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It’s Shark Week and we are celebrating with Wild Republic!

Did you know that on July 22nd Discovery Channel kicked off their 30th anniversary running of Shark Week? My whole family enjoys learning about these amazing creatures and are thrilled that there’s an entire week of programming dedicated to just them.

What’s Shark Week without bringing out some of our favorite Shark themed snacks, books, and toys?  Did you know that Alex Brands and  Wild Republic offer some pretty amazing Shark themed products? Maybe you’ve seen them in your favorite aquarium store or happening across them in a local store or while vacationing! No worries if you didn’t indulge at that very moment for those fun collectible and educational items then, because they have stores online with all those great things available through their online storefront too.

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Painting & Hiding Rocks!

Where we live in Oregon has a very active rock painting and hiding group. We learned about this group last year and sought to find rocks when out and about but this Spring and Summer decided to get in on the painting and hiding fun. You don’t have to be some super artist to paint and share either!  

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