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Scrubs Magazine

Have you heard about Scrubs magazine? Scrubs magazine is a great resource for all different kinds of nurses, whether you are becoming or already one.  This website is filled with many uplifting stories and more focused on lifestyle! This is great because most other magazines of this nature are focused more on the clinical aspect of nursing.

They have a fun section on their site called “The Scrubbies” where you can nominate a special nurse in your life. I would choose the nurse that took care of me when I was in the hospitable having my daughter last year on this day!  She was a wonderful nurse and kept me from getting stressed with her wonderful attitude and bubbling personality.

You can vote for your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse at the featured polls! I chose Carol Hathaway from ER because I enjoy her character and commitment to her job. Plus, I grew up watching the tv show ER!

Nurses can get wonderful advice on various situations pertaining to work at the  Tip Jar. Each of the tips were written by seasoned nurses to give to the new ones on the floor.

Scrubs is not just another clinical nursing site…there are plenty of those! Scrubs is the one and only site that’s 100 percent about you — personally and professionally — and the very specific joys and challenges you face because of the noble career you chose. So, on this site and in the pages of our upcoming print magazine, you’ll not only find career advice and inspiring stories, but beauty and fashion tips as well as lots of ideas on making your downtime as relaxing as your work life is demanding.


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Baby Bella Maya – Infant Carseat Cover Review

Have you seen the variety of car seat covers over at Baby Bella Maya? If you haven’t, you should really check them out! These car seat covers make a bold and fun statement wherever they are seen! Where else you can you find car seat covers in  Lollipop Leopard Pink, Zoe Zebra, and Limon Swirl?


Ocean Mist carseat Cover from Baby Belle Maya

I was sent the Ocean Mist car seat cover and fell in love with it right away.  This cover is simply adorable and soft being made from silky woven polyester blends.  As most delicate things, it’s recommended that you hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

As a parent I know car seat covers get stained, dirty, and worn out over time. But, by simply placing a gorgeous car seat cover( like this one) over our old car seat cover, it can bring it back to life!

My favorite feature is how easy it is to remove and attach their car seat covers. It connects by snaps, so it’s extremely simple to take off and clean. Meaning, you don’t have to remove the straps repeatedly in order to keep car seat covers clean! Baby Bella Maya is the only company that offers this helpful feature.

My daughter likes her new car seat cover as much as me. She keeps pointing at it, going “oh”, and smiling. She also finds it very comfortable when going on outings, as you can see from her sleeping in the photo above.

I forgot to mention that these carseat covers are universal and should fit on any carseat. If you want your own, you can find them at:

Get Hip, Get Stylish, Get Bella….Get Baby Bella Maya!

Thanks to  Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.

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West County Gardener Review


All year round, I enjoy working in flowerbeds and in my own personal garden, though after getting married, I’ve had to make due with apartment gardening. Currently I’m growing three tomato plants, a bell pepper, and an aloe  on my third story deck. My vegetables and aloe will soon be joined by several pots of flowers as long as I leave space for my husbands grill.

I have small hands so it’s been hard to wear gloves that fit while I’m gardening.  I love the feel of the earth just as much as anyone else but I don’t quite enjoy getting pricked by thistles or getting dirt under my fingernsm-glove-classic-apails. What to do? Those garden gloves from Wally World just weren’t cutting as they were way over sized and kept slipping off, filling my gloves with dirt, and getting me filthy!

I recently came across the company West County Gardener. They offer a variety of gloves for all sorts of tasks! Their many syles include; Classic Glove, Landscape Glove, Rose Glove, Waterproof Glove, Work Glove, and Kid’s Gloves.

About the Company:

Our Goal is to design and engineer the best fitting high performance gloves for you and your needs. We listen to our customers and continually make small ‘running changes’ based on user feedback. Which means, we make the best gloves you’ll ever wear. More than that, West County continues to invent and innovate to help make your time outdoors more enjoyable, productive and comfortable.

“I Can Fix This”, said Beverly Schor one day in early 2001 when she had a “light bulb” moment as she was out gardening and noticed the sorry state of her month-old conventional garden gloves. As a cyclist and sports apparel designer, she observed many of the qualities she loved in her sport gloves were missing in her garden gloves. Why couldn’t garden gloves have the features of sports gloves and last as long too?

Combining Her Skills And Experience as a gardener, sports apparel designer and national champion cyclist, she set out to create high-performance gloves for both avid and weekend gardeners. The result is a line of lightweight gloves that uses the best technical fabrics and design know-how that has traditionally been reserved for serious sports enthusiasts from cyclists to rock climbers.

West County Gardener was founded out of Beverly’s love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development. Her skills and experience helped her produce not only state-of-the-art gloves, but also create a company whose mission is to provide the most innovative men’s and women’s garden and work gloves with the highest level of quality and customer service.

Based In San Francisco, designer and founder Beverly Schor is a Bay Area Active Sports apparel designer and cyclist—not always in that order! Before opening her own design studio, she worked for Esprit, The Gap, and The North Face. She brings a passion for sports and an extensive knowledge of technical fabrics and construction to every project.

When She’s Not In Her Studio, she’s out training on her bike where she has earned many State and National Championship medals in her age group. In June 2002, she set the National Time Trial Record in her age group. West County Gardener was founded out of her love for the outdoors and her extensive experience and knowledge in product design and development.

My Thoughts:

I was able to review a pair of Apricot Classic gloves for myself thanks to the generosity of this company. First and foremost, I love the color varieties that these gloves come in! Where else can you get garden gloves that come in fun fashionable colors of Apricot, Berry, Lime, and Slate? It should be pretty obvious by now that these gloves were created by a woman with an eye for style as well as function.

I found these gloves extremely comfortable and they fit me perfectly…never have I had a glove fit like a glove should. They specifically state in their bio that their women’s gloves are tailored specifically to fit a woman’s narrower hand and longer fingers. Having the right fit means no blisters and no extra bulk to get in the way! I can not count how many blisters I have gotten by doing yard work in my younger day! I could have used these back when I was a kid for sure. Now, I know what gloves to purchase for my kids…as my children will work along with me gardening and I want to keep their hands protected from thorns, thistles, and blisters!


* made with 100% synthetic materials
* machine washable and can tumble dry low
* Padded palms and reinforced finger pads provide all the protection of leather but last significantly longer
* Light weight, durable, flexible and abrasion resistant
* first recycled content gloves in the United States!
* can be used for more than just gardening, some other uses could be cross country skiing, snow shoeing, horse back riding, mountain biking, walking, jogging, yard chores and more…

You can purchase West County Gloves at their online store. What a wonderful gift these would make! I couldn’t help but mention that Father’s Day is coming up soon! Does your Dad have a green thumb like mine?

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Giveaway Winners- Memorial Day

…as much I was enjoying being lazy and resting on this wonderful holiday, I thought of you my readers and wanted to let you know who won the giveaways that ended over the weekend!



Crystal was one of the few people that won the poster printing prize from! I want to congratulate her on that, as online poster printing makes a simple and easy thought felt wonderful gift!

If I do not hear back from you in 48 hours, you forfeit your prize
and another winner will be chosen.

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Little Chickie Wear Review


Melody L. "Little Squirt Onesie"

Melody L. "Little Squirt Onesie"

Little Chickie Wear is a unique mom owned children’s clothing company featuring designs that are both eye catching and fun.  Every item of clothing is printed on 100% organic cotton and no harmful dyes are added – which makes it soft to the touch and safe for our children! Did I mention that they are also made in the USA?

Gwen, whom is the mom and owner of this company, started it when she was pregnant with her daughter Elizabeth in 2004.   Each of the designs that you’ll find in her shop  are inspired by her daughter along with several of her friends. Also being inspired by travel and nature  each piece of clothing is truly a one of kind work of art.

I was sent the Little Squirt onesie for my review.  Other than the fact it’s just to cute, it’s super soft! I love the feel of it on my own skin and can only imagine how great its feels against my daughters! I like that it’s not overly thin like some store bought onesies that I’ve purchased for my daughter… meaning it’s  of superb quality.

It’s nice to know I can keep my daughter in Little Chickie Wear for a good long while!  Onesies from Little Chickie Wear run from 0 – 24 months and  shirts are 2T – 6T. I’m not sure on the sizes of their beanie hats but I believe those are only for babies.

Buy it: To purchase these and other all natural clothing for your child visit Little Chickie Wear online today.
20% of your entire order, enter   connected20, expires 6/23/09

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Pacific Cornetta Review

I’m reviewing a company today that is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from me here in the northwest! Whether you are searching for products to use at home, at the office, or trecking about in the great outdoors.  I guarantee you’ll find whatever you may searching for at Active Gear.

Active Gear is a company that has been around since the late 90’s as a part of Pacific Cornetta Inc.  They offer  sophisticated, functional, and durable products that encourage healthy lifestyles.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review a couple of their great products.  I was sent the Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler and the Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Go Refillable .

The Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Go Refillable is a great product. I love the long sleek shape of this bottle, which makes it easy to hold onto to. The slender shape also make this bottle ideal for cup holders on bikes and in your vehicle.  The BPA-Free top easily screws on and off. The hook on the top makes it easy to attach it to any number of my bags, straps, and stroller.  I found that this 22 oz bottle is quite light weight even when filled with my beverage!

I’ve washed this bottle in the dishwasher, skeptical at first. I thought maybe this bottle would take on a weird taste or smell afterward but it didn’t! I think I should mention that the lid on the bottle should be washed by hands since they recommended it. I can just imagine the top melting like many other things I’ve put in the dishwasher. Oops.

I personally love my new water bottle and can’t find a single flaw. It’s reusable and recyclable! I’m looking forward to the new 12 oz. bottles that will be arriving this summer in a wide variety of colors!mc-3272t-group

The next product I’m reviewing is the  Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler! I’m a pretty big tea drinker! Here in the Northwest where it’s prone to be a bit cooler, you’ll likely find me with a nice warm cup of tea.

But what if I wanted a cup of loose tea on the go? The Tea-zer is a god send! How it works is you just pour hot water through the strainer filled with loose leaf tea at the top, and you have yourself a nice hot cup of tea. You have the option of taking the stainless steel infuser out or you can keep it in. The sip lid has perforated holes that prevents you from drinking the loose the tea leaves. The tumbler is well-insulated to keep the tea warm without burning my hands too! If I need this on the go, there’s a nice little D-ring to clip to a carabiner for traveling or carrying.  It comes in red, spring water as well as the traditional clear. I love this and I know this would make a wonderful gift to the avid tea drinker in your life.

Buy it: You can purchase the 22 oz. Cascade Stainless Steel Water Bottle at $16.99 and the 10 oz. Tea-zer™ Tea Brewing Tumbler for just $15.99!

…and added bonus, if you spend $30 you get a free Field and Stream Multi-Tool.

Get 50% off any Cascade Stainless Steel Water bottle when you spend $9.99 or more!
Coupon Code: summer09

More Active Gear Products:

Liquid Solution: insulated travel mugs, vacuum bottles, tea tumblers and more!

Pearl: features patented insulated ceramic mugs lined with stainless steel.

Screaming Meanie: Extra loud alarm clocks for specialty markets including truck drivers, motorcyclists, and others.

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