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Design & Drill® Socket to Me™ {review + giveaway}

The Design & Drill® Socket to Me set has been great addition to our construction and building type of toys in our home! My 3 1/2 year old son plays with this set often and likes it  a lot because it’s a kid version of a  tool he has seen his Daddy use! I for one love that this toy encourages my son to be creative, learn the name of the tools and parts he’s using, and it is developing those fine motor skills! Another pro is it’s completely battery free. No lights or overly loud sounds needed to provide lots of fun and learning for any child.

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Drawing with Mark DVDs


 Look for Drawing with Mark DVD’s at your local Michael’s!

 I’ve only given my nearly 6 year old  daughter a preview of one of the Drawing with Mark DVDs but she’s excited with the fact that we’ll be using these for our Homeschool Summer art activities! Because not only will she be learning how to draw all sorts of things, she’ll be learning educational facts with each of the different DVD’s such as facts about dinosaurs, life on the farm, caring for animals, our solar system and so much more!

I grew up watching and learning how to draw from TV shows like Pappy Drew It and The Imagination Station and feel the aid of DVD’s can really grow the skills of any artist. I like that Mark starts with the basic foundations of using shapes such as circles, triangles, and goes from there. The fact the educational bits takes kids on site before the lesson is pretty neat as well! I totally like that there’s so much learning going on!  Each DVD contains two half hour lessons and would be best for children ages 5-9 years old. I would recommend these most certainly and will be posting our Summer art with Drawing with Mark in the months ahead!

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Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game {Review + Giveaway}


February 19-25 is National Pancake Week! I don’t know about your family but mine will be not only enjoying eating pancakes but playing with them too. Play with your food? Yes, that’s right! But there will be no sticky messes. We’ll be taking full advantage by playing the Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game which is one of the newest products offered by Educational Insights!

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Educational Insights The Sea Squad™ Puppet-on-a-Stick™ {Review + Giveaway }



Do your kids love sea animals like mine do? Do they giggle and smile at the sight of any puppet or jump for joy at the chance to put on a show for family and friends? If so, I guarantee they’ll love The Sea Squad Puppets on a stick by Educational Insights! This cool set of sea friends are sure to delight just about anyone!

The Sea Squad is made up of Flipper the angler fish, Dipper the octopus, Chomper the shark, and Bob the clam. The bright and cheerful colors make puppets really stand out. Each puppet has googly, silly expressions and fun details ( the angler fishes angler glows in the dark!) that in my opinion give them some real personality bringing them to life in cool cartoon-ish kinda way!

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POP for Sight Words Games Bundle by Learning Resources {review + giveaway}



The Pop for Sight Words Game Bundle by Learning Resources is a set of learning games that encourages and promotes reading in children ages five and up. The games are fashioned to mimic popcorn containers which is a cute and clever way to draw in the attention of both boys and girls.

The games individually have 100 cards, 92 are sight words, & eight are POP cards. Everything can be contained neatly in each box that features a pretty snug fitting lid. There’s a even a little zip type plastic baggy included in each box to keep the pieces together within the inner compartment of the box. There’s no need to keep up with the instructions as those are displayed on the side of each box.

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