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Happy 1st Birthday Eve


Birth to Six Months


Six to 12 months


Melody about one year ago from today

These photos are just glimpse into the past 12 months of my daughter’s life. What a joy those past few months have been and my how fast they go by.I wouldn’t change anything. We laughed and cried and over all were just plain ole silly together. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year. I can still play out that day in the hospitable when I first laid eyes on her oh so well.  Every time I look at her my heart fills with so much love. Both my husband and I have enjoyed every minute of this last year watching our daughter grow into the wonderful, beautiful and most of all, happy little girl that she is.

God has surely blessed our lives abundantly and we are forever grateful and thankful He chose us to guide and lead our daughter in her life.

We had a birthday party for friends and family to partake in the celebration on Sunday. Melody was a good sport even though she came down with Hay Fever. Oh, she looked so sad and miserable in all of her photos. That’ll be something for the scrapbook. Another reminder too, that life happens and plans change.


Taken 3 days before her 1st Birthday

For the sake of her allergies, I’m going to for go the photos in the park and do my best with what I can in the apartment tomorrow. She’s still got gifts from Mommy and Daddy and my parents to open 🙂

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Near Dog Attack

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I had a scare over the weekend. A dog (a.k.a Pitbull) nearly attacked my daughter. God was truly looking out for her. I would have never forgiven myself if something had happened to her. I now will never trust any animal around my children.  I was wary before but now I am even more so.

I honestly think this breed of dog should eliminated.  Yes, this could’ve happened with any breed but have you seen all the stories in the news of children becoming victims to the monsters?  I read that the bite of a pit bull is similar to that of a shark.  They physically maim and rip their “prey/victim” up.  I think pit bull owners should be legally required to take special precautions because of the danger their dogs pose — simply by existing.

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