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Unplanned DVD{review + blog tour}

This DVD documentary is based off the book “Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line“.  I watched this DVD on my own but am looking forward to sharing it with my friends. I believe this movie can make a real impact on it’s viewers and would encourage it to be seen in group settings.

Abby Johnson shares her compelling tale with truth and conviction leaving nothing out. Be warned that you will probably need to have a box of tissues at your side. I personally have strong feelings against the Planned Parenthood movement so a lot of it was hard to stomach being reminded how they treat babies as if they are not even human beings and telling the mother’s that they’ll be fine after the procedures!

It’s sad so many believe the lies that they are being fed by the Planned Parenthood group. Many praises to God that the eyes of Abby Johnson were opened after she had to sit in an help with an actual abortion seeing a baby in pain after she was told that they felt nothing as the procedure was happening!

This story is full of emotion and brokenness and seeing that true healing come from God the father. I was encouraged that the pro-lifers continued to reach out to Abby in love but not hate.  There are some pretty radical protesters that are so out there that no one is going to listen too.  But in planting the seeds of kindness and love without baking down on their own beliefs the 40 Days of Life group was able to reach through to Abby as well. Overall a testimony which I believe everyone should be able to listen and view.

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The Unite for LIFE webcast is a free webcast featuring Abby Johnson that will benefit pregnancy care organizations. You can sign up to participate on May 17 at 8:00 p.m. (in all time zones) at Unplanned the book and the DVD will be available for purchase as a package deal and 33% of each purchase will go to crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet, the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates, and Heartbeat International.

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You can purchase Unplanned at as well as Christian Book for 16.99 though there are bulk discounts available.

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**Courtesy of the Tyndale House Publisher I was given a complimentary pre-release copy of UnPLANNED: The Sensational Story that Made Headlines Across The Nation DVD in means to spread the word and share my thoughts upon here at my blog Connected2Christ.**

Philips Norelco Qg3270/41 Multigroom Pro in Silver {Review}

**Guest review written by: Justin N. Lowmaster**

Previous to the Norelco, I had a plug-in ConAir clippers. They cut my hair fine, but the cord was a bit of a bother. I’d normally have to use an extension cord to be able to use it where I would make the least amount of mess. The case it all came in wasn’t all that huge, but it contained a myriad of attachments and finding the right one was a bother. Cleaning the inside of the clippers was a real chore and took  far longer than it should. You had to remove the blades to do it. Enter the Norelco.

First thing I noticed was the size. It’s much more compact than my previous clippers. It plugs in to charge, so when I used it, I didn’t have to worry about the cable limiting me or getting in my way.

There are also only a total of 6 attachments, and all are small. There are two sized (width) of clippers, and one adjustable sizing attachment for each. No more digging around for that #2. The clippers and guides work together in harmony, with a pair of designators on the clippers that align with the guides so it’s very easy to see what setting it is on.

The clippers are also super easy to clean. You just take them off and can blow them out and use the included brush to remove the hair waste material. The brush has two different sides that reach and clean all the various bits you might want to clean.

There’s also a nose hair clipper attachment, and a mini shaver. I suggest keeping the latter on when you store the Norelco and attachments in the handy bag. If somehow the clipper gets turned on, it’s least likely to cause any damage. You should keep at least one attachment on to keep the Norelco clean and to keep the moving part grease on the moving parts from getting all over stuff.

The Norelco is a dream. There’s less bits to mess around with, and the bits there are all work fantastically. I cut my hair and beard in no time with none of the fuss of my previous clippers. I adore it.

If you are thinking about purchasing, The Philips Norelco Qg3270/41 Multigroom Pro, Silver can be bought for $39.99  & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping on

Disclaimer: I was sent the mentioned products for review through the Amazon Vine program. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

Smart Mom Jewelry {review + promo code}

I sort of have a healthy obsession with Smart Mom Jewelry. And am beyond thrilled my latest Zebra printed pendant and Mother of Pearl bangle which are the latest additions to purchase!

I was introduced to this mom and baby friendly jewelry three years ago when my first child was born and to this day my collection has  grown drastically which isn’t a bad thing since I plan on having more children that’ll get good use out of it!

Now if you know nothing about this line of jewelry you should know it was specifically created to keep mom fashionable without having to worry about baby choking or chewing on potentially unsafe accessories and to keep your baby during the whole teething phase. I think these necklaces & bangles are genius because we all know once your little one can get a hold of things that it’s going directly into their mouth.

The Smart Mom Jewelry line is great! They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. I like how  the styles mimic  those ever popular stone circle pendants. I had lots of people appalled at me at first because that thought I was letting my daughter chew on stone. They were relieved after I explained to them what my child was chewing on and thought the idea of it was ingenious! I like these so much that I  wear them even when I don’t have my daughter with me and was even complimented on them. I was quite amused and pleased that people  couldn’t tell the difference!

Smart Mom Jewelry also has pretty cute heart pendants, bangle bracelets, and even key chains! These pieces are safe for your baby or toddler to teeth and tug on. All pieces are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, lead free, and even dishwasher friendly. All the pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature. Though you should never leave your child alone with a pendant due to safety reasons.

This jewelry has made me happy were I can accessorize and not worry about the safety of my child. I’m a baby wearing mom so my children are usually always pretty close to me. These accessories have made both my children pretty happy too because neither of my children are given a pacifier so  they had nothing to chew on while I was carrying them around before.

I would have to say that the hardest part about purchasing this jewelry is picking it out due to the gorgeous variety! I can purchase happily knowing also that a percentage of all retail sales goes to CureSearch and Dress for Success, two  great charitable organizations.

Special Promotional Code! Enter “S-SMJ” at checkout for 20% off!

Buy it: Teething Bling Pendants are $19 and bangles are $12.75 a piece. Though right now in celebration of Spring, pastel bangles are 50% off.  Purple, blue, pink, green, yellow – mix and match. Get them before they are out of stock because they are only $6.30 each and I’m sure they’ll go quick!

Smart Mom Jewelry makes a great shower or new baby gift – and don’t forget: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th!

Disclaimer: I was sent the mentioned products for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.