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Jessie Steele Aprons


I think it’s about time to bring fun and flirty back to kitchen, don’t you think? If you do agree with me,  we can make that happen with Jessie Steele’s totally retro and chic vintage inspired aprons.

I love my Jessie Steele Retro Cherries Apron and am really looking forward to hosting some great get-togethers wearing it this year! My husband likes my apron just as much as I and he comments that it’s very flattering. I also think it’s brings back a certain femininity of which I miss so much this day and age.

These wonderful aprons which are created and designed in house are certainly in my opinion the most flattering hostess aprons out there! They have a huge array of patterns and styles to choose from. I’m sure something will catch your eye. They are machine washable, come in one size that fits most (in child and adult) and would make a charming gift in my opinion.

Jessie Steele also offers a lovely line of matching pot holders, mitts, and tea towels.  They even have brand new line of Aprons for the Salon professional. Check them out over at Jessie Steele’s .

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LTD Chix Review


Have you heard about LTD Chix apparel? Their apparel meets us moms exactly where we are! They capture us in our finest or as some would think are not so finest moments. You know those moments were we think we feel what we look like (sometimes we do) and we are driven to the point of chaotic meltdown!  They capture us in those moments that make us exactly what we are, Moms!100_7239ltd

I was able to review the Laundry mom shirt which features a mom with a massive basket of laundry. Growing up, laundry was one of my least favorite tasks and it still is. I have a firm hold on the laundry most days and those are usually on the days when my child is happy. My daughter has some real mood swings some days (…but what kid doesn’t?) and then it’s hard to get anything done! Right now, I have a husband and one child so it’s not too hard but I know there’s going to be a day when I will battle heaps of laundry and my sanity, especially when more kids get added to my family. To keep sane I need the humor like most of the rest of you moms out there.

My favorite shirt would have to be the Multi-tasking mom but I really do love them all! These shirts I can wear proudly because I’m a mom. I love the humor in these shirts because as moms we don’t get much of a break sometimes, and we could all use a good laugh!

laundrymom200x200LTD Chix offers many tees in lots of different styles and colors from short to long sleeve to red to blue. Each of their t-shirts has a picture of a mom in a funny but ever so true situation followed by the caption” Living the Dream”.

Which mom design do you think you most relate too? We’ll be giving away a Laundry Mom t-shirt in the next few days so don’t forget to enter for one of your very own!

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Smart Mom Jewelry

If you’re a mom like me, I’m sure you may miss wearing your jewelry.  I like to accessorize when wearing certain outfits and having a little one made that hard because whatever necklace or bracelet I wore went straight to her mouth. First, I didn’t want her to get hurt or choke on whatever I was wearing, second I didn’t want teeth marks all over my pieces, and third I didn’t want to stop accessorizing. What was I to do? I pretty much gave up wearing anything, that is until discovered Smart Mom Jewelery.

The Smart Mom Jewelry line is great! They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. I like how  the styles mimic  those ever popular stone circle pendants. I had lots of people appalled at me at first because that thought I was letting my daughter chew on stone. They were relieved after I explained to them what my child was chewing on and thought the idea of it was ingenious! I like these so much that I  wear them even when I don’t have my daughter with me and was even complimented on them. I was quite amused and pleased that people  couldn’t tell the difference!

reddonut2Smart Mom Jewelry also has pretty cute heart pendants, bangle bracelets, and even key chains! These pieces are safe for your baby or toddler to teeth and tug o. All pieces are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, lead free, and even dishwasher friendly. All the pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature. Though you should never leave your child alone with a pendant due to safety reasons.

This jewelry has made me happy again were I can accessorize and not worry about the safety of my child. I’m a baby wearing mom so my daughter is usually always pretty close to me. These make my daughter pretty happy too because she does not take to a pacifier so when she’s really teething she had nothing to chew on while I was carrying her around.  Smart Mom jewelery has both this mom and daughter very happy!

I would have to say that the hardest part about purchasing this jewelry is picking it out due to the gorgeous variety! Know also that a percentage of all retail sales goes to CureSearch and Dress for Success, two  great charitable organizations.


I wish that someone would have gotten me a set for my baby shower! If you want to get somebody or yourself something different and quite useful, I recommend checking out  Smart Mom Jewelry.

We are going to be giving away two Smart Mom Jewelry sets,  Winner(s) choose their own colors! Come back in a day or two to enter!

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Breezy Bags Review

I’ve taken the plunge on going green! I cloth diaper my baby, light my home with CFL light bulbs,  I wash my clothes in cold water, line dry when I can, recycle, and I use totes when I go grocery shopping. Now the last thing I mentioned, I used to struggle with. My husband and I purchased totes from a grocery store but they always never ended up going back with us. We’d end up leaving them at home due to naturally forgetting them.  Then something great happened, I learned about Breezy Bags! These bags are not like most grocery store tote bags, these bags fold up and they can fit easily into my purse, diaper bag, pocket, or on my husbands belt loop since they have a nice little clip.


Breezy Bags in Olive Green

I received a pouch of five Olive Green breezy bags to test out. I took them for a spin yesterday while out grocery shopping and let me tell you, these bags did the job! All my groceries for the next few weeks fit into these bags perfectly.  I was taken by surprise that these bags can hold up to 15lbs each! They look so thin and frail but looks can be deceiving! After my grocery shopping trip, I easily folded these bags back up, put them in the pouch and tossed them back in my purse, ready for the next shopping trip!  I don’t think I’ll have a problem having my eco friendly bags on the ready ever again!

These  bags come in a variety of solid colors, they also have were you can add your business logo, which I found pretty neat. You can buy one set of bags for 16.99 or two for 30.00.  It’s really a great deal! We’ll probably end up getting another set so my husband can keep some in the cup holder of his car and I can always keep mine in my purse.

Breezy Bags are solidly stitched out of maximum strength, minimum weight rip stop nylon cloth , to be the most versatile, eco-friendly, green reusable bags and totes imaginable: for all your shopping, storage and toting needs. If these grocery bags get damp, they dry in minutes. They may be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry.

They come with a 1 year limited warranty against defects of material or workmanship, and if you are unhappy with your Breezy Bags for any reason at all, you can contact them within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.

And if you haven’t taken the green plunge yet, here’s some interesting fact that I’d like share:

In the U.S. we use around 270,000,000 plastic shopping bags in a single day.

One person uses more than 325 plastic shopping bags per year.

A family of four will use more than 1200 per year.

Only 1% of plastic bags get recycled.

700 plastic bags will be used in the life span of one reusable bag.

Paper bags are no better because they use more energy to produce than plastic.

There are over 100,000 marine deaths per year due to plastic bag ingestion.

It takes 1000 years for a single plastic bag to break down in a land fill.

Plastic bags do not biodegrade, they photodegrade. This means they are broken down by light and heat, which causes them to leach harmful toxins into the environment.

So if you are like me and naturally forget your other reusable shopping bags or you want to start thing more GREEN,  get yourself some Breezy Bags today… trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Piggy Paint Non-toxic Fingernail Polish Review


I recently received a sample of the Piggy Paint nail polish color Girl’s Rule along with nail polish remover in the mail last week and I am happy to say that it’s a keeper! As, my daughter is not quite old enough to try this nail polish out yet, I decided that I would. I think most mother’s would prefer to try something new out before they gave it or used on their children.  First and foremost, I love everything that this nail polish has going for it as it has no toxic ingredients,  it’s odorless, and has a water-based formula. Yes, I will admit as soon as I opened the polish, I smelled it and no odor at all! I used to paint my nails a lot growing up but the odor for me just got to be too much and would end up getting bad headaches from those toxic fumes.  This nail polish dries pretty quickly and  it has a hard and durable finish with vibrant color ( I only applied one coat too)! I will probably just be painting my nails too when I paint my little ones piggies and fingers when she’s old enough!


The nail polish remover is also kid-friendly. It doesn’t contain acetone, is odorless, and is biodegradable. It’s also made from natural ingredients. I also like that it has a child proof cap on it, little details like that make a huge difference when you have wee little ones around.

I think the best way to introduce this to other little girls and their mommies is when we have slumber parties, because we will have those! There’s a nice variety of nail polish as it comes in  13 different colors! I decided I may just have to splurge and get some of these for myself down the road.   I was horrified I admit when I read that the normal nail polish that the founder was using to paint her daughters nails ate straight through a foam plate. It makes me shudder to wonder what it was doing to our nails! These put my mind at ease and they should put yours at ease too.  I encourage every mother, grandma, aunt,sister, and daughter to try these out. You won’t be disappointed knowing for health reasons alone, these are a lot better for everyone.  Visit Piggy Paint today!

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