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Dana Elle’s Review

pinkdanaI love candles! Who doesn’t? The National Candle Association recently stated that candles are burned in seven out of ten households – and those numbers are growing! Candles in my opinion make the perfect gift!Dana Elle’s offers beautiful soy candles in elegant artisan hand-blown glass containers. Carla Lesko, the owner of Dana Elle Candles works side by side with the Portland Maine Glassblowing company to create on of a kind glass holders for each sensational soy blended candle.  Each candle is claimed to burn for well over 70 hours. Many wonderful scents are offered such as Water Lily, Lavender Sea, and Cinnamon Bark to name a few.

This companies name comes from this artisans 4 year old daughter. Carla realized that developing a brand and raising a child share similarities. You hope to instill certain traits and values in your children that you also tend to express in your brand. Their products are graceful, elegant and creative. Our business is genuine, intelligent and charitable.

I was sent the “Pretty in Pink” candle which is a a blend of pomegranate, pink grapefruit, rhubarb and lemon zest. This is a special candle as each time it’s sold, 25% of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. I love the smell of this candle and look forward to lighting it each evening. It’s wonderful fragrance lifts my spirit and fills  my home with such a lovely smell.

I love the fact that all of Dana Elle’s products are created by local Maine artisans. I myself have lived in Maine for several years and grew to love all the wonderful local art.

I think these candles would brighten anyone’s day and make wonderful additions to the home. Do check out them out for yourself at

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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Sleepy Heads



I’m naturally cold, so during the fall and winter months I’m usually bundled up more than the normal person and trying to stay as warm as much as I possibly can. Because of this, I’m always on the look out for a good set of flannel pajamas.

I happened across Sleepy Heads the other day and I want to say first that I am quite impressed with their huge selection of sleepwear for both summer and winter months. They have great selections for men, woman, and even the kids!  (I’m a huge fan of their Hello Kitty lounge wear!)

This company was kind enough to send me my very own set of pajamas to review!  I was sent the THINK PINK flannel pajamas. These pj’s are incredibly cute in style and in pattern, as they are decorated with roses, pink ribbons, and the word Think Pink on them. These pajamas are of great quality, very soft, and thick compared to my other pj’s! I can’t wait to start wearing these this winter. Oh, and another nice thing to know is that with each sell of the the Think Pink pj’s, 10% is being donated to breast cancer research.

I can only imagine how cute these pj’s would be at a slumber party, or out shopping ( I’m not so bold). My husband even commented that he liked some of the items over at Sleepy Heads for men! Just a note that these would make wonderful Father’s Day gifts or any other time 😉

Sleepy Head offers more than just sleepwear, you can find candles, shoes, bags, aprons, and more!
Check them out today at:

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Silver Dolphin Books Review & Giveaway


I indulge in the opportunity to read wonderful books. So, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I learn about new places to purchase great books for me and for my children. I nearly jumped with joy when I learned about Silver Dolphin Books.

They are worth the look see, hands down. Silver Dolphin Books publishes activity, novelty, and educational nonfiction books for preschoolers to 12-year-olds.  Silver Dolphin Books is an award winning company. Several of their books have won the Parent’s Choice awards. (You can click here to see the extensive list)

Melody ( 12.5 months old) reading.

Melody ( 12.5 months old) reading.

Out of Silver Dolphin’s generosity, we were able to review the Nursery Rhymes (A Nursery Collection Book) by Susie Lacome & Beth Harwood and the book Amazing Baby Go, Baby, Go! by Beth Harwood, Emma Dodd, Jonathan Lambert.

The Amazing Baby Go, Baby, Go book comes from their popular Amazing Baby series. This series has 28 titles to date its one of the largest series by Silver Dolphin for babies. My daughter enjoyed me reading this  book to her. She smiled and giggled back at the brightly colored graphics and baby pictures in the book with each turning page. I as mommy loved that this book is an indestructible board book with makes it safe for reading time if I want to let her browse through the pages alone.  I like also that this book is not to wordy, I’ve other baby books and my daughter loses interest quickly because I’m not turning the page quick enough when trying to read through.  What makes this book fun is that at the end, there is a heart shaped photo frame where you can insert your very own picture of your Amazing Baby!

The Nursery Collection book, I can see myself pulling off the shelf for years and years to come. This book is beautifully illustrated with it’s soft pastel colored embossed pages and images. One added decorative feature I like is the ribbon tie that you can make into a bow to close the book. This book is filled with well loved nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and lullabies that we all grew up with. When reading through, I couldn’t help but remember when my mom read to me out of our own family nursery rhyme book. I’d been looking for a nursery rhyme book to add to my home library and now my search is over because this is in my mind the perfect in every way I can imagine.

Other books I’d love to add to my collection are various titles from the Wonders Inside, History in Action, and the Fine Art Studio Series!  I’d really love to own all of the books they offer, I have to remind myself that money doesn’t grow on trees though all of their books are reasonably priced! Check them out for yourself at:

How would you like to win any book of choice from Silver Dolphin Books?

Please visit their site and let me know what book you would choose if you won.

For additional entries:

1. Add me on twitter and retweet this:
@erinlowmaster WIN: Any Silver Dolphin Book of your choice! –
(Daily Extras are Available)
2.  Follow Silver Dolphin Books on twitter @silverdolphin – 2 entries
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Please leave separate comments for each additional entry, i.e.: if you blog about it leave 2 separate comments. Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant. Contest ends July 7th, 2009

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RockBuds Review

RockBand-bigI am thrilled once again to bring you a review on a set of the pretty hip ear buds available for purchase at Chic Blvd. It only seems suitable with Father’s Day around the corner to give you the lowdown on their ever popular Rock Buds!

These men designer buds come in four designer styles – Rock Band, Electric Plaid, Chicks Dig Me, Rock Star, Wings Like Eagles, and  Green Camo. …and compatible  iPods, iPhones, MP3 Player, Walkmen, Computers, Airplane Connectors… Basically any listening device!

I decided to give these to my husband early and ask him to review them and here’s what he had to say:


I really like the retractable cords. They keep the cords out of my way.

The clip is handy for both keeping cord sway to a minimum and pretending it is a little monster chewing on things.

The earbuds fit snugly into my ears and worked as earplugs. I work in a semi noisy environment, so blocking that extra sound is nice, and allows for a lower volume level (to preserve my hearing) because the extraneous noise doesn’t overwhelm.

Gold connections on the plug allow for a better quality if you have hi-fidelity audio on your device.

Good bass range.


I listen to lots of audio that is not music. These work fine on high quality, professional-level audio. But as I turned on some lower quality audio, I could not listen to it. It lowered the quality. Even an fairly high audio drama ended up a mess because of the various sound effects. All this I could hear fine on my standard iPod earbuds. I can’t take the time to swap out ear buds when I switch from music to other audio.


Nice look.

Theme on box clearly speaks of rocking out to music, so the intended use is clear.

No good for podcast listeners who listen to anything not recorded on the most premium equipment.

The $30 price points might be steep, but wont be an issue if you want a really good music listening experience.

There you have it. I have my own set of Chic buds and absolutely love them but unlike my husband, I use mine with music.

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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Organic Queasy Drops

When I was first pregnant, I had horrible nausea. I do mean horrible, I’m not making it up. I was practically bed-ridden my entire first trimester, which made life hard. Doing anything and everything sent mqd-pink-organice over the edge! I didn’t want to take over the counter drugs though claimed safe for baby so I pulled through somehow.I just learned about a safe alternative in Organic Queasy Drops by Three Lollies. These drops were made to battle morning sickness and calm upset stomachs! I put these to the test and they surely do work in calming an upset stomach, and well, I’m going to wait on testing them for morning sickness. I’ve got my hands full with a 12 month old right now and not planning on another baby for a couple of years.Organic Queasy Drops come in a variety of tasty flavors! Right now if you purchase these great drops in their Sour Raspberry punch flavor, a percentage of the sale will be donated to the STOP CANCER Marni Fund for breast cancer research. How wonderful that in helping yourself, you’ll also be able to help others!

These are a must have for pregnant moms, and anyone whom gets car sick!

Do check out to check out what other products they carry and to show your support in the battle against cancer!

Thanks to  Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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Winners for June 14th!

Congratulations to today’s winners!

The winner of the Baby Bella Maya Giveaway is: Gahome2mom! Your tweet won you this giveaway!
I know you are going to love these lacy leggings!

Renee is the winner of the Photo Fiddle Giveaway!
She is wanting a photo done in the Pop Art style.

Karen has won the Polka Dot Tot Shop Giveaway!
You’ll really love your aqua Second Birthday Shirt!


I will be emailing you so please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant. I would ask that you respond soon because I am moving next week and want to be able to contact my sponsors as soon as I can so that you can receive your prizes sooner rather than later. Thanks.

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