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Sleepy Bunny: Embroidered Terry Cloth Baby Bibs {Review}


The Sleepy Bunny Embroidered Terry Cloth Baby Bibs are adorable! But almost any bib can be cute. My bib criteria usually brings the following thoughts to mind; Is it absorbent or wipe-able? Is the care hassle free?, Will it be comfortable on babies skin?, Will it stay in place strongly without falling off?, and will the bibs last for a good amount of time? I’m pleased to say this set of bibs has impressed me hitting high marks on all of my preferred needs and wants! 

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Luly Baby Bamboo Washcloths! {Review}

The Bamboo Wash Cloth set of six by Luly Baby are super soft! The organic bamboo may be a bit more costly than other cloths available on the market but it’s worth every penny! I like that these are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. They come wrapped in plastic that makes a crinkle sound at the touch. The cloths are rolled into tubes and kept in place with a white ribbon. 

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Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Ultra Light Down Jacket {Review} #mamaway


I had been looking for a jacket/coat that I wouldn’t have to give up wearing after I’ve had my baby and the search has been tedious! I got suggestions from friends and family to buy a size larger of what I would normally wear to accommodate my bump but in being petite in size those option left me swimming in a too heavy, too long, largely frumpy coat. So what’s a girl to do? Break down and get a maternity coat that I’d likely only wear for 3-4 months? I just didn’t feel the investment was a friend to my budget. I am sure most would agree that in buying a good quality coat that the quantity of use should last for a good amount of time not merely a few months. 

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Newborn Essentials: Baby Monthly Stickers By #KiddosArt


This year in means to not flood my family, friends, and acquaintances with tons and tons of baby photos, I’ve decided to stick to a fun monthly method of sharing. In order to keep to my decision, I’ve delved back into the world of baby monthly stickers. I kept to doing this with my last baby five years ago and had such good results that it’s a must do again. In researching quality and quantity, I decided the 24 sticker set offered by KiddosArt fits all my needs perfectly! 

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Newborn Essentials: Soins de bebe Nursing Cover, Baby Breastfeeding Cover #Soinsdebebe


The Soins de bebe Nursing Cover is a product all new or seasoned breastfeeding mothers will appreciate. The price is great for the bundle of offerings that come with the cover! Extras include a breastfeeding bracelet to keep up with feedings, a muslin square burp cloth, storage bag to keep everything tidy, and a code for a Breastfeeding tips e-guide book! This would be excellent if purchasing for ones self or as a gift!

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Newborn Essentials: Cozy Nursing Breastfeeding Cover {Review}

It’s important to me to include a Breastfeeding Cover in my must have newborn essentials list. I nursed my previous two children and I intend on doing so again with my third. A cover provides me with peace of mind, comfort, and privacy when nursing my baby.

I’ve had it suggested to me to just use a blanket while feeding baby but that doesn’t always provide for the best results. A more active baby is likely to pull a blanket down,  blankets aren’t as breathable, and it doesn’t leave me with peace that a nursing cover does. A blanket can so easily slip off exposing a private feeding moment leaving me exposed and embarrassed and my baby disturbed. There’s nothing worse than a distracted nursing baby!


I’m giving my full recommendation for the Breastfeeding Cover by Cozy Nursing. This cover is generous in size offering coverage for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s larger size also accommodates newborns through toddlers. I plan on nursing my child till two years old, as with my previous two, so I really appreciate the extra length and width. 

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