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Skoy Cloths

I’m a mom who’s on the mission of going green in my day to day life. I cloth diaper my baby, I use totes when shopping, I use energy saving appliances, and I use Eco friendly cleaning supplies. So you can bet when I learned about the earth friendly Skoy cloths, I was ecstatic.

Basically the Skoy Cloth is an Eco friendly alternative to using paper towels and sponges. I was never really huge on using sponges as I know how much disgusting bacteria they can hold. Just writing that sentence makes me shudder at the thought. The Skoy unlike regular sponges dries incredibly quickly so it’s less likely to get lots of bacteria. You can also easily throw it in the washer/dryer, dishwasher and microwave (1-2 minutes) to refresh it and keep it healthy and germ free. raffiamedium

Skoy Cloths are 100% Biodegradable made from natural cotton and wood based cellulose pulp. The feel of this cloth is like soft card board and the bottom is textured which helps give it scrubbing power. Measuring in at 7×7 this cloth is perfect fit for my hand too, not to big and not to little. You can also use popular household cleaners as well as just water.

The Skoy cloth has the ability to absorb fifteen times its own weight! This is great for when drinks may get knocked over, which can happen quite easily when you have a child at home.

One Skoy Cloth can keep 15 rolls of paper towels out of the landfills! I feel bad for buying paper towels in bulk at Costco. I honestly didn’t use paper towels much before and we ended up having to store them in various place in our home! Skoys take up no room at all which is good if you are a family of three living in a small apartment.

I’ve been using my Skoys for everything! I’ve assigned one to the kitchen stove and counter tops, another to the bathroom, one to the windows and mirrors, and the fourth one I received to my child’s high chair and dining table! I haven’t’ found anything I don’t like about these cloths. I’m going to be moving in a few weeks and they are going to be used a whole lot to get this place spic and span for sure.

The Skoy cloth is a new smart eco friendly, affordable, and durable way to clean! They are available in a variety of styles and fun patterns. The packing the cloth’s come in is also in eco friendly rafia instead of commonly used plastic.

You can get four cloths for 5.99 or subscribe to get 8 cloths every three months for a really great price! I love these cloths so much that I am on a mission to let the world know! These would make great gifts for all my family and friends. How about yours? Check out Skoy Cloth today!

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Chic Buds – “Listening never looked so good!”


I was given the opportunity to review chicBuds and I absolutely love them, functionally and fashionably. I chose to review the watermelon white earphones. I picked that color mostly because they match my Hello Kitty Themed iPod so perfectly.

Let me list the reasons why I like these better than regular ear buds;

Number one: These actually stay in my ears! I was always having trouble with regular ones staying put while I was walking, exercising, and cleaning.

Number 2:  They have a retractable cord which is great because with a child, you don’t need to be wasting time untangling when there are things to do between nap times! Note: Do remember to pull both ends at the same time or you will end up with a tangled cord. I did this and felt like an idiot for not reading the instructions. It was easy to fix though, which was great.

Number 3: They sound great! There is absolutely no static whatsoever to ruin your daily podcast, music, or audio book throughout the day.


Number 4: Tthey have wonderful fastening clip so the cord doesn’t bounce around and get stuck on something pulling your buds from your ears. I’ve been sweeping the floor before and that was the case with my regular pair of buds.

Number 5: They look good! Need I say anymore than that? Available in white or black earphones, chicBuds come in five flavors: Blueberry, Grape, Watermelon, Sour Apple, and Marshmallow. I also love the fine detail of the genuine Swarovski Crystals as each set has nearly 100 pieces in place!

Number 6: chicBuds work great not only for your iPod but also for any MP3 Player, CD Player or Portable DVD player or game player, PC, car stereo, TV or home stereo.

These are not only for woman as they also have a line for the trendy dad’s out there called “Rock Buds” available in 4 designs: Rock Band, Rock Star, Wings Like Eagles, and Green Camo. You can buy matching iPod cases on their site too.
These would make wonderful gifts for anyone, graduation and mother’s day is coming up soon! *Hint*

chicBuds retail for $49.99 but I have a special discount code just for you!
Get $5 OFF chicBuds at – use code chicbuds5.
You can also find these at your local Dillard’s or Fred Meyer’s store.

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Hip T


My assets are now covered! I wish I could have come up with such a catchy slogan for the company called Hip T myself!

Hip T is company that set out to do something about just that, “Covering our Assets” so that our style won’t fall between our own crack so to speak.

I have a child, so guess what? I am constantly bending over, reaching down, and crawling around to keep up with her. I find myself constantly pulling down my shirts or pulling up my pants. I honestly just stopped wearing lots of my favorite jeans and shirts because I didn’t want to keep exposing myself. It was a sad day when I decided that I just had it with some of my clothes and stored them away to maybe never to wear them again. I even thought of donating them to good will. I had about lost all hope and then…


I discovered the Hip T! Basically, the Hip T is a band of fabric worn under your shirt that adds the look of a layer without added bulk and it hides our assets so we aren’t exposed anymore!

Hip-t comes in three styles, in a variety of different colors. There’s the basic style that looks like an ordinary t-shirt, the Original which has a band of lace at the bottom, and also the sassy prints which feature wild animal prints. I was able to try out the Hip T in the basic style myself in Dark Fuchsia and Aqua. These colors go great with my spring and summer wardrobe. You can also wear this with skirts too for some pretty chic styles!

So I tried these T’s out and they were great! I bent and moved and crawled around and the T’s stayed in place. It is a wonderful feeling of comfort not to constantly have to pull my shirt down or pants up anymore. I am thrilled to be able to pull my clothes back out from the closet that I had retired!

So remember, the Hip T covers bum cleavage, Lengthens Any Top, Hides Muffin Top, and Creates Layers without Bulk. If these aren’t reason enough to own a few Hip T’s, I don’t know what else is.

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Bummas Cloths


I cloth diaper my daughter, so it’s very important that after each diaper change my daughter’s bottom gets dried properly. I was using a regular wash cloth to soak up any remaining wetness after each change but I wasn’t finding this too effective. The other option was to let my daughter run around bum naked for a couple of minutes to air out. That was working for awhile but then she wet on the floor a few times which wasn’t too grand to clean up after.

I then came across Bummas cloths on another mommy blog and shortly after was given the opportunity to try out a set of these wonderful cloths for myself! bummas

Bummas cloths were designed specifically for drying little bottoms and also to shield whoever is changing the baby from those surprise squirts from little boys. These small 5” x 7 cloths are 100% Cotton woven velor terry. I found these a lot softer than regular cloths and they soak up any wetness very quickly! My daughter has not had even a sign of a rash since using them. I’d also like to mention that these are great if your little one has sensitive skin.

Some of the great features are that they eliminate using baby powder, they are easy to
carry along with you in a diaper bag, and they can be washed over and over which makes them long lasting!

Talk about multi purpose, so not only are these cloths great to dry off your babies bottoms but you can also add a bit of water and use these as cloths wipes, you can use these as wash cloths too.

These eco friendly cloths come in four fun color sets such as Wild Ones, The Boy, The Girls, and The Calm ones. You can pick whichever sets suits your current theme for your child. I picked the Wild Ones because we love lots of bold and bright colors for our baby. I absolutely love my set.

To learn more these great cloths visit Bummas today.

We will be having a giveaway to win your own set in the next week or so be sure to come back and enter.

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The Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 has begun and I am so happy to be a part of it!
It runs from March 20th – 27th with lots of great things going on all week  and there’s tons of great prizes!!!

My three top favorite prizes being given away are: USC-73, 68, 45,  7, and 19!

My top ten picks are as follows:

USC 73 — Go baby OutMat– winners choice of style (Pink/Spiral, Blue/Single or Green/Swoosh)
Provided by: Go Baby
Prize details: Go baby Outmat: Make days at the park fun and easy with our water-resistant outdoor play mat. When fully opened, it offers a large, soft surface for picnic or play time. It quickly rolls up into its own bag for easy transportation, making it the perfect outdoor blanket to take with you anywhere! Winner chooses from one of three eye-catching colors/designs: Blue/Orange (Single), Pink/Brown (Spiral), or Green/Green (Swoosh.)

68 – $30 gift certificate to Christian Book Distributors
Provided by: A High And Noble Calling
Prize details: A High And Noble Callingwould like to encourage you in your role as a wife, mother, and homemaker by donating one $30 Gift Certificate to Christian Book Distributors for you to enjoy.

45 – Ultra Chic Diaper Bag with matching Diaper Pocket!
Provided by: “Made by Michelle” online blogstore
Prize details: This beautiful diaper bag is very unique! With brown pinstripe fabric, red piping, and white contrasting fabric, this bag is classy and original. Special features include two swivel hooks (one for your keys, one for Baby’s pacifier), and a matching Diaper Pocket that fits just right into a large interior pocket of the bag! There are 5 smaller pockets as well, to keep you organized! $60 value

USC 45Pair of shoes from Eleven Collection Spring/Summer 09?
Provided by: Wishing Penny
Prize Details: Pick any pair for your sweet feet! Eleven’s shoes are available in whole sizes 9-3, perfect for toddlers through early school age kids (ages 3-8). They offer a fun selection for boys & girls, so go ahead pick your favorite pair :))

7 — Ergo Baby Carrier
Provided by: A Giveaway Addicted Mommy
Prize Details: One winner will receive an Ergo Baby Carrier, Front Pouch & Backpack. Valued at $163

19 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
Provided by: Shoot-Me-Now
Prize details: Treat your kids, or even better, treat yourself! Shoot-Me-Now would like to donate a $50 Target gift card to one winner.

5. 58 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand MixerProvided by: Moms Who Think
Prize details: From Amish Friendship Bread to Decadent Cheesecake and all the meals in between dessert, Moms Who Think has recipes you’ll love. We would like to donate a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer to help make one lucky winner’s home cooking even easier. (winner’s choice of color, $349.99 retail value)

7. USC 12 —
Boon baby bath toys and saucer (4 winners)
Provided by: Traveling with Baby and Boon
Prize details: Bath time fun and dinnertime contentment. 1 winner for each prize by Boon: Saucer, Splat, Water Bugs, and Scrubble.

8. USC 40 — Large Yankee Candle Jar
Provided by: Tina at Our Front Porch Looking InPrize Details: Enjoy a large Yankee Candle Jar – YOU get to pick the scent! Visit Yankee Candle to see all the different scents available.

51 – $25 gift certificate to Oil of Gladness Candles online store
Provided by: Daily Essentials and Deals
Prize details: Enjoy a fresh look for your home–potpourri, oil candles, engraved signs, candles, and country decor! You deserve it!

Do come and join us over at the party and meet new friends in the bloggy world! 🙂

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