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Our First Canning Experience making Blueberry Jam!

I’ve been wanting to can for a long time now and just really never got around to it. Life has a way of getting away from you if you don’t stop and just make the time for what you want no matter what. Well, as it happens canning I put on my to learn list for next year but it happened a little sooner than that. My friend Crystal invited me to a Ball Canning House Party and I learned exactly how to get started in canning from what I needed to purchase and how one of the main processes go. It was a blessing for the opportunity to watch and help her make Strawberry Jam! It was work but it was worth it. There’s just something special about making your own goods!

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New baby chicks…and how things didn’t go as planned.


A few weeks ago, my Cuckoo Maran hen went broody. This wasn’t the first time either, she’s been broody 3 times since she started laying eggs last August for months on end. Because of this, she’s given us not many eggs. We didn’t let her have babies of her own before because of my pregnancy mainly. We were also mourning the loss of a couple of chicks and hens that racoons likely killed last Fall. But now that life is in a better place and the fact chicks just started showing up at the farm store I figured we’d give her the chance to raise babies. It was so easy the last time to have a hen adopt chicks that we assumed it wouldn’t be any trouble this time but we were wrong sadly.

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Summer Fun: Froyo at Menchies

Over the weekend the kids completed part of their Summer reading program and got a coupon to get a free frozen yogurt at Menchies! We’d never had frozen yogurt before and it really was a real treat! We decided to walk there since it was pretty close to our home and a perfect way for the kids to burn off all that sugar on the way back. 

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Summer is half way over!


Summer is half way over! Can you believe it? It’s been an interesting first half to say the least. I’m finally feeling more like myself again. It seemed like right after I felt fully healed from labor, I came down with food poisoning! Yes, I was throwing up violently on 4th of July for nearly most of the day and again a few days later. We found out that I was allergic to the duck eggs a friend had given us. My stomach is finally feeling better now but those symptoms lasted a lot longer than I thought they would have. What made that worse I was sick the entirety of the week my husband took off for work. Stomach pain everyday and all day is not fun!

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A Lovely Shade of Lavender

I wanted to share a few photos taken of Lavender this Summer. All pictures expect for the last were taken at the Clackamas Lavender Festival. We’ve visited this festival for the last three years since we discovered it. It’s such a serene atmosphere surrounded by such a sweet and somewhat intoxicating scent. I’ll share a few my family shots soon as it was Lydia’s first adventure out there ( even though she slept for most of it)!

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