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Holiday Gift Guide: Happy Green Bee Review and Giveaway


100_3697Happy Green Bee is a company that specializes in creating the most unique, vibrantly colored clothes  that I’ve ever seen! The solid and bee striped colored clothes for boys and girls make an extremely bold statement that just pops!

All of their clothes are made from organic cotton, which is worlds softer than regular cotton and it last for much longer. They  use non-toxic dyes and no chemical bleaches or finishers.Thumbs up to Happy Green Bee from this mom for being so ec0-friendly!

Happy Green Bee was founded by Roxanne Quimby, you may know of her as the founder of  Burt’s Bees! I personally love Burt Bee’s products as I know I am only getting the best as with her clothing line!

Happy Green Bee has a simple philosophy: clothing that is comfortable, colorful, playful and ecologically responsible. Shouldn’t all of our children’s clothes be like that?

I was sent a petal dress in color radish/bean to review. The organic cotton material I found stretchy which is perfect for any body type! The material is breathable so my daughter won’t over heat.  And this dress has not faded after many washes!

My daughter will definitely be wearing her dress from Happy Green Bee throughout the holiday season, the red and green colored stripes make for even the perfect dress to wear on Christmas day!

Happy Green Bee is not just for babies as their sizes are newborn all the way up to four years old. I love the variety to choose from as they have swimsuits, hats, socks, tops and bottoms. They also have adorable blankets, gifts for mom, and cute dolls that wear outfits to match those on their site! I encourage to check out  out Happy Green Bee, you won’t be disappointed!


Happygreenbee is offering 50% off your entire order for a limited time.  Purchases made now until November 15th, 2009 will be discounted 50% when you use the promotion code BIGSALE.  This discount applies only to webstore purchases.

Win it!

Happy Green Bee has generously offered one of reader a radish/bean colored a-line dress in any size!
($ 36.00)

To Enter:
Visit and let me know another item you like and in what color!


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Giveaway running till 11/30/09 . Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.

Disclaimer: I was given a dress to review from Happy Green Bee. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Frecklebox Review and Giveaway

When I was a child, I loved having my things personalized! Personalization was crucial in growing up in a home with four other sisters!  I recall when purchasing school supplies, we would often get things mixed up and one thing led to the next in neither of us getting the notebook or folder we wanted for example. You know how it goes, if you argue over an item long enough, mom or dad steps in decides who gets what. As a parent now myself, I realize the importance of personalization in not wanting my own kids having to go through the same hassle of deciding over who gets what.

100_2607While browsing around online, I came across a fantastic company that specializes in personalized gifts for kids called Frecklebox, a company on a mission to educate and entertain! Some of the products that they offer are personalized books, posters, growth charts, journals, coloring books, stickers, place mats, puzzles, and many other great personalized items.

About the Founders of Frecklebox… (from their site)

One guy’s name is Scott. The other one is Mark. Both guys dove into the baby making business over a decade ago. Even before that, in partnership, they created a printing and distribution business called Progressive Solutions. Both their kids and their company inspired Frecklebox. You see, as parents, these guys take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously. And as business people, they’ve been on a relentless mission to explore the possibilities of web-based digital printing. Presto. Frecklebox was born. Hopefully, a great big Frecklehead family will follow.

GetThumbnail.aspxMy Thoughts…

Mark from Frecklebox generously sent my daughter Melody and I a couple of fun personalized gifts to review. In order to see how easy the process of personalizing and ordering an item is, Mark let me choose an item to personalize for Melody. It was really hard to decide want I wanted to review with all the neat gifts available but after awhile, I went with a personalized placemats. I choose the Cute Kitty Placemat and decided to add my daughters first name and her two middle names.

I’ve come across other personalized items in retail stores that don’t usually have my daughter’s name Melody available such as stickers, cups, and key chains for example. So I really have to appreciate Frecklebox beyond leaps and bounds as you can add any name you would so choose to your item.  After deciding on the name I wanted on my product, I simply clicked preview and the image was refreshed to show me what the finished product would look like. The whole process couldn’t have been easier!

I was so excited to receive my product, and could not believe how fast my order was shipped and at my door step! Literally, I believe the whole process took only a matter of 3-5 days to get to me. Talk about great service!

personalized-holiday-puzzles-categoryMy daughter’s personalized place-mat is perfect, and I know she’ll love it for years and years to come! The quality is superb and I know without a shadow of a doubt that this product will last for a good long time! Mark also surprised me with my very own Zebra personalized notebook! That’s right, even though I am grown and Frecklebox is generally specialized in gifts for kids, they know deep down us mom’s love and appreciate our own personalized items too!

I can’t stress enough how wonderful this company is to work with and what great products they have to offer at reasonable prices. The designs are fantastic and great for both boys and girls. The items at Frecklebox would bring a smile to any child’s face and would make  great gifts with the upcoming Holiday season upon us.

Win it!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gooseberry Patch: Christmas with Family & Friends Cookbook Review and $25 GC Giveaway


The History of Gooseberry Patch…

Gooseberry Patch was started 25 years ago in Delaware, Ohio  by two moms, next door neighbors in fact, whom were looking for a way to do what  they loved and stay home with the kids too.

Both sharing a love of home-cooking, vintage kitchenware & antiques and making memories with family & friends, after many a conversation over their backyard fence, Gooseberry Patch was born.

Goose Berry thus has grown into an amazing mail order company that spotlights many people who love cooking, decorating and creating!

gingerMy Thoughts…

I recall when I first received my very first Gooseberry Patch cookbook. My mother-in-law lovingly gifted me “Welcome Home For The Holidays” my second Christmas in being welcomed into their family. And now, thanks to the good people over at Gooseberry Patch, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of their newest holiday cookbooks called “Christmas with Family & Friends”.

I had such a good time browsing through this cookbook and  it’s many features which include;

  • Over 200 recipes that are perfect for the holiday season!
  • Many useful Holiday craft ideas and tips!
  • An entire chapter dedicated to Homemade Memories!
  • 224 pages
  • A beautiful illustrations and a full color  hard back cover
  • It’s 9-1/4″ x 6-1/2″ which makes it perfect to display with most other cookbooks
  • Chapters include Homemade Memories, Breakfast & Brunch with Friends, Home for Christmas Dinner, Festive Family Desserts & more…

treeI could not wait to make a recipe from “Christmas with Family & Friends and decided that since I have such a sweet tooth that I would start my search in the Cookies & Cocoa section. It didn’t take long before I decided to make the Gingerbread Men cookie recipe. I enjoy making Gingerbread during the Holiday season and have made this my families tradition.

I loved how my Gingerbread Men cookies turned out! The taste wasn’t too much and I loved the variation of using white sugar instead of the brown I usually use.  This slight change made the flavor be subtle at first and then fills your taste buds with such flavorful delight.  I had fun decorating my cookies with frosting and am looking forward to making this recipe again during this Holiday season!

Cookbooks are very special, as this sort of gift can be passed down to my children and my children’s children.  It also is a gift the keeps on giving long after the Holidays are over! I am very grateful for the people over at Gooseberry Patch for putting together such a heartfelt cookbook to share with us. angels

Gooseberry Patch offers many types of gifts perfect for every member of the family, even the kids! Why not check them out this Holiday Season?

For the latest news and updates, you can follow Gooseberry Patch on Facebook! They often share great thoughts, recipes, special giveaways and more! You can also join their e-newsletter found on their website!

Win it: Gooseberry Patch has offered one of my readers a $25.00 Gift Card to spend at their store!

To Enter: Visit Gooseberry Patch and let me know another product that you might like or someone else you know!


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Giveaway running till 11/30/09 . Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.

Disclaimer: I was sent a cookbook to review from Gooseberry Patch . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Tatutina Take Out Menu Boxes


tatutina2002_2070_5228168I’m sure most of us can admit to having an over stuffed junk drawer in the kitchen filled with all sorts of odds and ends. You’ll find screws, batteries, bread ties, tacks, markers, and possibly even some dismembered toys.  You know what else ends up in mine? Take out menus that I never can seem to find when we need them because they are buried and for me, it’s to much of a hassle to go through when I am really hungry!

Tatutina has solved at least one of my kitchen junk drawer problems with their ever popular Take Out Menu Boxes! These fantastic boxes have been around Tatutina since 1999 and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs!

I was given the opportunity to review the Original Take out Menu Box! (12″x9″x3″)I love the design painted on this box and the fact that it’s my favorite color (red) on the inside too was such a plus! This box screams ME all over. I’m into bright and bold colors as well as funky designs so this fits perfectly onto my kitchen table and into my life.

My husband and I have no longer misplaced our restaurant coupons and menus now that we can find them neatly stashed away in this box! I would recommend everybody to have one of these great boxes in their own households, especially if you have a junk drawer like me!100_2614

The Holidays are soon approaching and what says I love you more than a little organization in someones life? These convenient boxes range from prices $16.00-$28.00.

Tatutina has lots of great products to chose from. Why not check them out today and if you do order, Tatutina is offering free shipping if you use the code: mom

Disclaimer: I was given a  Take Out Box to review from Tautina. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.Many thanks also to, an extraordinary PR firm that works with kind small businesses like Tatutina to help educate and inform the public.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Tropical Traditions Organic Lip Moisturizers Review


Tropical Traditions offers some of the best 100%  Organic Lip Moisturizers that I’ve ever tried out.  And why I prefer their brand to other companies is because all ingredients are edible and certified organic. Each lip moisturizer is manufactured from organic virgin coconut oil in which I’ve read has amazing benefits for your body. lip_web

I was given the opportunity to try out the Peppermint and Cinnamon combo that was included in a gift set that can be purchased at Tropical Traditions.  I found the flavor of the added essential oils  was spicy yet cooling.  Application to my lips was easy and the lip product wasn’t too oily! It lasted for hours of protection and made my lips feel and look great!

Tropical Traditions Organic Lip Moisturizers are available in the following flavors…

  • Peppermint/Cinnamon (spicy yet cooling)
  • Orange/Cinnamon
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Citrus
  • Unscented for those whom may be allergic or sensitive to fragrances

I’m a fan of Tropical Traditions lip moisturizers and  for the price of 2.75 for each .15 ounce tube these are quite a steal!
These would make the perfect stocking stuffer this Holiday Season, though they are perfect for anytime of the year!

I’m going to be giving away a gift set from Tropical Traditions during the month of November,after a series of various product reviews of the items included. Be on the look out for your chance to enter!  Note that if you comment on this review, you’ll get an extra entry into the giveaway **

Disclaimer: I was sent a Tropical Traditions lip moisturizer in cinnamon and peppermint to review . This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Fierce Organics

LOGO final

oatmealloveFierce Organic is an environmentally savvy  organic clothing company that offers one-of- a kind screen printed t-shirt designs created with water based inks for both men and woman.

Each of the shirts offered on the Fierce Organic site are available in an array of colors with various designs ranging from John 3:16 to a shirt proclaiming it’s wearers love of oatmeal! Shirt sizes run from XS to XL and prices start at $29.00.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fierce Organics, I recommend following them on Facebook & Twitter! I imagine that in doing so, you’ll catch a deal or two as well as being informed when sells and new items become available!

Check out their great eco-friendly apparel at:

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