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Sweet Papier Review

I think all invitations, announcements, and thank you notes should be  as scrumptious and sweet as the ones I’ve found over at Sweet Papier. If you’ve been looking for something different that adds that extra special something, I really encourage you to check out their charming little paper bakery(as they so proudly call it).pretty_princess_6.25

Offering only the most sweetest designs for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties,  and weddings there’s something at Sweet Papier for everyone.

I was given the pleasure to review their  “Mommy-to be” note card. How it works is your friends & family can write  their advice inside the card & mark on the envelope label when it should be read {before or after baby is born}. Available in your choice of bun in the oven colors. The little lion + bird are for good measure. How sweet and thoughtful for your those who care about you the most to share their words of wisdom to treasure and take to heart for the years to come? wow
Located in Illinois, Sweet Papier  was created by work at home mom Danette Zoda Yepsen after her daughter was born. Thinking green by using recycled paper and giving back not only to the enviroment around her, 10% of her earnings to charities that help to fight hunger!

I encourage you to check out this company that not only offers cute paper products but a company that doesn’t just think about itself but others around them as well.

Thanks to ChicExecs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns and Sweet Papier for this opportunity.

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Kernel Seasonings: No More Naked Popcorn Review and Giveaway

My entire household loves popcorn! Popcorn brings such fond memories from my childhood. I remember as a child, munching down on delicious popcorn when my family had our much loved movie nights! I also recall during the holidays when my dad brought home several different popcorn tins filled with flavors of caramel, cheese, and buttered popcorn. Still, nothing beats the taste and flavor of fresh popped kernels.popcorn

Despite the fact that popcorn is yummy, it’s a healthy natural snack alternative to lots of sugary and greasy snacks available.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve a mindset to only offering my family healthy snacks that are good for their bodies.

When Kernel Seasonings considered me in reviewing their popcorn products, I was thrilled. With that said, I was sent all 14 of their fabulous tasting seasonings, a popcorn pouch, popcorn spritzer, and a 10 oz. Movie Theater Butter Popping and Topping Oil.

I was so excited about doing this review, that I even went out and bought my very own popcorn popper! Keep in mind that I’ve been wanting one for some time now. Note that you can use your microwave, a pot on the stove, or a popcorn popper to get your corn popping.

What I love so much about  raw popcorn is that I can dress it up to my liking. I’ve had some popcorn in the past that was flavored with way too much butter, seasonings, and salt.  Kernel Seasonings claims that their popcorn is nearly completely hull-less and they haven’t disappointed on this statement! I have not found myself picking at my teeth since eating their popcorn!

I have not tried out at all the flavors they’ve sent me but they ones I have tried are very good! Being the chocolate lover that I am, I tried the chocolate marshmallow flavor first! It wasn’t over powering at all and had a nice light taste! I then tried out the regular butter flavor, along with the ranch, and jalapeno. I wanted to mention that their seasonings not only taste good on popcorn but on other things too. I’ve used their seasonings on potatoes, eggs, veggies, fish, and chicken! I wanted to mention that Kernel Seasonings offers a recipe book with each order!

The Popcorn Butter Spritzer is a great alternative to dumping melted butter onto my popcorn. In using the spritz technique, my popcorn has not been soggy or too damp. I simply spritz my freshly popped popcorn and then sprinkle on whichever seasonings I so choose.  It’s also 100% natural with no fat and zero calories!

Overall thoughts:

  • Kernel Seasonings offers wonderful flavors, great tasting popcorn, spritzer is a good alternative to butter!
  • The seasonings, spritzer, and raw popcorn are reasonably priced at just $3.99 each (Right now if you buy 4 seasonings, you get the 5th free!)
  • Popcorn is healthy and all natural alternative to other snacks !

I highly recommend all Kernel Seasoning products! Check them out for yourself at:


Win it:

How would you like to win a 3 Season Gift Basket from Kernel Seasonings?

How to enter: Visit Kernel Seasonings and let me know what flavor seasoning you’d most likely want to try out on your popcorn? Remember to leave your email in the post. Example: erinlowmaster (at) gmail (dot) com


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Warm Whiskers Review

6a00e0097e346d883301157021d26f970b-200wiHave you seen the cute eye pillows that Warm Whiskers offers? I think these are the sweetest and most useful gifts !  You can purchase these adorable eye pillows in styles such as bunnies, kitties, polar bears, brown bears and puppies.

I’ve been reviewing the sweet little brown bear. I couldn’t have received this little bear at a better time! I had a horrible migraine earlier this week and can attest that with resting with this bear on my eyes during the night, my headache was gone by the morning.  I have the wonderful Lavender, Chamomile, and flax seed herb mix found in each eye pillow to thank for this. This pillow not only helps to ease headaches but you can also heat it up in the microwave for just the perfect treatment for dark under eye circles, illness, or simply for a relaxing stress relief. Place it in a plastic bag and chill in the freezer for a soothing relief of swelling or puffiness.

These make great unique gifts for adults and children alike. You can purchase one of your own for $18 at be sure to check out the other unique gifts offered while you are there!


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Honest Baby Review


100_9654I’ll admit when I first learned I was pregnant with my daughter, I was overwhelmed. Many people gave me their advice in attempts to help me out in raising my child. They told me to do this, don’t do that, etc…If it wasn’t hard enough already the magazine, books, and pediatricians were telling me what to do too.  As a new mommy, I was flabbergasted and decided despite it all, to go with my own instinct.

And how has my mindset and way of parenting been going, you ask? It’s been going wonderful. Our little family of three has met a certain balance with our day to day routines and we couldn’t be happier. Sure, we have ups and downs, but that goes with the territory of having a family and hand in hand with parenting.

I wanted to let you know about a company founded by  mom Jill Besnoy whom was also bombarded with advice and frustrated by the myth of perfect parenting. On her site, Honestbaby this is recognized and celebrates the imperfect, sometimes hilarious, and very rewarding journey of parenthood.

I own the shirt “Working Mom’s Rock’ from Honest Baby.  It gives me satisfaction when my daughter wears it and it reminds why exactly I am working. I work hard to help support my family to help pay the bills and then buy my daughter all those things I probably shouldn’t. I’m sure every parents spoils their children in one way or another.

The shirts offered at honestbaby are a riot! I’m a big fan of their witty and sassy lines. Each tee is emblazoned on appliqued patches that are shaped like talk bubbles. Sayings include:
*i’ll walk when i’m good and ready
*don’t expect a lot, i’m big for my age
*colicky but cute
*i heard Einstein was a late talker
*10th percentile but still growing
*working moms rock!
*not sleeping through the night (my personal favorite!)

I love the fact that these shirts run in a variety of colors and are available in sizes 3 months to 6 years from $20-$32.

You can get free shipping on any order right now if you use the code FREESHIP at checkout.  Also if you buy a toy with a t-shirt, you get 20% off you whole order buy using the code TOY.


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Chex Mix Bars Review

I’d like to personally thank MyBlogSpark™ for the opportunity to review the brand new Chex Mix Turtle Bars by General Mills! These are my absolute new favorite snack! I truthly fought back the urge to eat more than one at a time!cmb_turtles

These bars are made up of a  mix of caramel, Chex pieces, chocolate, pretzels, and peanuts.  This is a perfect mix for these bars as they are packed with a tasty amount of flavor. It’s pretty amazing how something so good is also healthy and completely good for you! These bars are only 130 Calories and have 8 grams of whole grain in each bar!

These bars are great to tide you over till your next meal with their salty and sweet flavor, even my husband loves them!Which is saying a lot because he’s not really huge on sweet snacks and he’s pretty picky when it comes to bars.

These are great to snack on around the house or to throw in your purse, back pack, kids lunch box, or husband lunch! I know what little we have left, we’ll be taking with us on an outing to a local science museum tomorrow afternoon. I can’t recommend them more than I’ve said!  I’m hoping to snag a few more boxes of these to keep around the house for good.

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Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper Review



Melody wearing her Fuzzi Bunz Diaper

I’ve always had a problem with cloth diapers fitting my daughter properly. You first must know my daughter is almost 13 months and only weighs in at 16.5lbs and she’s 29inches long. So you see my dilemma, if diapers are not custom made they usually don’t fit her

I recently heard about Fuzzi Bunz eco-friendly one size diapers and was given the opportunity to review one. Let me say I am quite impressed with this diaper! Not only does this diaper fit my daughter but it has exceeded all my expectations.  Plus the patterns and bright colors are just too cute.

How it works:

  • The waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft microfleece inner layer gently touches your baby’s skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. The micro fleece is made of 100% Polyester and is custom-milled.
  • The unique, patented pocket-style opening enables you to customize the absorbency to fit your baby needs. Stuff the pocket with inserts, a pre-fold, or even a hand towel!
  • The updated top-stitching circles the top of the diaper and the tabs, providing reinforcement to hold up wash after wash.
  • The larger, square tabs hold the diaper in place to prevent sagging and provide better grip during diaper changes.
  • The stretchier elastic around the legs provides maximum comfort for baby.
  • The leg casings create “mini-gussets” to keep messes contained and leaks at bay.
  • The wide-array of color choices makes diapering fun – choose your favorite or match an outfit!


    With all my daughter puts this diaper through, no leaks!

I love the fact that this diaper uses snaps instead of Velcro, I commonly was having a problem with Velcro scratching my daughter sensitive skin and leaving her quite uncomfortable.  I don’t have to worry about this diaper snagging other clothing. Also, my daughter hasn’t figured out how to remove this diaper yet either. Velcro has been a small nightmare in the removing and running around the house stark naked stage.

Mydaughter has worn this diaper several times and has not had any leaks at all! Did I mention this diaper takes no time to dry when in the wash. Thumbs up from this mom, due to the fact I don’t have to dry my diapers 2-3 times at one time.


We Love FuzziBunz

This diaper would be quite large on a baby under 7 pounds (not recommended). Probably between 7-10 pounds, this diaper would be bulky. After 10 pounds, these work great.  These go up to 35lbs.

Buy it:
At around $18.00 dollars a diaper, these prices may seem steep but know that your child will wear these diapers for a good long time. They are well worth the money. Check them out for yourself at:

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