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Happy 6th Birthday, Owen!

The weather has provided some challenges when it comes to celebrating the Winter birthdays in our family. Visits to the local LEGO store and a trip to the arcade for my son had to be postponed due to the snowstorm of 2017 here in Oregon!

While the snow was quite beautiful to see, the freezing rain and black ice that came along with it was certainly not. We had to pick up the cake sooner than expected and our visit to have brunch with family almost didn’t happen!

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Flock and Fiber Festival 2016!

Last month, my family and I made our annual trip to the local fiber festival. This year the festival was celebrating its 20th year! I always enjoy going to see the sights! I’ll admit I haven’t done very many fiber crafts this year. Adjusting to the baby has been trying at times but it’s gotten better. I did manage to knit her a rose pink Sandoval hat to keep her little noggin warm during the Fall and Winter season. She hasn’t tried to take the hat off so I’m pretty sure she likes it! 

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Our First Canning Experience making Blueberry Jam!

I’ve been wanting to can for a long time now and just really never got around to it. Life has a way of getting away from you if you don’t stop and just make the time for what you want no matter what. Well, as it happens canning I put on my to learn list for next year but it happened a little sooner than that. My friend Crystal invited me to a Ball Canning House Party and I learned exactly how to get started in canning from what I needed to purchase and how one of the main processes go. It was a blessing for the opportunity to watch and help her make Strawberry Jam! It was work but it was worth it. There’s just something special about making your own goods!

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New baby chicks…and how things didn’t go as planned.


A few weeks ago, my Cuckoo Maran hen went broody. This wasn’t the first time either, she’s been broody 3 times since she started laying eggs last August for months on end. Because of this, she’s given us not many eggs. We didn’t let her have babies of her own before because of my pregnancy mainly. We were also mourning the loss of a couple of chicks and hens that racoons likely killed last Fall. But now that life is in a better place and the fact chicks just started showing up at the farm store I figured we’d give her the chance to raise babies. It was so easy the last time to have a hen adopt chicks that we assumed it wouldn’t be any trouble this time but we were wrong sadly.

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