machine washable. I can vouch that after several washes, this toy holds shape fantastically!

My son adores this toy! He really likes all the different shapes which are circle, square, triangle, and star. Each shape is fun to shake, rattle, crinkle and squeeze. Each shape has it’s own different texture and pattern too being made from organic velour, waffle weave, terry and canvas.These are totally safe and won’t hurt tender gums that babies have when teething.

I adore everything about Organic Soft Shape Sorter by Dandelion including packaging the toy came in which is 100% recyclable and printed with vegetable inks. I highly recommend this safe and practical toy for babies ages 6 months and up. It would make a great gift for the special baby in your life!

You can purchase Dandelion Classic Organic Developmental Sorter for 23.44 right now on Amazon with free super saving shipping!

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**Be on the look out because I’ll be offering a giveaway of this product as well as a few others by Dandelion!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Organic Soft Shape Sorter by Dandelion for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.




Aurora Inc. Softy Soakers {review and giveaway}

Summer is not quite over yet! In fact, this weekend here in Oregon, it’s predicted to be one hundred degrees! I’m sure that may seem not so hot some but here in Oregon, we don’t have air conditioning units in every single home. So we are going to be looking for ways to beat the heat that would be fun and entertaining for the children too.

I was excited when I contacted by Aurora to review their latest line of toys with children called Softy Soakers.These toys involve water but without a big wet mess! And anything to do with water during the heat of Summer is win over here and I am sure it would be for everybody else too.

I was  sent three Softy Soakers from  Aurora’s “Fanta Sea” collection, the hammerhead shark, seahorse, and alligator for my children to play with and enjoy. It was sheer wonder to see how these toys work! I’m not sure but I may have been more excited than the kids!

How it works is that you simply place Softy Soakers in water and the plush expands from practically nothing into a full size, eight-inch plush animal! So I tried it out filling a bowl full of water and adding the toys. I gently massaged the toys as suggested for speedy water absorption and after about 40 seconds these toys were quite plump in size! I then dried the toys off with a towel and gave them to the kids to play with!

The water stays contained in the toy and how that’s done, I have no idea. It leaves me in wonder, honestly! Overtime the toys will eventually dry up and then you can start the re-hyrdating process again!

Overall I’m very happy with the Softy Soakers product line and can’t wait to see what Aurora comes up with next.

Aurora Toys can be found online or at zoos, Hallmark, gift shops and other stores, you can also order them online.  (MSRP $10.00)

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Lamaze Octivity Time Toy {review}

My little guy at 4 1.2 months old already has a few favorite toys! I have to admit it’s really fun to see how engaged they can get with a toy! Currently he’s in love with his Lamaze Octivity Time Toy which is recommended to babies ages 6 months and up.

Lamaze Octivity Time Toy is super vividly colorful! And in this house the more color the better. Toys with bright colors always seem like more fun with kids! This toy has clinky rings, a spinning starfish, a seahorse teether, a mirror, and  legs that feel soft, make crinkly noises, and more! There’s even a Velcro strap on the bottom which is perfect for attaching this toy onto a stroller, car seat, crib rail, you name it!

My son is really good at grasping and holding things so this toy for him is the perfect companion! He can spend quite a bit of time  laying on his back, on his belly, or when in his car seat happily engaged with the octopus! He’s actually already starting to cut teeth so the little seahorse teether is very welcome at the moment! He also really likes the crinkly arm right now. A toy that’s eye catching, great for feeling different textures, and promotes baby to listen to different sounds is a mom and baby favorite!

We took this toy along with us on vacation a few weeks ago and I’ll have to say that it was a good move. Octopus kept my baby boy happy at the hotel and on the two hour trip there and back again. I highly recommend this toy and if you aren’t into Octopuses, I know they have other fun animal designs such as an elephant, moose, owl, peacock, and more!

Buy it: We purchased the Lamaze Octivty Time Toy for 19.99 at CSN a few months ago. Though right now the Lamaze Octivity Time Toy On Amazon is on sell for just 16.49 regularly 24.99 and the product is also eligible for  free super saver shipping!