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Clay Art by Kim Lugar Review


I appreciate the work that goes into designing with clay. I myself have worked with Sculpey and have made gifts and ornaments for friends and family. So I know the hard work that comes from doing so. bcrot3

Through Chic Exces, I learned about Clay Artisan Kim Lugar. Kim has been creating art with clay for over 30 years. Residing not far from me in Scappoose, Oregon Kim ships orders to customers throughout the country, and internationally. I find such satisfaction in knowing that her designs, have helped to raise money for numerous charities including breast cancer research, CASA, City of Hope, Charity USA, the Komen Foundation and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital ( which my daughter visits every couple of months for her condition).

caketopper2smallKim’s timeless diversity items are among her most popular, but it is hard for her customers to choose from among over 400 (and counting) items. Often dreaming up new designs in her sleep, she is never short of ideas and the only limit to her infinite creativity and boundless energy is the number of hours in a day.

You can work directly with the Kim, to create an order tailored for your location and clientele. Take a look around the site and visit the gallery to get an idea of the amazing selection of flowers, seasonal, and inspirational pins, ornaments, earrings, and necklaces.**

I was sent a adorable dog and cat lapel pin! It’s simply adorable and I love how she used such fine detail. I enjoyed browsing through her galleries of flowers, Inspirational, Seasonal, Rainy Day, Diversity, Snow, and Vineyard categories. Since we both live in Oregon, I’m hoping to catch her at a show or two.  I very much so appreciate all that she is doing and enjoy how each of her pieces are carefully handcrafted with love.

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Je’ Marie Purse Hook


The Rose PurseHook is natural and elegant all at once!

Making a difference me
ans the world to San Diego sisters, 27 year old Nichole and 25 year old Natascha Shamlian. Three short years ago, their best friend, 26 year old Lynsi had her first masectomy and thought she had won the breast cancer battle. One year later after her first child and while pregnant with her second, breast cancer came back into Lynsi’s life. Having a grandmother who had also battled the cancer, the sisters decided they can do something to help.

Je’ Maria created a line  for breast cancer donations; this line consists of three beautiful styles of pink Purse Hooks. Not only donating 25% of sales from their website, but they are also providing ways for breast cancer fundraisers to raise money for the cause.

If you are looking for a practical and fashionable way to take care of your purse in public, I highly reccomend these Purse Hooks, which come in many wonderful designs.

You can purchase these wonderful hooks at

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Presents for Purpose Review


As much as I love receiving gifts myself, I love being able to give to others much more. I happened across “Presents For Purpose” a few weeks ago and without a doubt, this store will be one I go to first when searching for the perfect gift.

So, what makes this company so special among others in my eyes? It’s the fact that 25% of the proceeds from whatever you purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice. Let me tell, there are many to choose from.

About Presents for Purpose:

Alayna Kassan and Cynthia W. Dressel met in 1999, after each had successfully fought Hodgkins Disease, a form of Lymphoma Cancer. Both women became active volunteers in conventional fundraising and advocacy settings, anxious to give back to the community that helped them in their time of need.

In time, they began developing unique ways for friends and family to continue to support the cause. In 2002, they designed their first retail collection, and the line of trendy crystal watches quickly sold out. $20,000 of profits was donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation and Presents For Purpose was born.

candleIn 2005, internet marketing professional Leslie B. Weissman joined the Presents For Purpose team. Inspired by her childhood friend’s two time struggle with breast cancer, Leslie shares the team’s enthusiasm to make

a difference.

Today, Presents For Purpose works with dozens of wonderful charities that help people live healthier, happier and safer lives, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and invaluable awareness for their work. At Presents For Purpose, everyone has the opportunity to shop in style and make a difference!

My Overall Thoughts:

I was sent a Red Leather bookmark to review from their site. This bookmark is decently priced for the high quality that it is. It has where I can slip a picture in the top of my husband and daughter which will make this gift all the more special.  I also love the fact this bookmark will last me probably a lifetime!

Presents For Purpose specializes in stylish and meaningful apparel, jewelry, accessories and gifts that give back.  Whether shopping for yourself, or for a gift, your purchases pull double duty by putting a smile on the face of someone you know— and also on someone that you don’t!

Buy it: Products range from $8 to $170 with most products coming in under $75.

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Boob-eez Review and Giveaway (5 winners)

As if woman and girls don’t have enough to keep up with as it is. One of the worst things by far is our “headlight” problem. Yes, I have this problem! Who hasn’t? I mean, if you own a thin or sheer tops you are going to have this problem. I’m breastfeeding and all but one of my nursing bras is lined! I’d always be getting over heated wearing a jacket or a shirt on top of another so I wouldn’t be drawing attention to that area. Beforeafterfront

I ran across a product called Boob-eez that is, how shall I put it…wonderful!  I had all these summer tank tops with built in support/bra that I now can wear in public rather than just wearing them around the house. Plus, now I can stay comfortable and won’t have to give my UPS or Fed Ex guy an eye full. These are incredibly comfortable and I can hardly tell they are there!

Company History:

At an early age, Carlie Christenson began feeling self-conscious about her developing body. Normally a very confident and outgoing nine-year-old, Carlie found herself covering her chest with her arms to conceal the “headlights” that showed beneath the fitted and fashionable shirts she loved to wear.

After borrowing her mother’s array of adhesive bras and nipple coverings, Carlie came up with her own idea of what would work better. With help from her parents, she invented the perfect product and named it Boob-eez because it helped girls ease into “boobs.”

During the process of developing Carlie’s idea, her mother Emilie helped her “test” the product and realized that Boob-eez weren’t just for girls! Carlie’s invention was better than any of the nipple concealing products on the market for women. Soon Emilie, her friends and the customers in her Florida woman’s boutique were buying Boob-eez and wearing them everyday under sheer bras, thin tops, workout clothes and swim suits!

Boob-eez are the ideal solution anytime you need a little “coverage” where it matters most. You can stick them on – with or without a bra – and stand tall with confidence!

The Facts: boob-eezproductpkgphoto

Boob-eez are washable, re-usable, and free of straps and binding elastic. Their unique super-thin edge is virtually invisible under swimwear and clothing. Stick them on and stand tall with confidence!

* 100% Silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.
* Perfect for concealing headlights under thin tops, sheer bras, workout & dance gear and swimsuits.
* These be worn with or without a bra and are perfect for anyone who wants headlights to be out of sight and out of mind.
*Boob-eez retail for $12 and are available online  and at select specialty stores
* These are great for all ages!

I will defiantly be purchasing more of these for myself and for my daugher in the years to come.

Win it:
The great people at Boob-eez are so graciously giving five of you a chance to win your own set!

Enter: Visit their site and let me know another product that they offer!

For additional entries:

1. Subscribe to my blog – 1 entries
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note: This Giveaway is only open to U.S only.

Please leave separate comments for each additional entry, i.e.: if you blog about it leave 2 separate comments.

Giveaway – running till 07/10/09 and is open to the USA only. Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.

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Giveaway Winners – WeeSqueak, Pacific Cornetta, and Tooth Tissues


Winners for June 20th!


The WeeSqueak shoes winner is: Judy Brittle!

The Pacific Cornetta Water Bottle and Tea Tumbler winner is Danielle E. !

…last but not least Jo is the winner of the Tooth Tissues giveaway!


I will be emailing you so please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant. I would ask that you respond soon because I am moving next week and want to be able to contact my sponsors as soon as I can so that you can receive your prizes sooner rather than later. Thanks.

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Days Ago Digital Day Counter Review

medianlI love my Days Ago Digital Day counters! These mom invited contraptions were created to help you to remember with the simple touch of a button. Talk about smart tracking!Though my daughter is out of the eating jarred baby food stage, I can imagine  just how useful these would’ve been to me if I had them then for this particular use. Basically, on the back of each and every digital day counter is a magnet that can be  stuck on top baby food jar lids ( or any other, like spaghetti sauce!), it then displays the number of days elapsed up to 99. I can attest to having several jars open at a time in the fridge and I stood there trying to count back the number of days it had been in the fridge. If I couldn’t remember if it was 4-5 or 1 day ago, it usually got thrown out and wasted. These gadgets are perfect for preventing waste ans eating safely!

Kathleen Whitehurst, a 10-year breast cancer survivor and co-inventor of the award-winning DaysAgo® Digital Day Counter, has introduced the special edition Pink DaysAgo as part of her commitment to helping women of all ages get into the habit of doing self breast exams. Kathleen’s company donates 10 % of sales from the Pink DaysAgo to support breast cancer awareness, including Breast Cancer Network of Strength. The Pink DaysAgo counts days at the touch of a button. Women can simply stick the DaysAgo to their bathroom mirror as an easy, monthly reminder to do a breast self-exam. For your health – and everything else that needs tracking, — the Pink DaysAgo is available for retail purchase at and through the DaysAgo web site.

I’ll admit that I haven’t really been one to remember to check every so often for breast cancer, so with the help of the DaysAgo® Digital Day Counter, on my bathroom mirror, I’m going to remember my monthly self exams.

Check it out:

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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