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Teaposy Review


I am captivated by the beauty of blooming teas.Some sort of awe I had as a child resurfaced in me as I watched these teas bloom inside the quaint teapot.  Not many things bring me to awe anymore, and that really saddens me. I thank Teaposy for re awaking the wonder in me that I had 100_9493forgotten was there.

Teaposy is a company dedicated to the art and craft of tea, with an wide selection that any tea-lover can appreciate. Their wide variety of blooming, loose-leaf, sachet, and bagged teas are made from only the finest tea leaves and most fragrant flowers for a unique tea experience. No matter what the occasion, there is a Teaposy tea to meet your needs. Spend a relaxing afternoon with a bloomed teaposy, an evening with one of the Concert Series, or enjoy one of the Daily Teas for a morning cup.

I was so excited when I learned that I was chosen out of many to do a review on these! I was sent the Medley set to review, which includes six different teaposies. The lady fairy which is made up of jasmine and lily. The heart of love which contains rose and lily. The red song contains carnation. Jasmine and Calendula make up the Falling water. The berry flavored butterfly teaposy is made up of jasmine and amaranth. And last but not least the calendula contains well, calendula.

Why Teaposy?

* Silver Needle White Tea
Only the finest tea from the Fujian province of China is used to create Teaposy blossoms. Silver Needle White Tea comes from the young buds of the tea plant and is the least processed of any tea, giving it a delicate flavor and making it rich in antioxidants. The tea is only harvested during peak seasons, with 80% harvested in the spring and 20% in the autumn. No matter when it is picked, all of the tea is processed and packaged within the same year, ensuring it can be enjoyed at the height of freshness.

* Caffeine Content
Our Teaposy blooming teas are not decaffeinated. However white tea contains the lowest level of caffeine among all caffeinated tea or coffee drinks. A cup of white tea contains an average of 8-15 milligrams of caffeine while a cup of coffee contains 60-120 milligrams.

* Individually Crafted
Every Teaposy is completely hand-crafted in the Fujian Province, from the tea fields to the final blooming work of art. First, the Silver Needle White Tea is harvested, dried, and withered for two hours at 212° to remove impurities. Then, it is sorted leaf by leaf and placed in bundles of equal length and weight. These tea bundles are then sewn together with jasmine, calendula, rose, lily, amaranth, camellia, chrysanthemum, or carnation flowers to form one of Teaposy’s 8 patented blooming tea designs.

* Naturally Infused with Jasmine
Teaposy never uses artificial jasmine oils to flavor the tea, rather, each teaposy is naturally and repeatedly infused with the scent and flavor of freshly picked jasmine flowers. The delicate white jasmine flowers are hand-picked at their the peak blooming time of 1pm. Then, they are mixed with teaposies for hours so they can naturally absorb the jasmine scent. This adds a subtle floral taste to the Silver Needle White Tea and creates an intoxicating bouquet.

* Hand-blown Glassware
Every piece of Teaposy glassware is created by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Designed to enhance the visual experience of the teaposy blossom, glass artists work meticulously to ensure maximum clarity and a spacious viewing area. The entire collection is adorned with Teaposy’s elegant logo, and several sizes and styles are available to fit any occasion.

* Heat-resistant
Made from Borosilicate glass, Teaposy glassware can withstand temperatures between -4° and 300° F. With high and low temperature durability, Teaposy Glassware can be used for brewing, as well as storage in the refrigerator.

* Earth Friendly
All Teaposy glassware is made from 20% recycled material, offering a beautiful and environmentally conscious tea experience. And, since teaposies themselves are completely natural, you can enjoy some of the world’s finest tea in its purest form.

* Packaging
Individually packaged with care, Teaposy glassware is not only beautiful when brewing, but also in the box. Teaposy boxes feature original artwork and high quality images that capture the clarity and elegance of the glassware itself. Whether on display or given as a gift, Teaposy boxes reflect the art and craft of Teaposy. Not only are teaposies beautiful when brewed, they also come beautifully packaged. Teaposies are individually vacuum-sealed for freshness right after they are completed, giving them a long shelf life, and it is also adorned with the Teaposy logo and an image of the blossom. All varieties of teaposies are also presented in sophisticated and eye-catching boxes.

* Safety Standards
Each and every Teaposy product must meet world-class safety standards before leaving China. The tea is checked at the Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Entry-Exit Inspection personnel perform a Quality Safety Analysis. While the FDA does not have standards for imported tea, these inspections ensure that Teaposy meets the strict standards of Europe and Japan.

Buy it: Greatly pleasured in watching each tea bloom, this tea not only pleasures the eyes but also tickles your taste buds. I can only imagine had appreciative a recipient of one of these awe inspiring Teaposy sets would be. Check them out for yourself at:

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Banking Your Babies Cord Blood

I’ve talked and mentioned the importance of banking my childrens cord blood  several times before here on my blog.  Though I’m not pregnant now, and don’t plan on getting pregnant for another 2-3 years. I’ve researched the facts extensively and came to realize that it’s very important to bank my babies cord blood. With this knowledge, I plan on having money set aside for this procedure because investing in my families future health is very important to me.  It will also bring me great peace in knowing that extra security will always be there.

Did You Know:

Over 12,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants occurred worldwide to treat over 75 different diseases?

Cord blood stem cells are 100% match for the infant donor and 1 in 4 match for a sibling?

Right now,  Cryo-Cell is has a special discount of up to $725 for expectant families beginning today until June 28, 2009 by simply using the promotional code HOT.

Cryo-Cell is a company I can trust as they are the industry leader in cord blood banking with over 175,000 clients and more accreditation than any other private cord blood bank!

If you are pregnant right now or know an expecting mommy, you should share with them the benefits of cord blood banking. I encourage you to let them know about the great discount being offered by Cryo-Cell right now too!


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The Rosemary Company


The herb rosemary is the ancient symbol of remembrance, and a traditional gift for someone special. Rosemary honors all the celebrations of life including unique and beautiful sympathy gifts. Here you will find mementoes chosen for their thoughtful, unique and memorable qualities.

The Rosemary Company has the cutest party favors that I’ve ever laid eyes on!  You’ll find quite a plethora of party favors for baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary, and more.  I love the selection that is carried compared to what I could find in my local party supply store. I like to be personal when it comes to parties and sometimes I can never find exactly what I am looking  for because the selection I’m used to looking through is extremely limited.

I was sent two products from their multiple birth line! Oh my goodness are these favors cute or what? They almost make me wish that the next time I am pregnant that I blessed with twins! Though triplets might be pushing it. Anyways, I was sent a sweet-pea scented bath bombs in an adorable green fleece pod and the “Pea in a Pod” Design Baby Shower Seed Packet & Flowerpot Favor! Are these not the cutest favors you’ve ever seen?

I tried out the bath beads in the pod and they smelled great! I have yet to plant the wildflower seeds that came with my flowerpot favor but look forward to doing that in the fall!

So, if you are looking for unique, cute, and memorable mementos, I highly recommend checking out:
The Rosemary Company at or you can reach them at their toll-free number 1-800-823-3891.

Special Code: Enter BLOG19 in the coupon section for 10% off your order!

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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Kiss My Face Sun Care and Kids Line Review

At Kiss My Face, we believe that nature creates the best ingredients. We believe that it’s our job to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care formulations that are potent and effective to make you look good and feel good. We strive to bring you the best nature has to offer—never at the expense of our planet, employees or values—but with honesty, humor and style.”

Melody after bathing with Kiss My Face Kids Products!

Melody after bathing with Kiss My Face Kids Products!

I had asked to review some of the great products from Kiss My Face and was so surprised when they sent me their whole line of Kids Products along with their Suncare line! This review has been a long time coming since I wanted to personally test out every product they had generously sent me.

First, let’s talk about the Kids Line! I’d like to mention the important things first so you should know that each of their products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens and SLS. Kiss my Face uses natural ingredients such as Organic Green Tea Extract to protect against sun damage, Nettle Extract to stimulate hair growth and improve the condition of the scalp and Tea Tree Oil to kill germs. When it comes down to being environmentally smart, Kiss my Face has it down to an art! Their packaging is even made of recycled materials!kiss_my_face_sun

These products look as well as smell divine! The product packing for the kids line features endangered species from Tigers, Monkeys, and even Penguins. The special packaging on each kid product sheds light on several different endangered species and provides interesting facts on each animal spotlighted. Kiss My Face even has a special website that can be found HERE just for kids. This website features videos as well as interactive coloring sheets for your children to enjoy!

I didn’t try out all the kids products because my little one is still to young to be using toothpaste but I did try out all the others if not on my daughter,  on myself. Can you blame this Mom for wanting to smell just as good as her daughter does with the divine orange & cream smell each of many of the products were made up of?

I tried out the bubble wash which smelled great but needed to be more bubbly. My daughter doesn’t have too much hair yet, so I tried out the de-tangler on my own wet/dry hair and it worked wonderfully! The foaming hand wash made washing lots of fun as well as the foaming shampoo & body wash. The shampoo & conditioner combo worked great and left my daughters hair super soft, shiny, and smelling great. The whale of a soap was almost to cute for me to even want to try out but lathered great and left little hands smelling so good.

I also tried the lip balm out on my daughter and think it’s great that these are colorless, go on smooth, and smell yummy while protecting and keeping lips soft and smooth.  I think these are a great alternative to all those yucky smelling and glitter filled ones in most stores for little girls…oh, and these are great for boys too!kissmyface2

If you are not big into scented things, though these scents aren’t to sweet or overbearing, Kiss My Face will be adding non-scented products very soon.

I also got to review several products from their sun care line.  I’m quite impressed with all of these products as well! Each of these products are paraben free. Of course, I didn’t know what paraben was, so I I did some research and found out that it’s a chemical that can cause cancer, and it can even mimic estrogen . How scary! My favorite product might be the Hot Spot Stick! This stick is great to apply to your nose, lips, cheeks, and ears… all places that I most commonly get burned at when out in the sun. I can even use this product on my 13 months old daughter!

I tried out the Instant Sunless Tanner to try to rid my body of the whiteness I so inhabited from staying indoors so much in Oregon! This product did not dissapoint! I will say make sure you apply this evenly or you’ll end up with a not so good looking tan.

A few of the  other products I was sent contain citronella, which I haven’t had the chance to try out.  I imagine this product will be a great Deet substitute for fighting off unwanted pest! I’ll definately have to bring it along and test when we go hiking out of the national parks here!

Overall Thoughts:

I appreciate the products created by Kiss My Face for kids and adults . I really love their kids line and I think it’s important to be aware and teach our kids as well about being more natural in our day to day lifestyles. These products, I defiantly intend to use for a good long while and I recommend them for adults and children alike!

Check it out: To learn more about Kiss My Face products for both adults and children visit

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Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters


Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are a very tasty and healthy snack! These snacks contain absolutely no high fructose corn syrup and are 100% nutritious! Made with whole grain oats, and tasty nuts with a hint of honey for a sweet and natural taste, these snacks are must have for those of all ages.  I was able to try all four flavors:

  • Roasted Cashew
  • Nut Lovers
  • Honey Roasted Peanut
  • Roasted Almond

I can not pick a favorite, they are all so good. Each snack comes in a resealable bag, which it makes this snack great to take with you if you are on the go. These will be hitting the shelves soon at a grocery store near you! So be on the look out!

I was able to try out these deliscous snacks thanks to MyBlogSpark!

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