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Kameleon Jewelry Review and Giveaway


I’ve come across a wonderful jewelry  company that hands down will keep me coming back numerous times to add to my own personal collection. This company is called Kamelon Jewelery.

Kameleon Jewelry is one of the first sterling silver jewelry collections that specialize in
interchangeability. Their collection consists of a forty base jewelry designs include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins, with natural flowing lines. Each piece is carefully crafted to accept small interchangeable inserts called JewelPops.

Jewel pops are small interchangeable inserts hat can be easily popped in and out of the Kameleon Jewelry bases. Right now there are over 230 jewel pops available. Their various styles  include semi-precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, and more.

I’m not a huge jewelry person but I do like to accessories without spending a whole lot of money. I can do this with Kameleon Jewelry! Once you have your chain, and bases bought, that expense is taken care of! You can then focus on just purchasing your jewel pops. The variety at my fingers tips is nearly endless with so many different types and styles to match my attire through a single jewel pop! The idea is purely genius!
Kameleon kindly sent me a stunning  sterling silver eternity pendant and a black beauty in onyx, as well as the Treasure on Turquoise Beach Swarovski Crystal jewel pops to review. I’ve been enjoying wearing these and have found it really easy to interchange each jewel pop. I was also sent a custom compact which holds up to 50 jewel pops to store my own.

A few of my favorites that I’m going to have to add to collection include KJP181 – Blue Frosting, KJP363 – *NEW Disco Pepper JewelPop, KJP346 – Prayer JewelPop, and the KJP136 – Silver Cross & Fish JewelPop to name a few!  I love the versatility of how easy it is to create my own look and the peace of mind in knowing that I’ll be saving money as well.

I wanted to mention that on their site, you can play either majong or a  tile slider game at a chance to win your own jewelry! How neat is that?

How would you like to win your own Kameleon Jewelry from my blog? Well, you can as Kameleon has generously decided to giveaway a pendant, two Jewel Pops and a compact! ( over $100 dollar value!)

To enter: Visit Kameleon Jewelry and let me know a few of your favorite jewel pop styles.

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Let’s Go Strolling – Universal Cup Holder Review and Giveaway

Have you been over to the Let’s Go Strolling boutique yet? This trendy little boutique has great selections from diaper bags to baby carriers! I had a fun time browsing through all the great gifts they have for mom, dad, and baby!  100_9983-1

Are you looking for a stroller for yourself or for someone you know? I know when I was pregnant with my first child, I had an idea of what I wanted in a stroller but was having a hard time finding exactly what I needed at a price that I could afford. Let’s Go Strolling is a great a company as they offer free stroller consultations! Isn’t it great that there’s a company like this out there that takes their customers into consideration and helps them find a stroller that will fit their lifestyles perfectly?  It makes me feel good inside knowing that their customers always come first and they are doing whatever they can to see to that with their great customer service! I only wish I knew about them about 13 1/2 months ago when I had my first baby!

Thanks to Let’s Go Strolling, taking a drink and strolling my baby can now finally be hand in hand! I was able to review the Universal Cup Holder available in their store!

I have a Mutsy Spider stroller. I love this stroller, it folds easily into the boot of the car, it handles nicely, the handle is adjustable, and the canopy is nice! But this nearly perfect stroller of mine has a major flaw, no cup holder. That is until now!

The Universal Cup Holder is wonderful! It was very easy to install to fit on my stroller with it’s easy to follow instructions. In less than 2-3 minutes, it was set up and ready to hold beverages of all kinds from baby bottles to mom’s sport drinks.

Now in my photo it may look like a cup of coffee or something like that may spill over and it probably would at that angle. There is a button on the side of the holder though that adjust the angle of the holder to your liking. I can also just as easily move my cupholder to whichever spot on my stroller is the most convient. I mostly have my water bottles with my when I am walking with my daughter so the postion I choose is my favorite. It also folds u100_9999-1p easily with my stroller without getting in the way! I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it to all out there who are looking for durable, lightweight, easy to set up holder!

I’d personally like to thank Let’s Go Strolling for offering practical items such as this to give us all a helping hand! I’ve enjoyed greatly being a part of their mailing list as they’ve shared some great discounts and free gifts to their subscribers! If you are looking for another way to keep track of Let’s Go Strolling, you can visit their blog!

Win it: How would you like to win your very own Universal Cup Holder?

To Enter: Visit and sign up for their newsletter (this is a requirement to enter, and yes, they will confirm that you did) & leave a comment that you did!

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CrossEyed Tees Etsy Review

I’d like to introduce you to Tracey. She like myself is from the the deep south!  Tracey is a mom of two rough and tough boys and wife to a wonderful husband. I’d like to let you know about her really neat shop on Etsy called CrossEyed Tees! 100_0030

At CrossEyed Tees, Tracy specializes in one of kind cross shirts for young and old alike. She kindly sent a beautiful blue shirt adorned with Genuine clear swarovski crystals decked on a cross appliqued in a famous designer print fabric and  adorable onesie to review for my daughter and I!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Tracey and have interviewed her for my Etsy meet and greet!

1.Why did you decide to start doing this on etsy and how long have you been? I’ve always had a creative side…doing crafty things and home decorating, etc. I started my Etsy shop about six months ago. I already had one Etsy shop ( which sells hand stamped jewelry and I wanted to try my hand at tees. Not the generic screen printed tees I had seen but something more hands-on and unique. So I came up with CrossEyed Tees. I start with a 100% cotton stretch tee. I cut my cross appliques from cotton designer fabrics like Amy Butler, Michael Miller, etc… I heat bond the crosses onto the tees then hand stitch them on with colorful threads. I also add clear Swarovski crystal accents to them to give them a little shine!!

You could say the name of my tees came from a sort of “play on words”. We’re reminded to “keep our eyes on the cross” so I just switched the words around and came up with CrossEyed Tees.

2. What do you enjoy the most when creating your products? I really like creating these tees because I love working with different patterned fabric…. all the wonderful colors! I love searching for the fabrics and picking just the right one for each shirt.  Working with crosses gives me an outlet to express my faith.  The two together make the perfect combination!

3. Apart from creating things, what do you do?
When I’m not busy creating, I love to just spend time with my family. My two boys(ages 9 and 6) love riding dirt bikes and my oldest has started motocross racing! Such a fun, fast sport but it makes me very nervous to watch him.

4. What inspires you?
I’m inspired by crosses in general… they remind me of Jesus’ sacrifice and the grace that was given to me.

5.In five years you’d like to be…? In five years, I’d still love to be creating new things to add to my shops…and spending more time unwinding with my husband and watching our sons grow into strong, respectful young men…

My Final Thoughts:
I’m quite impressed with top quality shirts and the stylish variety available at Cross Eyed Tees! Tracy has some great deals going on right now (1/2 off shirts) as she’s making room for new styles of longer length tees, white racer backs, and onesies.

Visit her Etsy store at: You can find CrossEyed Tees at & you might also want to visit her hand stamped sterling silver charm jewelry store at too.

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Bugaloo Shoes Review

bugaloo logobug1

I’m in love with all the styles of shoes for babies and infants carried by Bugaloo. Their soft sole leather baby shoes are an absolute favorite for this mom! My only regret with these shoes is the fact my daughter is growing so much and soon won’t be able to wear them anymore! But then again, I guess I can always have more kids.

It was totally a God thing when I came across this company! I was asking and seeking God for a way to help the International Justice Mission after I had learned all about all that they are doing to help others. One of their spokes people informed us about all that they do at church a few weeks ago. I am proud mom blogger, so I do on occassion browse lots of different sites specializing in children’s apparel, etc. I was overjoyed when I saw that this company gives back, donating 5% of each sale  to the International Justice Mission.

birds123G-1If you haven’t heard of  IJM before, you should know that they are  a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.

Bugaloo shoes was created by fellow graphic designer Heidi Wells. She created this great company with three goal in mind;

  1. To create Quality baby shoes that cost under $20. ( She’s done this with each pair at only $14.99)
  2. To design one a kind trendy and unique shoes. ( She’s a winner here as I have not seen any other designs like hers!)
  3. Giving back, to reconize the needs in others. ( Right on the money with helping out IJM)

I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of shoes of my choice from Bugaloo. Let me tell you, even though there’s not a huge selection, I spent quite sometime trying to decide on a pair for my daughter Melody. I did finally after an hour or so ( I know…lol) decided on the Bluebirds. These shoes are absolutely adorable on my daughter!bug2

These great little shoes are made of soft, flexible leather with cotton-lined soles and an elastic ankle band. They don’t look like they’d be able to handle the wear and tear of the outdoors but let me tell you, looks are deceiving! I have even posted a video below of my daughter running around in the gravel area of our local park.

I like that the bottom of her shoes are a dark brown color, so they always look clean! Yes, I’m one of those people who can’t even stand a spot on my t-shirt. I’m also a fan that the elastic is super tight in leaving uncomfortable marks on her ankles.

I like the fact that these shoes run from 0-6 months all the way up to the 18-24month size. I will getting my daughter another pair! The fact that they have not only gender specific shoes but also neutral designs is genius!  I think that’s a great idea for a baby shower gift if you don’t know the sex of the baby!

Since getting these, I’ve had several people comment on these shoes asking where I’ve gotten them! I happily let them know where, the price, and what they are doing to help those around them! I even talked to friend of my husbands on Sunday (Pikes) and he recognized these shoes right away when my daughter was wearing them! I believe he got a pair for his niece if I remember right. It’s a small world after all.

I encourage you to check out these great shoes for yourself at Bugaloo! Don’t forget to tell a friend! Oh I wanted to mention also that right now if you purchase 3 pair of shoes, shipping is free!

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KINeSYS Performance Sunscreens Review & Giveaway

I had the opportunity this summer to try out two different types of sun screen sprays by Kinesys. So, I bet if you’ve never heard of them before, you are asking the question, ” What’s so special about these sun screen sprays compared to all the others out there on the market?”.  Don’t worry, I’m going to let you know. spf30spraygirl

My thoughts: I reviewed  both the KINeSYS Kids SPF 30 Spray and KINeSYS SPF 30 Girl Sunscreen. My husband, myself, and my daughter tried these out though they are for kids persay. After I sprayed these on my family, I couldn’t help but think that it was too easy to apply! I am used to a squirming toddler trying to get away from me as I usually apply sun lotion. The curve style bottle design that fits perfectly into the palm of my hand was great! It kept the bottle from slipping away from me and made for easier application!

Like I mentioned before, just a few quick spritz and we were done applying!  For our faces we easily just sprayed our hands and applied it to our face, nose,  and ears. This spray absorbed very quickly and left no residue whatsoever behind. We also were left not feeling greasy or oily in the least bit but our skin felt soft and smooth.

I used the KINeSYS SPF 30 Girl Sunscreen on myself and my daughter and thanks to it’s vanilla green tea scent, we didn’t smell like a bottle of sun tan lotion. Which is an added bonus!  They also offer sprays fragrance free. My family and I went out doors on a walk for a few hours after applying, and this spray protected us 100%! So it not only does the job, it feels and smells great too!

The Down Low: KINeSYS sunscreens are oil, alcohol, PABA, preservative and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and provide both UVA and UVB protection. KINeSYS Kids SPF 30 Spray recently won the iParenting Greatest Products of 2008 Award and the Green Award 2009 just to name a few. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen was also chosen as the #1 spray sunscreen for high efficacy and low-hazard ingredients by Environmental Working Group’s study of nearly 1,000 sunscreens.

Overall: I will use this product again,  this company makes not only large size bottles but small travel sizes that are easy for me to throw into my purse and diaper bag for a day trip. I think it’s always good to these sort of things on hand because you never know when you might need some.

Buy it: You can find these great products at

Win it: Summer is not over yet, so there is plenty more to do outside! Thanks to Kinesys, one of my lucky readers is going to have the chance to win KINeSYS prize pack which consist of  a 4oz SPF 30 and 4oz Hydrating Facial Moisturizer w/SPF 15 ($38.00 value) .

To enter: Leave me a comment here telling me something fun you are going to do or have done this summer!

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This contest runs  ends July 31, 2009 and is open to US and Canada only and no PO boxes, please. If a winner fails to reply within 48 hrs, a new winner will be chosen.

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Giveaway Winners for 7/10/09

We have a lot of winners today so instead of posting the graphic image like I normally do, I’m just going to paste each persons name and comment chosen by!

Story Time Fun Felts winner is: BETH (#79) who wrote: I think the Jessica doll and clothes are adorable! pbclark(at)netins(dot)net

Tiny Prints $50.00 GC Giveaway winner is: Crystal A. (#31) who wrote: I faved you in technorati

Boob-eez giveaway winners are as follows:

1. Courtney (#34) – I fave’d on Technorati

2. Jessica (#27)- I faved you on Technorati Macmomof3

3. Renee (#8) -Email subscriber here!

4. Crystal A. (#40) – I have your button on my blog.

5. GAhome2mom (#18)- I posted at This Full House Reviews Linky:

God Will Do the Rest: 7 Keys to Achieving the Desires of Your Heart winners!

1.  Jessica (#16) -My favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 2:8-9. One of my favorite authors is Sophie Kinsella.

2. Becky L.(#8) My favorite scripture is Psalm 84:10 “For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” 

3. Rebecca (#13) Over and over Psalm 91 has brought me comfort and peace. May verse 3 apply to your daughter.

4.  Sharon (#15) – “Be anxious for nothing.” I am constantly reminding myself to trust God for my needs.

5. Betty (#1) – Beth Moore

I will be emailing you so please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.

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