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Mini Toy Wrangler Review


I’ m going to share some love about the Luvloo Toy Wrangler! My daughter is in that stage where she thinks it’s fun to drop her toys, cups, or whatever and have me pick them up! This can get old after awhile, especially when I am out with friends at a restaurant and I can’t get  to her things under the table without making everyone move! Any Mom out there knows how much of a hassle this can be and that’s why Kristy, the founder of Luvloo came up with the Toy Wrangler!

I tested these out when I went grocery shopping! My mind was relieved when I knew my daughter wouldn’t lose or drop her toys on the dirty floor below. I shopped with peace of mind and was relieved to know my daughter would be more distracted by the toy wrangler and whatever I had attached  to it  rather than with nibbling on the shopping cart!

My Little one and her Luvloo Toy Wrangler

My little one and her Luvloo Toy Wrangler

The Toy Wrangler has the great little straps, they Velcro strap to strap together to whatever you’d like to fasten it to whether it be a shopping cart, high chair, stroller, baby carrier, or car seat! On the other end of the wrangler are round circle links, you can use these links to attach your child’s favorite toy, a bottle, a sippy cup,  or just leave them be because my daughter just like’s nibbling on those too since she’s been teething a lot. They are easy to keep clean too, just throw them in the wash!

I wish I had these a lot sooner! I think these would make super great baby shower gifts too! I like clothes for baby shower gifts just as much as the next mommy, but I also like practical really useful gifts like these!

You can find The Toy Wrangler here

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Baby Banz Review

I am so excited that I was given the opportunity to review Baby Banz! Basically, Baby Banz Inc is a company that offers a complete line of sun protection products to keep both babies and kids protected from head to toe.

I couldn’t have received these sunglasses for my daughter at a better time. I had just swapped out her old car seat with the sun shade with a new one with out a shade. She loved her new car seat but would get quite cranky because when coming back home from our outings, the sun would be directly in her face! Baby Banz was a real help to me as the sunglasses protected my daughter’s eyes from the sun’s harsh rays with its 100% uv protection. They saved me a ride home without a cranky baby!

A few things I like about these glasses are that they fasten with adjustable Velcro around my child’s head so there’s no issue with falling off and I don’t have to worry about my little one pinching her fingers. 100_72041

I love my daughters Pink Diva Camo Baby Banz and from my photos, you can see that my little one loves them too!

There is a limited warranty good for 6 months if they break!

For an added bonus all the frames are BPA and Phthalate free! That way your little one is safe if they start to nibble on them because we just know that’s going to happen.

My daughter can wear her Baby Banz sunglasses up until she is two, then she can graduate to the next sizes which are offered all the way up to age 10! I know it’s going to be hard for me to pick out her next pair because they come in a huge variety of colors!

Some specs from Baby Banz Sunglasses:
•Lenses 100% UVA/ UVB protection
•Durable polycarbonate
•Ophthalmic quality; capable of being replaced with prescription lenses
•Strap: Neoprene elastic band matches chosen color of sunglasses
•Allows for flexibility, breath ability, and comfort

•Side adjustable Velcro® allows for years of wear as the child grows
•Sporty, sleek design

I’m recommending these to anyone who wants to keep their kid safe whether you are at the park, beach, ski slope, or just in the backseat of your car.

Check out the Original Australia Designed Baby Banz products today!

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Cover Plug Review

Since my little one has been roaming about, she is interested in everything and I do mean everything. If there’s a piece of fuzz on the floor she puts it in her mouth,  if there’s a box sitting on the floor…she consumes extra fiber, and if there is a outlet on the wall…which there is, she plays with it and tries to figure out how to get the child safety caps out.  I was pretty worried since she is so strong and I keep thinking very soon she will get those out and either choke on them or who knows what else…this all but drives me batty on a regular basis.

Now the answer to every mothers prayer is CoverPlug! They were really thinking of my child’s safety when it was thought up! It was invited  to replace those unsightly and dangerous to little ones socket plug ins.  I loved how easy these are  to install  just pressing it into  place over your wall plug in outlet! I tried these out as soon as I received them and guess what, my daughter doesn’t even notice the outlet anymore.  She happily plays with her toys and passes the wall outlet by every time! Out of sight and out of mind, I can totally agree with them on that!

If you are needing to make these more inauspicious because maybe you had a red wall, no problem you can easily paint them the same color as your wall.  These are easy are quite secure enough so your children can’t remove them but you can with ease.

If you are like me and a worried about the safety of your child I would recommend you check out CoverPlug today.

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Wett Giggles Review


I recently was given the opportunity to review  Wett Giggles Soap! Inspired by a mom who wanted to encourage her six year old the importance of good hygiene and keeping his nails clean.

This  handmade glycerin soap is a wonderful treat for your little ones, let me tell you! This isn’t just your plain ole’ regular


bar of soap, it’s topped with a toy as you can see in the picture above and it has a fingernail brush inside the soap! How neat is that? The soap smells just divine as it comes in several scents, Hamlet the little frog above scent is watermelon and some of the other scents vary from banana to blackberry. If you were wondering, each of the Wett Giggles all have fun names inspired by Shakespearean characters, due to the fact the creator loves Shakespearean plays.

I’m sure kids will love this product, I showed little Hamlet to my daughter and of course she wanted to eat it like most 8 1/2 month old would want to do. I’m going to probably purchase some of the other fun character soaps in the future since I know using these will be a fun way to encourage your child to remember to wash  and keep their nails clean too. Wett Giggles is available for purchase at

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Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy Review


My daughter’s diaper bag has a new buddy! How silly does that sound… okay yes, I admit just a wee bit silly.   Let me tell you about this wonderful  diaper bag buddy. In my opinion, this a must have for any parent, grandparent, or sitter. This kit created by Me4Kidz made solely in the USA is a perfect baby basics kit for those of us on the go.  I will let you know that before this kit lots of my daughters things got shifted around in my bag and sometimes never made it back into the bag (as I am constantly swapping from purse to diaper bag on a regular basis).  This kit is great if you are leaving your kid with a sitter or whomever and then your child may need a bath…the shampoo and body wash is there, say God forbid your child gets to much sun and gets a sunburn… you can pull out the diaper bag buddy and use the Natural Aloe Vera Gel Packs! If you are on a trip away from home and your child is coming down with a fever, you can pull out the one time use thermometer and check your child’s temperature!

This kit includes the following organic and natural products :

1- Organic Diaper Rash Cream
2- Natural Aloe Vera Gel Packs
1- Organic Face & Body Moisturizer
5- Latex Free Jr. Bandages
1- One Time Use Thermometer
1-Organic Shampoo & Body Wash
3- Natural Tush Wipes
1- Reusable 100% Recycled, Lead Free Carry Case

This kit really does have it covered  with tons of great products ! I love being prepared and with a premade kit like this it just makes being a parent that much easier because I know sometimes we all have one of those days!

Me4kidz, LLC is a family-owned & operated business.  Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire parents and caregivers world-wide to be prepared when it comes to every day childhood injuries. This family of four is driven by their faith in the Lord
and is completely committed to their business in all aspects.

Another wonderful side note is that Me4kidz has all of their products assembled by the disabled.  10% of each purchase gives back to the disabled community!

I wanted to let you know that Me4Kidz did
not just limit their products to babies but they have products for
older children as well as for your four legged friends… yes, you
heard me right they were even thinking about Rover’s well being of
which I think is great.

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Spa Time Baby CozyCare Cape- Review and Giveaway


Melody and Mommy modeling our Spa Time Baby Cape in Fizzy Citrus

Today may have been the all time best bath time experience that I’ve had with my daughter since she was born!  I’m sure you are wondering why…don’t worry, I’m going to tell you!

My daughter and I have a pretty normal bath routine, water in the tub, a handful of bright colored toys,  add my daughter and voila fun in the tub. My daughter sometimes starts having a little too much fun and guess what happens to mom? Yes, that’s right my little one enjoys flailing about splashing everywhere and I get soaked.  I used to try to tuck a towel into my shirt to prevent getting soaked but it usually fell off and sometimes even into the tub! I had about given up trying and then I came across a Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape!

What does this so called cape do for me and my daughter? I’ll enlighten you on it’s wonders. This cape is a super newwhitejpg350x5081comfortable, functional and fashionable towel for the baby that comes with an exclusive waterproof panel for you to wear! Come now, let’s hear the Oooo’s and aaaah’s! Oh, you need more? Let me tell you how it works.  Basically, you slip the cape over your neck and it keeps you arms, and shoulders dry.  When bath time is nearing it’s end I gather my little one up into my arms without worrying if a towel is going to fall off of her or if she is going to get cold because the towel isn’t thick enough.  This towel is made of 100% cotton terry cloth making it soft and absorbent, my daughter was dry within seconds of me patting her off (me wearing it and warming it up did wonders too, I’m sure)! I really do love this product and I will admit I thought it was kind of silly at first and that the price was maybe too much but after trying this product out for myself, I couldn’t be more wrong. Forget those hooded towels, buy this and you’ll be 100% satisfied, hands down!

Have I won you over with my review or shall I slap on some more southern charm? Since I love my readers and Spa Baby loves you too, we are going to give you a chance to win your very own CozyCare Cape of which retails for $38.95 (add $10 for monogramming) at

We are also going to thrown in a 25% discount to anyone who purchases something from their store. Just enter COZY at check out.

*Win it! Win a CozyCare Cape with your choice of color/design (Ducky Bubbles, Chic Baby, Far Out Floral, Camo Critter, or Fizzy Citrus).

Visit Spa Time Baby and let me know what product you would most likely purchase or are interested in and if it’s this product, let me know why. Please leave your correct email.

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Giveaway has been extended to March 6th  and is open to the USA. Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.

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